Friday, May 30, 2008

Come Shopping With Me :)

I was a good girl after all with my Costco shopping. Well at least I was by the time I got to the register and decided to put things back. Good thing I did too, because my order was just under $200.00. Ouch! Their prices went up since the winter. Food is ridiculously priced now and I know that must be due to the increased transportation costs.

I managed to get out of Pelican Pools without buying even one pool toy. I've never done that. I love toys! I did hold onto this cute little battery operated pink and purple seahorse that would swim underwater around the pool and I thought Devan would like it (me too) ...but I didn't get it. Then I was fondling a water basketball display...but I walked away and then I noticed there are these cool underwater lights for above ground pools but quickly averted my eyes. It did hold this weighted ring toss game but put it back and managed to make the great escape to the register to pay for the pool supplies. I am not working and right now can not justify these things. Besides, I have been putting my money toward something else and hope to again soon. Anyway, the pool chemicals came to $70.00 and that was enough in that store.

But then the first thing I picked up at Costco right by the entrance was a foam raft for $39.00, which took up a lot of space in the carriage.

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Before I say another word...I just have one word to say...BLUEBERRIES! (Sunny Ridge Farm) If you like must go to Costco and buy these blueberries! For those of you in this area...I went to the Wharton Costco. Oh my gosh...these are the BEST blueberries I have ever had in my life from a store! 32oz of excellent, firm sweet blueberries for 7.99! EXCELLENT price!

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4lbs of big sweet, succulent strawberries $6.99 (Short and Sweet brand) I had one for breakfast that was a big as a kiwi!

Large raspberries- 120z $3.49. These are good but could be just a little sweeter. Good price and I would buy them again.

5lbs Organic baby carrots- 5.59 (Terrific price!) No matter where I am I only buy organic carrots because they always taste good. I have found that other carrots usually don't taste as good and you can taste the pesticides. I wish I could buy all organic but too expensive. A friend recently told me about a local store that only sells organic food. I will check it out but I know not economically feasible at this point in time.

Here are some other things that I usually buy:

Costco's ground round- good price and quality. It was $2.49 lb.. Cheaper anywhere else? Maybe, but again the quality and always fresh! Six pound package that I break up and store in freezer bags.

Palermos Primo Thin - Margherita package
This is my favorite frozen pizza! Palermo's primo thin Magherita pizza. (Company promo states-The Margherita begins with a robust tomato sauce on our all-natural, ultra-thin crispy crust. It’s then topped with a deliciously garlicky mixture of diced tomatoes, a medley of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano cheeses and a sprinkling of parsley. I LOVE vegetables on pizza or in sandwiches!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips with stone ground corn, high oleic sunflower oil and/or saflower oil, brown rice flour, flax seeds, Turbinado cane sugar, oat fiber, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and quinoa, soy flour and sea salt. Just a hint of salt and you can taste the flavor of the seeds and grains. Kind of a cross between a cracker and a chip. Younger son and I really like these. husband doesn't consider these food because they aren't enriched wheat/white flour, over salted and almost totally artificial with food dyes. Great with toppings.

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Hannah Bruschetta! Good ingredients, great flavor- we all like it!

complete salads with dressing from ready pac

The Grand Parisian complete salad - Fancy lettuce blend, julienne carrots, white balsamic dressing, frosted almonds, dried cranberries and feta cheese. 2 16oz bags for $7.49. Great price!

I am not a fan of prepackaged salads and washed them even though the directions said you don't have to...maybe they still do ...I don't know. I am cautious with food products. This really is good though.

I decided to try something new and purchased La Maison Blueberry Pomegranate salad dressing. I tasted it last night and it's so good that I could just suck it off the spoon sans salad! It would also be good as a light dip. I also purchased one of those large plastic containers of mixed greens. It seems that once you open one of them, it is the salad greens that keep on giving. It must be compressed in there. One of my favorite summer dinners is grilled chicken cutlets over salad greens with balsamic vinegar. I could have that every night!

We all know you can get some bargains at these stores. But you also have to know your products/sizes and use everything before spoilage or you are wasting money.
I also got a huge bag of fresh chopped broccoli for $4.99, 3 lbs of walnuts, eggs and also an almost 2.50 lb block of feta cheese at great prices too. Just have to make sure they are stored properly.

Kirkland Signature Big Roll Paper Towels

Oh and one of my favorite products to buy down there is Kirkland paper towels. They tear off easily, absorb well and are strong. A little goes a long way with a roll of these towels! I wish they had pretty or cute prints like Bounty and some others and sometimes I'll splurge on a holiday or summer print...but contest with cost effectiveness. My husband will come home with the cheapest paper towels and with a few drops of water, they shrivel up to nothing, fall apart and can not be counted on for a tough job no matter how many you wad together. I think they end up costing more in the end.

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Just a couple more products- Kirlkand stir fry vegetables.
  • Broccoli
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Baby Corn
  • Mukamame
  • Carrots
  • Portabella Mushrooms
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Green Onions
Premium flavor and great price in a big bag.

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One of my favorite Christmas items is a box of Anthon Berg chocolate liqueur bottles. 80 per box. I sometimes put a bunch of individual bottles in with Christmas presents. One of my Urodocs' staff told me before Christmas how much they all enjoyed them the previous year and so I made sure to put extra bottles in this past year's Christmas basket for them. It made me smile to know how much they appreciated it. :)

I will stop with show and tell now. :)

I did get other products, but like I said I was a good girl and stayed away from the books and all the other normally tempting items. I did pick up a large pack of beautiful New Guinea impatients (pink) but put them back. They will look exquisite in someone's garden. :)

When I got down to the register I did decide to put the foam raft back too because really we have a lot of pool stuff and it wasn't necessary. Ha! Keeping that big box in the carriage kept me from over filling the cart. :)

Funny how you don't realize how much you bought until you have to fit it all in the car. It all looks smaller in a big store! I had to fit my mother's items and my items in with the pool supplies I forgot were already in the back. However...where there is a will there is a just have to get a little creative. :)

Do you have favorite items you like to purchase?

I am open to suggestions. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frog Freak Out and Stuff I'm Doing :)
My day began with me waking up in front of the computer, leisurely perusing the blogosphere while enjoying my 1st cup of coffee. Our younger son was outside skimming the pool getting it ready for later.

