Monday, April 14, 2008

I have plans and the air is just filled with anticipation with things I know I'll be doing but also with possibilities of exciting new beginnings. :) The only negative which should really be a good thing is having the elective surgery..and I will decide on that soon because if I don't do it soon... then I am not going to.

And I have to say...that except for when I come to this blog...I do NOT think of my ureter. I actually go through most of the day not thinking about urology which is unbelievable to me but is such a wonderful thing. I figure that is proof that I really am better. AND I haven't been drinking enough water because I don't think about it. So I need to improve with that...but my point is...I AM healed!!! Thanks to my wonderful urodoc! I will never forget how he helped me.

I know there is supposed to be some kind of follow-up but we never set it up yet and this is where I am a bad patient because I am not good with longterm follow-ups. When you go in every week and every month it's different but spread just doesn't feel as important. I know better but life just gets in the way.

Funny thing. When I first met my urology group and was still an inpatient one of his partners was seeing me on morning rounds. I was all scared back then and asked if I would be ok because I didn't really understand the seriousness of what was going on. He reassured me that I would be alright. I thought I would have to continually be seen because of the hydronephrosis. He asked me if I was good with appointments. I put my head down while remembering all my canceled appointments, trying to think of what to say. He then said, "If you don't...we will HUNT-YOU-D-O-W-N! They would! I still chuckle at that. :)

I have MAJOR spring fever! Most people probably do. :) The flowers and trees are blooming, the grass is greener, birds are singing and flitting about and the night bugs are out singing their songs in the woods. I LOVE that sound. :)

We put the Adirondack chairs out today. They are 2 huge wooden Adirondacks that I stained a light blue gray, kind of what you see on some beach houses. They are weathered and need to be redone. The guy that made them guaranteed they would last a lifetime and I think he is right. I LOVE them! And there is one separate piece that can be used to turn it into a lounger or be used for a separate little table.

A former co-worker rekindled my love for Adirondack chairs. I had forgotten about them. But one night he told me he had built some and then showed me a pic he had painted of them. I exclaimed, O-h-h-h D...they're beautiful!! He got the biggest grin on his face. :)

One day not long after that, I happened to be driving by a place that had all this wooden furniture for sale out front. It was all beautiful and so well made. So...I fell in love with these two Adirondack chairs and bought them. Then I went back to get a large square picnic table with 4 benches. The furniture is so heavy and I can hardly move it by my self.

I think Adirondack chairs are so arty and they conjure up all kinds of wonderful memories for me. :)

I love fall and winter but Spring is wonderful too. :)


Rositta said...

There is nothing blooming here yet except the snowdrops. Most other stuff in the garden is up about an inch, it's still been too cold. I have a Muskoka chair (that's what we call them here) that my husband made for me and I love it also...ciao

therapydoc said...

Thanks for tagging me.

therapydoc said...

Oh, and great pics!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta-I imagine it is much colder up your way...but beautiful too. Sounds like an Indian name. Same as an Adirondack chair? Oh that is special that he made that for you. :)

Hi Therapy Doc...Thank you and your welcome. I'd love to be in those Adirondacks right now. :)

Leslie said...

I completely agree with your sentiments about Adirondack Chairs. They are the perfect way to relax in the backyard, porch, patio, dock or next to the pool. If you every have trouble with your existing chairs, or want to expand the family, I would suggest checking out:

Love my Patio has a great selection with more colors than you could imagine.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Leslie-I LOVE Adirondack chairs! Thank you for that tip. I googled/bookmarked the site. My ottoman can stand up so legs go straight out or front folds down and then legs drop down.

They do have a lot of pretty colors. :)