Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheltered Blogger

Ugh! I just came from a blog (non medical) where the author is an excellent writer and quite frankly I have been cracking up reading some of the posts. BUT this one post was a personal critique of something. No problem with that. But then people who were agreeing with the author really seemed so mean spirited with the things they were saying. I was feeling awful during the entire the time I was reading the many comments. I happen to agree with the author and this particular thing isn't my cup of tea either, but I just don't think in those nasty terms toward another person or their work.

Then someone had left a comment saying what I was thinking, which was basically be more positive and take that energy and do something good with it and they were called a troll and then they got attacked. True no one asked their opinion and I suppose they saw it as a challenge, but I honestly don't get why people have to be that vicious.

I mean I have been to sarcastic blogs and read some sarcastic comments and some are really funny (hey I worked around medicine for 20 years - I get it!) ...but this was different. It actually felt dark in spirit.

I felt yukky like I wanted to shake it all off of me. I didn't leave a comment and I wouldn't want my name over there anyway.

I guess I have led a sheltered blogger's life until now. Ahhh...home sweet home. :)

Now I am going to go play This Little Girl of Mine (one of my happy songs below) and then go visit a blogger that makes me smile. :)


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I prefer funny blogs. But like all kinds, my "favorites" link list changes almost daily. I am absolutely addicted to blogging:)

Chrysalis Angel said...

It is interesting isn't it, how someone else's blog gives off a sort of aura. I'm on less and less of them, which may be good news to some. I don't like the nastiness, some think is cool to have. I have no respect for those that attack people that comment, nor the ones that don't defend those that are brave enough to do so. Usually the people you like, I like too.

SeaSpray said...

Hi ELL-The exquisite humor on the medical blogs is what got me hooked! I am totally addicted - best hobby ever.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hi Angel- I am ok with certain sarcastic ones. Some of them crack me up...but I also know they are compassionate. This place just didn't feel that way. Double ugh!

I definitely think an author should step in. I really respect the ones that do.

Birdwell said...

I've heard it said that the internet's anonymity brings out the meanness in people. I wonder if it's all ready there. Many of us don't really know a lot of just mean people in real life and are shocked when we "bump" into them on the internet. We don't expect that so many of the people around us are just mean.

What's sad a troll isn't someone that disagrees but someone who is OUT to cause trouble. But it's an easy excuse to continue with the clicky me too behaviour.

Medical Blogs rock because not only are they funny but they are so true.

I enjoy coming here daily to get a breath of beautiful fresh air. Thanks!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Birdwell- Maybe some are nice people with repressed anger that they feel safe to let out in various ways. The thing is, that kind of attitude doesn't bring good things to you. It chases away any potential goodness. But some people are just ignorant with low emotional IQs and some probably really don't care and others probably WANT to hurt others...maybe because they are hurting in whatever capacity.

Words can cut through a person and they can wound ones spirit forever. True -things get forgotten but then out of the blue a memory comes up and it hurts all over again...even between people that care about each other.

We all are human and so bound to make mistakes. I have said some things I regret but I can honestly say that I am a person who usually chooses how to handle my anger carefully and so never attack something that can't be changed but more the behavior etc...but I have.

I just don't even think like some of those people. I ALWAYS try to see the good in someone and it has served me well because I can get along with even the most difficult people.

It especially helped me working around some of the more difficult doctors. Only once (early 90s)did I react to a doctor who erroneously went ballistic on me in the ER but that is a different story. And after that from across the hall from where I knew he was sitting I verbally retaliated while talking with an ER nurse who came to check on me. and I wanted him to hear every word I said. But I never did that again nor will I...ever. We both apologized a few days later.

Now? I can say "Yes doctor" with the best of them. It caught me off guard because he was so wrong, we were friends, worked well around each other and he really reacted to someone else's flip out and I know he was exhausted. NOW...I am more mature and understand that I just should have said yes doctor. And if I really had a problem with it and cared enough about the doctor to want things to be right between us then I would talk with them at a better time. :)

Hmmm... maybe that story would be an interesting post. :)

Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. I know people come in to read the blog but it really warms my heart to know when someone appreciates a post or the blog. Thank you! :)