He came in to show me this cute little tree frog that was perched on his palm in such a way that he looked ready to jump on me. I already told son to stop bringing those things in the house the other day. I don't want a tree frog infestation should he make a break for it and hide out of our reach...although..I do love the sound they make at the... TREES.

Son assures me he won't jump but of course he does and just misses my face followed by blood curdling scream #1, lands on the keyboard, directly in front of me followed by blood curdling scream #2 at which point he jumps down by my bare feet followed by blood curdling scream #3, at which point I bolted up like a shot from the desk, saying, "I TOLD you not to bring those things in the house! He was laughing. Both sons have always been amused when Mom screams at these things. :)

He then goes to get it and of course it gets away but then landed on a plug in the outlet behind the armoire door and so now he has to move my things so he can get behind the door. "Don't touch my coffee mug with your FROG hands!" I exclaimed and then made a dash into enemy territory to quickly retrieve it.

He got the frog.

I was AWAKE!

I am not afraid of frogs but it is the element of surprise and loss of control that unnerves me. BELIEVE me, having two boys and a pond near our yard they liked to around...I have had my share of pond creatures over the years. Frogs, snakes, turtles and bugs. Also ducks, swans and one lone crane that comes in every year during warm weather. You should see the big bullfrogs...mutants... I think..they're HUGE. I LOVE how they sound at night and should be starting soon.

Last night I burned myself with the curling iron....AGAIN. I burned myself just under my nose/nostril last summer and now last night on my lower chin. It's a good thing I prefer straighter hair or the bounce of big rollers or I could sign in as Scarface to the blogs. I have never been adept at fussing with my hair and apparently am dangerous with a curling iron. Why does more skin come off than the area you burn??? I quickly put the Herbal aloe Force gel on it, followed by Royal Jelly and today I put a whole bunch of Royal Jelly on it. It's ugly and I want to tell people to look a-w-a-y-y-y...but the good thing about the RJ is that it will heal beautifully and then the scab will fall off within days and there won't be any scar. Amazing stuff! :)

Well now I am headed down to Pelican Pools to by pool chemicals to clean up the green water which is hopefully sans tree frogs now. This is our 12th season with the pool and NEVER had green water but we had to let the protective cover fall in so the pool wouldn't collapse. No time to explain now. I just hope it is not difficult to clean up.

Then I am heading to one of my favorite stores - COSTCO. My husband upon hearing that I was going to Costco said, "Don't spend a lot in there." "Oh I wo-o-o-n-t" I say knowing full well that it is the LAW of the universe or something that no one escapes the bowels of THAT store without a significantly challenged wallet after entering.

I was quick to tell him I am buying MEAT. Meat is his opiate. It conjures up images for him that stir his senses in such a way that he calmly walks away and erroneously believes that all is right with the world. If I told him about the fantastic bruschetta or incredible wholegrain with sea salt chips he would tell me we don't need that (he's right) but I open with the meat every time. And if for any reason he is still standing there I pull out the big guns and describe how great the various cuts of beef and pork are. Throw in barbecuing said meat on the grill...and well...I'm good to go....which is what I am doing now. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doctor Sheds Light on Confusion - Thank You TBTAM :)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my somewhat (ahem..) strong reaction to my urologist when he mentioned menopause, particularly his lumping me into THAT group. I am also putting up the desperate Housewives YouTube again because a. it vindicates me (I still feel the guilt -urodoc is a great doc-skilled, professional & supportive), b. it is funny and ties in to this post and I think is worth repeating, if not for my usual visitors than any newbies to this blog that might be meandering through, and c. it vindicates me, and d. it vindicates me. ;) In other words...thank God I am not the only woman to have these strong feelings! :)

While having a pedicure the day after I wrote about urodoc hitting my hot button, 3 other women and I were enthusiastically discussing all kinds of girly topics. Men, vasectomies, pregnancy, birth control, childbirth, my hot button post, perimenopause and menopause.

When I mentioned that I was in perimenopause when one of the women said "'re in Menopause."

"What?! (Surely she JESTS!) NO...I'm not!?!", I say as I look at her with quizzical DISDAIN. "Well how can I be in MENOPAUSE if I'm still getting my PERIOD?!! Huh? Huh?" (I didn't say the huhs but I was thinking them!)

She says "It's your're at the menopause age."

Good thing she's not depending on my tip I'm thinking..."Well do you still get your period?"

"No, not any more...I'm post menopausal."

"But I do...and so I am in perimenopause. You're not in menopause until you stop having your period for one year. I still get it. I am in PERImenopause."

"'re in menopause even if you get your period because of your age." And with that statement, the other woman who was younger than us and a nurse agreed with this woman that I was in menopause. She also happened to have been thrown into early menopause because of something with her ovaries.

Two women to one...I was feeling baffled and perplexed and in frustration said "Well then... WHAT is perimenopause? Isn't THAT everything that leads up to when you stop getting your period-menopause??"

Now my pedicurist who is younger and pregnant leaves to get a dictionary. (Her husband had a scheduled appointment for a vasectomy until they found out she was pregnant.) She comes back and looks up menopause and reads the semi-long definition. Then per my request she looks up perimenopause and reads the definition. I don't recall why, but both definitions seemed to point to what this other woman was telling me. didn't feel right to me.

So as soon as I got home I went right to the computer and googled both menopause and perimenopause. Some of it validated what they said and some of it validated what I said. I was still confused.

And so I then left some questions for TBTAM regarding this apparently confusing topic, this mystery of mysteries.

TBTAM (OBGYN from The Blog That Ate Manhattan) graciously responded by writing an excellent post called Menopause Defined ( along with some funny jokes) in which she addresses the questions that so many of us have, settling the confusion about this life mystery once and for all. At least it has been a mystery for those of us who have avoided this chapter in our womanhood or perhaps have some misinformation on the topic.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who would benefit from more enlightenment on this topic to go over and check this post out. It is the clearest explanation that I have ever read and she also has other links to follow up on for additional information. The comments are interesting too.

Thank you very much TBTAM! I will share this info with the girls when I go back there and perhaps even bring a copy of the post.

