Sunday, April 27, 2008

SurgeExperiences-What I should Have Submitted

Here is the link to Dr Sid Schwab's post in which he is hosting the SurgeExperiences blog carnival this month. I look forward to reading every one of the surgical stories as well as the limericks written by Dr S. to accompany them. Darn! I wonder what he would've said about SeaSpray??

I regret that I didn't submit a story like I had hoped to. As Dr. Schwab knows I had 3 that I was contemplating, but the one I was leaning toward was going to be about what I have only recently come to realize had me so scared... and in a tailspin at just the possibility of having to have the re-constructive urology surgery.

After all I was no stranger to the OR and usually went in like a questions asked...nothing significant anyway. What was different this time? And...what happened as a result of the fear that I erroneously allowed to take root? It was both a physically and emotionally complicated year...again...understandable., but if I had it to do over again...I would do some things differently. Why can't we have 20-20 foresight?

All I can say in retrospect is...Thank God I had the urologist I had and I regret any difficulty I may have caused him during that time. He was patient with this patient and because of that he got me through the physical/emotional challenges. We had a good rapport then and we still do today, I trust him implicitly as my surgeon. I shall always be grateful to him not only for facilitating healing in me but for putting up with me when I know I must have been a challenge to his time and patience. Fortunately, it all worked out and I never needed the surgery in the end because the final ureteral stent facilitated my healing. I like to look at it that together with God they both facilitated my healing and as I previously stated...I shall always be grateful. :)

This one moment in time was at the crux of all my fear and resistance to the surgery.

So maybe I will post on this or submit it into another SurgeExperiences Carnival in the future.


Jeffrey said...

no worries Seaspray. there's always the next edition you can submit your article to. SurgeXperiences probably wouldn't end anytime soon. i hope.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jeff-Yes...but will I get a limerick? ;)

Thank you..maybe I will sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. :)