Tuesday, April 8, 2008

N-o-o-o...I'm Not A Wino :)

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Part I- A Little Drinking History
Gin and tonic with a lime twist is my absolute favorite drink and I admit I have fantasized about filling up my 76 oz water bottle that I got from the urologist with that concoction. I think the limes would look pretty floating around and no doubt it would be a refreshing beverage on a hot day. ;)

As a matter of fact, one day while at another doctor's office, a man in the waiting room was impressed with my water bottle and suggested it would be great for gin and tonics. I didn't tell him I had already thought of it...but ahhh...a guy after my own heart. ;) Now... I feel the alcohol go right to my head on the 2nd sip of any alcoholic beverage, so I am thinking I would end up in Scalpel's ED for sure if I drank even half of that amount...but I'd be polite and compliant like Gumby...if I wasn't comatose. :)

I suppose it is the fact that I know what a hellish existence it is to be caught up with someone in the throws of alcoholism that has been a deterrent from getting a bit too happy with it. Fortunately, that person got well a long time ago.

***Let me just say here to hopefully encourage someone, that if you or someone you care about are caught up with alcohol addiction and you think you or they can never stop...YES...YES...YES YOU or THEY... CAN STOP! I know how you feel. I have felt that way too. I am a person who believes in miracles and that all things are possible with God...but...I lost my faith that this individual would ever get well and stop drinking. I even stopped praying about it. I gave up.
But they did stop! I admit that even now I am amazed when I think about it.

I would encourage you to look up information on the Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon programs. They are listed on line and in the phone book and there are free meetings everywhere. I don't know if this is still true but I had heard once that the AA programs had a statistically higher success rate then rehabs. And it's FREE!

Perhaps I will do a post on this sometime because maybe it could be the catalyst for someone regaining their hope and seeking help.

I don't like it when people get sloppy and slur their words and their whole countenance changes. And personally speaking...I like having my edge and being alert. Mellow is nice but I don't like anything past that point.

All that being said...I have been totally wasted drunk where I can't account for time, 4 times (before I was married) and then I was only drunk once in my entire adult life and that was in the spring of 1986. My girlfriend and I polished off a gallon of wine in her living room one night because we were celebrating her divorce was final. I am ashamed to say that I drove home (5 minutes away) and thankfully did so without incident. I had the worst hangover ever the next day and my husband was really ticked at me.

I can take or leave alcohol and some years if I had 2 drinks a year that was a lot. Sure...I enjoy it when I have it...but it's not on the top of my list for must haves. But I don't refuse it when offered or when I am out with the girls, I will order a Gin and tonic with a lime twist. Actually, I do use a shot or two of whiskey in my eggnog at Christmas and I don't know if this is safe but I haven't become ill from it yet. I am still using the same bottle of Seagram's that I have had opened since the early 90's. (Ha! I don't know if that is good or bad!)

I don't really care for sweet drinks and can't believe that a slow gin fizz was my favorite drink when I was in my late teens...ugh! I also enjoy champagne, wine and beer. My two favorites would be the Gin and Tonics or beer. One hot summer day while still living home (19) I walked out to my car with car wash, bucket and a beer. I started washing the car, stopped to pick the can of beer up, flipped the top open and proceeded to drink it. Ahhh... a nice cold beer on a hot day does taste good. As I am drinking it, my neighbor who I didn't even know was on his roof hollered down to me and said, "Pat...you just ruined your image!" I know we bantered a bit but that statement is the only thing that I remember now. I don't know what image this married guy in his late twenties had of me just because I drank a beer. I mean I was your typical dating girl (and at that time I was with my future husband) but I had been picked up on motorcycles, in sports cars and trucks. I played tennis, badminton and swam. I was a happy girl if I had a racket in my hand or was immersed in any body of water. Anyway...I have wondered about that. ??? So what kind of image does a beer guzzlin girl stir up? (I didn't really guzzle...more like chug-a-lug...I'm KIDDING!)

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