Okay, I will bring a copy of the post. :)

So...I was right and I was wrong. Yes...on the perimenopause, but wrong about menopause. I didn't know that menopause is only ONE DAY! Specifically...the day that is one year past the date of your last period. It is just a marker in time and then the day after that one menopause day is post-menopause from then on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Check these out!

Have you ever heard of or

I read about in our local newspaper and am having fun with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have my small bank on board yet and so I can't do all I want with the site. I haven't had time to set it up the way I want to, but I do appreciate the visuals and up to date info it retrieves. Amazing really! And I checked it tonight and it shows that my Home Depot transaction I discussed in the previous post went through. And actually I had been wondering why the amount I paid onto the account didn't show all week but I was new to this. Now I know it works quite well and I will be alerted in advance if a payment didn't go through.

I know in my previous post I ranted about the mistakes made by Home Depot's financial company and they were frustrating, but I am also having to clear up some financial things I let slide and see this as the perfect tool to assist me. AND...IT'S FREE!!

Pandora is great too. You can set up your own nonstop music stations in the genre of your choice. It's a great way to introduce you to different artists with similar styles or to branch out into something totally new.

I didn't use it correctly at first.

For example...I like the song "How to Save a Life" by the Fray, but then it doesn't play that song. Instead my music station gets called: How to Save a Life, but it only plays other songs from that band or other artists with similar music. Although, I also set up a station called the Fray and I get a lot of their songs, including How to save a life and also other artists.

Then you can let the station play as long as you like. If you want to remember a song for purchase, you can save it but then it doesn't play anymore and you can then only listen to an excerpt. So I pretty much just let it play like a radio except it is nonstop music. If something comes on that I don't like I can mark it thumbs down and it won't play anything like that. Conversely if I vote thumbs up-it will play more like it.

Or if you put in a particular song with the artist you will not play that but will give you other artists doing the same song.

You can't repeat songs but they will eventually repeat again if you remain on the same station you created.

I have contemporary artists, classical (listening to some beautiful piano now) Christmas, oldies, etc. and am enjoying it.

Whatever your mood...there is something for you! Have fun with it. :)

I know mistakes happen ...

I know mistakes happen but darn!

On May 13th I made a $100.00 payment over the phone to pay Home Depot. It was TEN days early more than required.

Thursday -May 22, I get a call from Citibank stating I had to make a payment to protect my credit or whatever, don't remember.


I call them, girl is all hush hush, puts me on hold again, comes back, says she will talk to her supervisor, put me on hold again...a long time, comes back and states everything is taken care of.

I thanked her and said goodbye.

But I was getting a bad vibe, something didn't feel right. I guess it was the girl's attitude...something.

So I called back.

I asked for a supervisor. A SUPERVISOR! One would think the SUPERVISOR knows what she is doing!

I explain EVERYTHING to her (with confirmation# from previous week) and she reassures me everything is taken care of. She stated that they could see the payment in the system but that it didn't take for some reason and that it would be straightened within the week.

Within a WEEK! The payment has to show for tomorrow, the 23rd!

She told me it was in the system.

I believed her.

When I checked my e-mail this morning -the 24th, I saw that I had a credit alert. WHAT?

I check and find that it is HOME DEPOT showing up on the my TRW 30 days past due!! (remember I paid 10 days early?)

I called Citibank again and now I get another woman who didn't seem interested and also kept putting me on hold. But SHE actually got to the root of it and TOLD me what happened.

When the rep took my payment via phone on May 13th...she entered 2009 for the year and so it didn't take because...oh...I don't know...It's NOT MAY TWO THOUSAND NINE yet?! She added that the supervisor deleted the payment because she didn't want me to be charged next year. (Thank you...I DO appreciate that.) But...she also neglected to ask me for another payment to replace the one she DELETED! And so now no payment went through and THAT is why it is now on my credit report.

Now in order to fix it, "I" have to write and fax/mail a letter to the credit agency asking them to fix all 3 credit reports.

She also took my new payment. She seemed really on the ball but I will check this transaction out on Tuesday to be certain it has all gone through.

We got to chatting and I feel badly for her because she had severe house damage from Hurricane Katrina and the insurance company didn't pay for all the repairs, she is having financial difficulties and her house is in foreclosure. She is fighting it and I hope she can keep her house, although she said it still is not livable and the insurance company is resisting paying out any more.

We also got talking about Katrina and the Superdome, etc. and also about the gunshots fired at the helicopters. I though the people shooting were just jerks doing something they thought was funny. She said no...they were desperate and were trying to get their attention for help. Now I feel bad that I thought that. And I feel for her that it is going on 3 years now and she is still trying to overcome the devastation in her life. little credit report frustration pales in comparison.

Perhaps those of you reading this post could say a prayer for this woman that she gets the help she needs.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's the soldier...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! And if your working...I hope it is still a great day for you and you have some fun this weekend. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Devan's Seven

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Here is the link to this Birthday cake.
We will be celebrating our beautiful and sweet little granddaughter's 7'th birthday over here Sunday. I asked her to give me a list of ideas last night.

This is what she wrote down in hot pink crayon on computer paper:

(I am putting it down , same spelling just as she wrote it, lines and all.)

things Dev wants for her B-day D
Moon shoes
pokemon cards
Webkinz cloths
WebKinz unicorn
Love puppy, huskey
Monkey panda
***************************************ow flip the paper

(picture of a pink star *)

video camra
disco Ball
a puppy
Bed canopey

Ahhh...a girl can dream. :)

I think her spelling abilities are good for a seven year old and she has been spelling and writing like this well since before she started first grade this year. She is advanced in her reading and devours books quickly. I didn't know she read so well until one night last summer when I printed the lyrics to Billy Joel's song "Uptown Girl" for her so she could sing all the words. She likes that song. :) I was astounded when she read the entire thing out loud. So I had her read my blog and various things around the room. She had just gotten out of kindergarten at that point!

We are all so proud of her! Not only does she do well academically, but she is a s beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has a great sense of humor and is compassionate and loving. We are all blessed to have her in our lives. :)

She wrote this on her own last night while I was working up in the attic.

Then when she finished she came up to help and was so excited when we came across a whole bunch of the boys books that were well protected all this time. Adam Raccoon books, Berenstein Bears, Dr Suess (still my favorite), and a whole bunch more.

