Friday, April 25, 2008

Seapray On My Twitter

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This pic has nothing to do with anyone's twitter...other than it is a sea pic...but I LOVE it and so very much want to be THERE! I would also want the chairs closer so we could be cozier together. Love the Adirondacks chairs too. :)

Yesterday I had a problem with twitter...specifically, my Twitter and Dr. Rob's Twitter.

What you say? What's a twitter?

Darned if I know! I only started playing with it yesterday...and haven't had a chance today. Suffice it to know this SeaSpray is technically challenged.

I simply can't twitter my twitter as well as Dr Rob, Dr A and Fat Doctor. I also can't get my twitter to look as good as theirs. Try as I may and try as I's just a plain twitter and doesn't do what theirs can do. So I am one frustrated SeaSpray right now or should I say twitterer?.

Writing this part of post later now and I just got done playing with my twitter for over an hour! Also, during that time, I have gone back and forth looking at all THEIR twitters. They have pictures of other twitterers. BTW guys...I really don't look like THAT, although I do like the aqua. ;)

Anyway, a twitter is some kind of account that you can put little messages on whenever you want and you can belong to a community with other twittering people of your choosing.

I first saw it last year on Fat Doctor's blog and set it up. But, like I said...I am technically challenged and thought it wasn't working. But yesterday...I got messages that I was on different people's twitters. I'm WHAT? How can that be? I haven't twittered and I don't twitter and what the heck...I've been twittering and didn't know it?

And then as I was checking their twitters out... I saw my real name on doctor Rob's which point I became apoplectic at the thought of the ramifications of that. My adrenalin immediately kicked in and I shot off some panicked e-mails because my name only would've been out there for...oh... I don't know...A YEAR!

I still am not sure why that happened. So I revised my new found twitter changing everything to SeaSpray. Now, I cant get my twitter to do what I want and am whining about it in my twitter box.

My twitter is all the way at the bottom of my blog page because I am not sure what I am going to do with it. It perplexes me. And I am currently whining on it and thinking of doing weird things with doubt Dr Rob's influence. ;)

Below is part of an e-mail I sent to Dr Rob in response to what he said, reassuring me that my real name was no longer there. I simply could not resist shooting this response back to him and it is with his permission that I mention it and post this. Thanks! :)

You said "It's just seaspray on my twitter"

and in response I say:

Wait! Oh Doctor?...Seaspray on your twitter? Do you have an ICD-9 code for that?

Well... if it's only seaspray...then I think a towel should soak it up.

Seaspray on your twitter... is it contagious?

Oh...I'm so sorry...what else did you want on your twitter?

THANK's just seaspray on your twitter!

If anyone would like to add to this...I would LOVE to see what you come up with. :)


John McElveen said...

Twitters never win!


Rob said...

It is a bit uncomfortable having people talking about my twitter.

Oh well, I suppose there are worse things. Sigh.

SeaSpray said...

That's because they twit to soon. I just got that John. Slow on the uptake with that and yes your right...twitters never do win.

Clever one! :)

SeaSpray said...

Yes..yes there is Rob. NO twitter at all. You could be twitterless and then what would you do? At least you have one and you can twitter with the best of em. YeeHah! ;)

Chrysalis Angel said...

"And I am currently whining on it and thinking of doing weird things with ketchup" Ketchup!? Chocolate.;)

Deb said...

I can see myself sitting in that chair as well.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-dark chocolate! Mmm and I am craving wine cooking specifically chicken marsala! :)

The ketchup was in response to Rob's advice. :)

SeaSpray said...

Oh Dr Deb...I so very much would love to be right there! I like that pic so much that I might print and frame it. :)