Bloggers Remorse...Again :)
No more jumping up at 2am to turn the computer on, to delete a post because blogger's remorse made me do it. my bedside...use this handy little gadget and post is obliterated and it's off to sweet dreams. :)

Anyone who has followed my blog or e-mails with me knows that I occasionally am overcome with blogger's remorse. I will even add e-mailer's remorse to the mix, but it's primarily blogger's remorse.

So what's the big deal you say? Just stand by your words or don't write them. Ahh... my perfect world I would have perfect judgment...all wise and all knowing. So since that isn't gonna happen...what's a SeaSpray to do? Sometimes her humor gets the best of her. Stories of cucumbers, Throckmortons , cotton ponies and phallic symbols abound. Lets not forget the bajingos and schwingschwong schwingschwangs or whizzie winkles, fly urinals and the Bajingoland Brochure... bajingo Mouse or Bajingoland name a few. Questionable cartoons and YouTubes- things I think are neat or funny but then I don't want to offend. By the way...have you ever noticed SeaSpray goes into 3rd person when she is distancing from the post?

Not only do some of my posts cause me to feel remorse, but I get bloggers remorse when I leave long comments elsewhere in the land of blogdom. Some people might consider that hijacking while others welcome the comments. Still the guilt or concern sets in and I do occasionally come back to erase the comments..even in my own blog. I am currently feeling remorseful about a couple of long comments I left somewhere recently and will be surprised if I leave them there for long. And some of you have gotten e-mails apologizing for my long comments and you have always been so reassuring and kind. Thank you for that. :)

Not only is it the length of a comment but also how self revealing I have been. I don't know why something can seem perfectly fine to me when I publish it and then the next day or even the next hour I can't delete something fast enough. ? I have actually turned the computer off and gone to bed, only to start feeling remorse about something I've written and so I jump up and make a beeline for the computer to turn everything back on so I can hit delete. That helped me to feel better until another blogger told me she had read a post on her RSS that I had deleted. DAMN RSS Feed! ;)

One blogger friend in response to one of my more recent blogger's remorse moments recently e-mailed this: "You are going to need medications for all your blogger's remorse. I wonder if they could create a syndrome for that. Chronic Keystroke Retraction Syndrome. Heck - then you could get reimbursement from your insurance company for typing." LOL! :) Wouldn't THAT be great?!! :)

All I can say is great minds think alike because a while back I started a post about having an Icd.9 or DSM code for bloggers remorse.

But frankly... blogger friend said it best and so I will leave it at that. Thanks for the laugh and reassurance. :)

P.S. I just went searching on google for a picture of blogger's remorse and I came across a couple of pics leading right to my blog. Need I say more? :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Like a Surgeon-- Dr. Karev

The two hour finale of Grey's Anatomy will be on tonight. This is my favorite show but I have to say that I haven't been gripped by the plots this year. Maybe it's because the writer's strike interrupted the flow. They didn't do much to bring out the new med student characters either.

I am intrigued with the plot line where Meredith is seeing a mental health therapist. I like seeing the therapist challenge Meredith. She has needed someone to get in the mix with her, validate some things, challenge others but be there for her. Hopefully she will be able to face and workthrough her issues and finally be able to trust and commit in a relationship. I hope they continue this plot and we see how their relationship evolves. I do wish she and Derek were together but then it's always better to have some obstacles for the sake of the storyline I suppose.

I also like McDreamy's new girlfriend but you just know she's the rebound girl and will get hurt. I have also enjoyed seeing McDreamy and McSteamy rebuild their friendship. And I am so glad that George isn't with Callie or Izzy. Ugh...awful matches. He does look good with Lexie though. And I like Lexie. I think it will be interesting to see the sister relationship develop between Meredith and Lexie. Hooray for Lexi for finally getting some spunk and standing up for herself!

And Yang...she's gotta get back in the game and kick ass. I liked her better when she was aggressive obnoxious better the depressed and apathetic obnoxious. I think Erica Hahn is a great addition to the show as the new cardiothoracic surgeon. Then of course there is Alex, Callie, the chief and Dr Miranda Bailey...all enjoyable characters.

So for me...while I enjoy the characters of Grey's anatomy and the shows...I still think some of the plots were lacking in season four. Who knows? Maybe the season finale tonight will have me sitting on the edge of my seat. I hope so. :)

Would you "Do It" For A Million Dollars?

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I wrote this post around the time NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's involvement with a prostitute ring was in the headlines. Even though that was about prostitution, it reminded me of how one night in the ER we got into a discussion about whether or not we would marry a really undesirable person for their money. Specifically, would we marry someone who was disgusting and gross for a million dollars?

There was one caveat though. You had to stay with them in a sexual relationship until they died. You would have whatever lifestyle you wanted, live a life of luxury, but you could not have the million dollars until the person died. Then and only then would you inherit the million dollars.

I don't remember everyone's responses, but one nurse said "ABSOLUTELY!" and I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT -NO WAY! " There was more to the conversation then that but this will suffice.

I couldn't spend one night in that situation! I don't know how prostitutes do it... or anyone for that matter who is only doing it for the money. ??? I guess women in these situations must detach in some way.

I would have to be completely attracted to someone to have a sexual relationship or he wouldn't get near me...E-V-E-R! I don't care what kind of bling was offered or if it was a BILLION dollars. And while physical attraction is's really just the icing on the cake. I care even more about feeling an emotional connection, which has to go both ways. Having that connection is what makes lovemaking so powerful and awesome.

What would you do? What if it was just one night? What if you were guaranteed a million dollars to sleep with someone undesirable for just one night? I just couldn' way! I value myself too much.

I know I am talking about two different things here, but the connection is that for both scenarios I would feel like I was prostituting my very soul.

Okay... I could do it if it meant I could help save a life or even to save my own. Then you do what you have to do. But for money..uh uh and ugh! NO WAY! There are some things that money just can't buy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My thoughts & Men's Brain Women's Brain - EXTENDED - Mark Gungor

This is exquisitely funny and I think true! I have to comment on this! But first want to say that I saw this over at TBTAM's blog last week and love it so much that I am putting up the extended version. I would LOVE to go to one of his FUNNY! I actually found the nothing box to be hilariously enlightening. The only thing I would differ on is that yes...If I am concerned about something and talking to a guy about it..I DO want him to listen...BUT I am ALSO appreciative if he has good insights and will share them.. I DO want his advice.

I want his advice but with one caveat...don't get angry. We women do need to rehash things and if we are perplexed, hurt or whatever... we need to discuss it. My husband will then turn into a bull in a china shop and become irritated Now on the one hand...I suppose it is his protectiveness...or he is frustrated because he can't fix it. I just need to vent my frustrations and work through it. So I have learned overtime to not discuss certain things if I think it will cause him to have a residual annoyance toward another person when I know everything will be copasetic after awhile.

I guess either he is "fixing" it or doing nothing. And men...they really don't want all the details...just get to the point. I do feel like I have to set the background so they understands x,y and z. I mean after can one have a fair and balanced judgment if they don't know/understand ALL the facts? I'm just sayin. :)

Also, it is so true about men not wanting to give details. :) My husband or sons will come home and "maybe" tell me that they ran into someone. I usually find out from the other person telling me they saw them and did they tell me. (Awkward Over time though...I have learned to joke about it and I just always hope that they aren't insulted that their message didn't get relayed. One friend is always surprised but really it is a male thing.

And makes perfect sense! When they run into the friend, etc....the guys were operating in the friend box...but...the friend box doesn't touch the wife or mother box...they're NOT connected! And so it's really NOT THEIR FAULT! :) I LOVE it!

OR/ could also be because "I" do want EVERY MINUTE DETAIL of an encounter. The inquisition goes something like this: "Oh nice. :) What exactly did they say? Well..did they say this? What did they look like when they said that? Well what did they sound like when they said that? Why do you think they said that? How can you not were right there? What else did they say? Did they tell you this? Did you tell them about x,y, and z? Why not?"

Honestly, I often become frustrated after said inquisition because you know what? They really do have NOTHING to tell me. It's just not there! NO-W-W-W...I understand...not only do the boxes not connect...but if there was even the remotest chance they might...the guys got to their nothing box before they got home!

I truly appreciate and love the differences between men and women. I am so glad I am a woman but really love what the guys are all about too. I suppose when things are going well...we all balance each other out.

Speaking for myself...I love to love, nurture and be supportive. I also love feeling protected, appreciated and loved. And I appreciate the times in my life when men have rescued this damsel in distress. Gives this girl that warm fuzzy feeling and I am so grateful for the good guys in my life...even if their boxes don't connect and they gravitate to that nothing box. :)

Mark Gungor - Men's Sex Drive

Funny! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Urologist Hits Hot Button! :)

When I first saw this YouTube, I immediately felt vindicated with something I had done in my urologist's office...relieved that it wasn't just me, but probably a universal reaction among women varying degrees. Although most women probably internalize it and perhaps aren't in touch with their feelings, just as I wasn't. More about the hot button at the end of the post as I need to set the stage in the office first and true to SeaSpray form...I digress just a bit. :).

In the original YouTube I posted, Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) is gowned and on the exam table waiting to have a pelvic exam. Much to her dismay, she discovers that the new doc doing the exam is her new neighbor (husband of her friend) that she just met. For him it is business as usual but she is mortified, yet acquiesces to the exam. (I am disappointed that the longer version with Terri on the exam table is no longer available (so funny) and have replaced it with the shorter version in which she reacts STRONGLY to her physician for suggesting she may be in menopause.)

I don't know that I could let my next door neighbor do a vag exam on me, although I tend to be a people pleaser and probably would have done the same thing she did because I also wouldn't want to make waves.

If he had been my doctor first and then moved next door... no big deal. But if I knew him first as a neighbor...big deal. I opted to have doctors that work outside the hospital system I worked in because I didn't want to feel like I was getting nekkid for my boss and because of confidentiality. And I especially wanted all urological procedures done in another hospital.

Conversely...since the barriers have already been broken, I would now have no problem working in a doctor's office or hospital in which I was a patient... although I would be concerned about confidentiality in the hospital.

It's been my experience as a hospital employee that confidential info gets out depending on the circumstances and who the patient is, particularly if they are known to the staff. Sometimes people that have no business seeing/hearing a patient's medical information, become privy to it. I think things are better with HIPPA in place but it just takes one person to "confide" in another... or non medical staff in the area, etc. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Perhaps he should have "asked her" what she wanted to do?

Toward the end of last summer I had a urology test done in my urodoc's office. Afterward, I was sitting in his office waiting for him to come in to discuss the results and subsequent instructions with me. I had pulled the chair closer to his desk which then had me in front of the door as he opened it to come into his office.

As is par for the course, his clinic side was bustling and so there were other nurses and medical assistants in the hallway and also across the hall in a small room where they do something... test urine, computer work...not sure. I vaguely remember some medical staff walking back and forth. I don't know if there was another doctor around the corner or even if any other patients could've been in the hallway out of view.

Also I had taken two Percocet prior to the procedure because I was seriously anticipating some pain and discomfort and as I have already stated previously in other posts/comments...I am a wimpette when it comes to physical pain. Amazingly, I can endure chronic pain (went a year with a torn meniscus until I couldn't walk) but it is the sharp, exquisitely excruciating pain of a stent removal that freaks me out and that has kind of set the tone for me regarding all urological procedures/tests. I am skittish and ready to bolt in a heartbeat!

Now...I don't know about you...but Percocet makes me mellow. I couldn't be angry on Percocet if I tried. It eliminates or greatly reduces the pain which is the goal. I also find that if I am still and by myself...I just fall asleep. However, if I am with people I like ..I am perky on Percocet and don't feel the least bit tired and certainly not angry. As a matter of fact...even without Percocet, I am not someone who readily shows their anger...unless truly provoked and at my limit but even has to be major. I think I have a gift in that I have the ability to still see the person through their anger and so I don't react like others do ...but I digress.

I have raved about this urology office, probably ad nauseam by now... but everything I have said is true. Even though I have always dreaded all tests and procedures, my doctor and his staff have always made it all bearable with their upbeat attitudes, support, etc., and I enjoy them.

So as my dear urodoc (who I ALWAYS treat with the utmost respect) opens the door to his office...he maybe gets a foot in the door when I asked him why this was happening to me. He stopped in the doorway and said "Women your age in menopause.." to which I...mellow, perky on Percocet girl... interrupt him and loudly exclaim "MENOPAUSE?!!! I HAD THE PERIOD FROM HELL LAST WEEK!!!" I can still see his surprised face. He closed his lips together like he wasn't going to go on with what he was saying. I don't remember what he said next, just that he did go back out the door for a bit.

Later that night...after the Percocet had worn off...I remembered my reaction to his menopause statement. I remembered that there were other people in the hallway behind him and possibly some I couldn't see. I remembered that I REALLY snapped at him. Oh-my-God!!! Oh NO!!! I SNAPPED at my DOCTOR... who has worked so hard to facilitate healing in me and has always been so respectful and supportive of me! I'm telling you ...the realization that I did that... caused me to want to die ...a million.... deaths... right on the spot!

I don't remember exactly which test I had done or what he actually did say to me when he came back into the office. I had been stented five times for treatment of my constricted ureter. I had to be on Percocet when I was stented and during those times I was a frequent flier to that office. I remember most details of my visits, but not from that day. The only thing I remember about that office visit is the bustling hallway, the menopause statement and his reaction to my reaction. Everything else is a blank.

So my urologist hit a hot button in me that even I didn't know I had. Obviously...he didn't do anything wrong and was merely stating facts about women in my age group. What neither of us knew is how defensive I evidently am about it. I honestly don't know where that came from but the intensity of my reaction, even through the Percocet is an indicator of just how hot that button is for me. And really...thank God for the Percocet that day or my head may have done a 360 and I may have spewed more than those words. I'm just sayin. ;)

So when I saw Teri Hatcher's reaction to the doctor after he mentioned that she could be heading for menopause...I felt vindicated! was an amusing sigh of relief to realize other women may have strong reactions too.

So...thank you Teri Hatcher and thank you Desperate Housewives! And last but not least...I'm sorry urodoc... the hot button made me do it. ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Um hello? Is this the IRS? :)

A few days ago I was reviewing our checking account on line when I noticed an additional amount in our checking account over what my husband said he was depositing. My glee was short lived when I looked across and saw that it was a deposit from the government because I realized that we had already gotten our refunds from both the federal and state governments.

I concluded that they erroneously deposited someone else's refund into our account and now I would have to call the IRS to ask them to please take their money back. Ya know...even though it was the right thing to do...something just felt so fundamentally wrong about that.

Um hello? Is this the IRS? You deposited $1200.00 into our checking account and as much as we'd like to ... we just can't keep your money. Can you please take it back?

My husband came home shortly after that and so I told him about the erroneous deposit into our account and that I was going to call the IRS. Then as he opened his mouth to respond the heavens opened and a light shined over him as he said, "That IS our money! That is the stimulus rebate check."

And with those words ...everything was right in the world again. :)


Our oil tank is down to an eighth of a tank. I was hoping we could slide by with warmer weather but we do need it to heat the hot water and it's been chilly. So...I am wondering...should we try to hold out for some really hot weather in hopes that the oil price would drop or should we get it now because prices are climbing regardless of the warmer weather? What to do... what to do?

I know someone that just paid $1,500.00 to put oil in their tank at $4.44 a gallon! I went on line yesterday and found someone that would deliver 150 gallons at $4.11 a gallon but I will call around for the best price.

These prices are tough on everyone but I especially feel sorry for people on fixed incomes or people that are strapped financially for other reasons. I know it doesn't look good but I am believing these prices WILL get better.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You MUST be a good mother because... (a mother's story)

Willow Tree Mother and Son
Willow Tree Mother and Son (I collect these)

One night after I had tucked 9 year old son Jonathan in, I sat at the foot of his bed and started to cry. I was feeling sad about something and my self esteem must've been pretty low that night. I apologized for not being a very good mother. I know that wasn't the best thing to say and I really was a good mother, but apparently didn't feel like I was that night. There were other stresses going on at the time which were affecting me deeply.

But when I said that...Jonathan immediately jumped out from under his covers and came over to hug me. Then he assuredly said, "But Mommy! You MUST be a good mother... because look how good "I" turned out!" I gave him a big hug and thanked him for telling me, praised him for being thoughtful and told him that I was proud of him.

After hearing him say that, I instantly felt better because I appreciated how he tried to comfort me, but even more importantly...I could see he had a good self esteem and that he knew what a good kid he was (still is) and yes..I had a lot to do with that. It really warmed my heart that he recognized his self worth and that he was so empathetic. This is one of my favorite things Jonathan said when he was a young boy. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something For Mother's Day

I had hoped to have something written for Mother's Day, but instead I will add this link to a very short post called "Mommy When You Wear Makeup..." and it is one of my favorite things Christopher said when he was little. I will also will link to a post I wrote last mother's day which was the 1st part of the story of my journey to become pregnant.

The second part will be about the spiritual journey that led to my miracle of conceiving. Some might think miracle is too strong of a word to use, especially because the doctor never said I wouldn't conceive but that my chances were greatly reduced. But I think when God does something for just know it in your spirit. I know how all the events played out and tied in together. Why it happened that way? I don't know. But I am grateful.

In part 2 I will tell you about how a college professor form Lehigh University prayed over me with some other people and suddenly stopped and started prophesying over me that I would be pregnant soon (I conceived 5 days later) and that my 1st and 2nd baby would be boys. (I had 2 boys) I will tell you how I almost miscarried our 1st son and the doctor thought I lost the baby. I will try to finish it sometime soon.

Pop the Bubblewrap, Therapy! & Mother's Day stuff (revised)

I just have to link to this hilarious, but fun and totally addicting pop the bubblewrap site! I found it over at Fat Doctor's blog. Thanks FD! :)

I love popping that stuff. It's especially fun to put it under your office chair and roll over it with the wheels! Yes... I got paid for that while at work. :) Or to twist it and have them all pop quickly. I do think it is a stress reliever, not to mention funny. I am hooked on the manic one and the voice "Must have more" is hilarious! You can play it over and over without popping the bubbles. Too funny! But I agree with her. :)

Inspired by a visit from Dr Deb (therapist) , I began thinking that you could incorporate it into therapy sessions. Symbolic for whatever is going on or as a tool for coping with stress.

The possibilities are endless. Hand them their bubble wrap for in session and out. Have them journal in a bubble wrap diary. Hey...maybe even group bubble wrap therapy!?? ;)

And this little crushed bubble is for... and I'm going manic on these bubbles because...and now I only need to pop one bubble because... and then one glorious day in a session the patient says "Thanks doc...I don't need the bubble wrap anymore.", and they live happily ever after. :)

I am extremely busy today and perhaps for a while and should not be near a computer but I wanted to share this with you. Enjoy! :)

For the first time ever...I am having mother's day over here tomorrow and so am busily cleaning and preparing our mothers day meal. I would have done it many times but it was a tradition that it was always over there. I am looking forward to it and want to have a pretty spring table setting with fresh lilacs as the center piece.

But it is also bitter sweet because we are doing it this way because aunt D passed away and so instead of my m-i-l doing it, we thought it would be good to change the setting and I just want to really treat our moms, my d-i-l and an aunt and everyone else who is here. We won't forget D. She will be greatly missed and we will be keenly aware of her absence. She was always at every family event, busily taking pictures and smiling with that radiant smile of hers.

So...lot's to do!

I will just add...Must stay a-w-a-y-y-y... must s-t-a-y- a-w-a-y-y-y now!

Seriously! Much to do. Going with grill cooking and homemade Macaroni salad, Potato salad, Coleslaw (use honey to sweeten..yum!, bean salad that is delicious and will share recipe later or baked beans (have 2 recipes I like for them too-one with pineapple and peppers and the other has hamburger and bacon), big fruit salad-maybe in watermelon if time, and thinking about doing the decadent broccoli/cauliflower casserole. Then razzleberry pie (Raspberries and other berries are huge) with optional whip cream and some cupcakes or other dessert. (Not sure about the second dessert maybe a cake, small cheese cakes?)

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I know it is store bought but it really is good. I just like eating the big berries one bite at a time. :)

Oh and I don't bake pies, so this is a Marie Callender's frozen pie. I don't like store bought pies because they are too sweet but this one is perfect in my opinion and I highly recommend it. It's sweet but with tartness. Perfect! And the crust is good. I know...I need to learn to make a good crust for a homemade pie. Like for my Scottish grandmother's sliced steak and gravy pie....but I digress.

So, I may take a blogging break after this but I will come back and still plan on posting on the most recent hospital experience I already mentioned. I will also will follow up on any comments that have been left. Funny...the other night I felt apathetic toward blogging, like I had nothing to offer and mind is fertile (says me) with a gazillion ideas. Really...when it comes to blogging if one 's ideas are dried up...all they really have to do is look at life around them. There is always something. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Spring! :)

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Andre Gunther Photography

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feed People -Play a Game

I was over at the Hi Kooky blog and found this amazing and cool site at It is this totally addicting vocabulary game that donates 20 grains of rice for each word you get right to the United Nations World Food Program.

Check the sight out for yourself to see what it's all about. Then have fun strengthening your vocabulary. :) The rice totals up quickly! It feels good to think the rice is adding up and going toward feeding hungry people.

I missed a word twice. The program told me after I missed the 2nd time and then inserted it later and I am happy to say that I learned that ibex = wild goat. :)

Have fun with it. I am bookmarking it and putting it on my sidebar.

Frisky Competitive!
Are you competitive? God knows I am! Not the cutthroat, I'll stab you in the back, sell you out in a heartbeat take your job and gloat kind of cutthroat... but just like to win at whatever I decide I am competing in. I love the thrill of the chase and the subsequent conquest! And if I am beaten fair and square then that just sets me up to try harder the next time. :) Besides...its the losses that make the victory so sweet. :)

One night after work I challenged an ED doc to a race, but I'll come back to that. I've already said I will fairly...go for your jugular in scrabble. Swimming, bowling, a dare of sorts... to compete...but I am really competing with myself. I never cheat because then you really didn't win and so what is the point? I've never understand why people do that!? Basically, If it's a competition...I'm in! I love the conquest of making a sale, finding a bargain, collecting the most money for a cause...whatever. It's just fun. I'll come back to this stuff.

On the career testing I took, I remember that I scored highest in enterprising, followed by teacher and then social worker. That surprised me because I really thought teaching would have the number one spot with me.

So what made me think of this? Emptying the dishwasher a few minutes ago. You see...I have even set up little competitions with myself to get through a chore I don't like. I get bored emptying the dishwasher. Years ago I created this little game where I win or lose at putting the everyday silverware away. First I get the dishes put away and then put the odd pieces in a certain drawer...then the game begins.

The utensil game:
As I said, we use 2 sets of silverware for everyday use. One set is older and over the years family has thrown pieces out. I assume so anyway or they're somewhere out there in the universe with all the mysteriously missing socks. So that is the set I prefer everyone to start with. But, inevitably we all go to the other set in a different drawer.

The game is that I have to pick out all of the pieces from the older set first, without moving the utensils around using visualization only. They are 2 distinctly different sets. After the older set is put away, I then look one more time in the basket to make sure there isn't anything left from the 1st set. If I think I got them all, I then move on to put the 2nd set away.

However...if there are any of the first set intermingled with the second set...then I automatically lose. Today I lost by a -1. There was one utensil left from the other set. Three left= -3. A win is just a scoring.

I know maybe that seems obsessive...but I prefer to think of it as creative. ;) AND... it gets me through the tedious task with some enthusiasm...sort of anyway. :) I've yet to come up with something that gets me enthusiastic about cleaning the toilet, tub and washing floors! I'm open to ideas. Oh b-o-y-y-y...I GET to CLEAN the tub..whoohoo! Suggestions please. ;)

Sometimes I give myself a time limit...a close one that I have to beat to get something done and I find that to be motivational. Of course there are still things that can't really be timed and are drudgery no matter what.

Even as the boys were growing up we would get in little competitions...particularly with older son. It usually involved random tug of wars with a quilt or towel, tug of war with an object, with doors (not a good idea-crush injury), water fights, water balloon fights, hose fights, hiding things on each other just before the other one goes to get it, racing to the bathroom, pushing into each other to get the other one to move and you name it...we probably did it. (I really am an adult!) Older son would get that glint in his eye and I probably did too and it was game on. We STILL do this stuff every now and then. Last summer I blogged about my trying to pelt older son with cherry tomatoes one night-he won because he managed to evade me most of the time. It's just fun to be frisky competitive so long as no one gets hurt. :)

One night an ED doc and I got out at 11pm. We walked out to our cars together and were parked on the side of the ED, only a couple of cars apart from each other. We both had to head out a couple of blocks in a residential section, to the same highway.

When we both got to our doors I hollered out, "I'll race you!" to which he said,"You'll NEVER beat me!" "Oh yes I WILL!" "Let's go!" and with that we both jumped into our in my blue T-bird and him in his Japanese something... and took off.

I went down the back of the parking lot (like your supposed to)
onto the lower road which put me a block away from the highway and HE went out the the EMERGENCY ENTRANCE right by the upper road. He must've been flying low because just as I got to the stop sign, he went flying by. So he beat me but I stayed right on him (yes we were speeding) until he turned off on a side road.

Common sense should have told me I didn't stand a chance because the guy drove expensive sports cars in good weather when he was off and he did so much commuting and the fact that he was a guy...but... it was fun. Common sense should have told both of us not to do that, especially since we were no strangers to people involved in mvcs coming into the ED! I would never do that now because the police watch the roads so much more carefully around here now and there is more traffic later at night then there used to be...AND more importantly...I don't want to be in an accident nor would I want anyone else to either!

*I just came back to reread this and it hit me that history repeated itself and I can't believe it didn't occur to me then. I totaled someone's Mach I when I was 17 because I had the bright idea to challenge someone in a race and then did so as an inexperienced driver. It is a miracle the 3 of us weren't killed. (another post sometime) So...I just want to say that I am not proud of such stupidity and I certainly do not drive like that now.

I would LOVE to be on The Apprentice and compete with trying to raise the most money. I think that would be awesome! I think it would be stressful, yet exhilarating doing whatever had to be done (fairly) to win with the most money collected.

Now if only I can find a way to take this energy and channel it into a fun and productive way to lose the weight I want to lose. Seriously!

After I got slammed with all the urology issues, I lost 50 lbs. FIFTY! However, since last October...I put 30lbs back on. I do think that is why my knees started bothering me so much. But I did finally put the brakes on the weight gain and have been in a holding pattern. Actually that is a good thing in as much as I didn't go up to and over what I had been. I just refuse to give in to this anymore. I refuse! Wish I decided that 30lbs ago but there is no point in crying over spilled milk...just clean it up and move on.

It has to be a lifestyle change that suits me. I have the head knowledge and I see I have a gazillion options of things I like and wouldn't have to feel deprived at all. I actually do many things right but when I am bad...I am really bad. But for years I have let it all float around in some abstract concept in my brain, never really touching down into action. I need to birth these ideas into some concrete behaviors and choices. Since I respond to competition for motivation...I need to find a way for it to be some kind of challenge that I have to beat...and then satisfaction in the win/reward. You would think that being healthier and looking better would be the motivation but no...I obviously need something to inspire/jump start me and then keep me in the game for the long hall. Something has to keep me focused on that ever elusive goal!

Anyway...frisky competitive is fun! :)

A Fascinating Blog!

I was perusing Dr Bates Suture for a Living blog when I came across the Image Of Surgery blog which I found to be arty, interesting and downright fascinating. I have added it to my blogroll and look forward to reading/viewing all of it when time allows.

I wish I knew what they are doing. What kind of surgeries? And of course I was drawn to the urology pics. I have what is that florescent looking tube used for? And what are the instruments the doc is looking at? At first I thought that was a stent showing up on the screen but am now wondering if it is a surgical instrument.

I wish I could've watched my own procedures. Well...maybe not. But I'd be curious to see them done on someone else.

Also, in the urology pic with the 3 monitors/screens-is that a ureter on the 3rd screen on the right? It looks something like a pic my urologist gave me of my ureter the last time I was stented. Now if that isn't a ureter... then I just gave some doc passing through here a laugh and to that I say that is why you're wearing the white coat and I am not. ;)

P.S. It looks like the orthopedic docs need wipers to wash the spattered blood off the front of their head gear/mask/I don't know what you call it. Must be a messy OR for housekeeping to have to come in and clean up after.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Surfs Up! :)

Buddy the surfing dog. There are better quality but longer videos of buddy if you want to check them out. Way to go buddy! he's s-o-o-o CUTE! :)

Below is a clip of surfing dogs in Hawaii

Monday, May 5, 2008

Life Isn't a Dress Rehearsal (Revised)

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."
~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross ~
“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

I tend to put things on hold waiting for the "perfect" conditions. I often say "In my perfect world..." except there is no perfect world. If I just meet this goal first, or get these things organized or change that, then I will do this, the thing I really want to do... when I get all these other things done first.

I would do well to remember that life isn't a dress rehearsal


I am so disappointed that Sonific Songspot closed down and the explanation is here for anyone who uses it and wondered where your widget was the last few days.

I loved that little widget because it had a picture of the ocean. I picked Pachelbel's Canon in D Major for my song and this version was accompanied by the sound of ocean waves on shore through the whole piece. I had it set so that if I played for myself, it would play repetitively until I turned it off. I find Canon in D major to be so uplifting and inspirational and I loved listening to it throughout the house or just on my blog if I am writing.

Sure I can pop a CD in and I do have one with the ocean sounds too but I just loved it on this blog.

If anyone knows anything else I can put on here that will play that please let me know. Of course this technically challenged girl has to get it to go on the blog but...where there is a will there is a way. :)

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Sea spray forming on rocks off Asilomar Beach, California.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scrubs Outtakes and about working...sort of...

Just one more video to make ya laugh! Makes me want to work in a hospital again...well this clip and my experience in my old hospital last week. I realize how much I miss all the interactions and the environment. Maybe I could do the hospital and a doctor's office. Pretty soon I'll be doing something and I am trusting the right doors will open when I look. I just have to venture out into something new and different or I'll always wonder. I loved running into everyone and the administrator is still happy to have top billing on my resume. Admittedly...I have been out of the loop for so long that my self confidence in the medical arena has been dwindling. However, he always receives me warmly, is encouraging to me and it warms this girls heart. :)

Gosh I love Scrubs and Dr Cox is my favorite because I LOVE his testy personality/humor but they're all great! These videos make me feel so perky and lighthearted. I hope they do the same for you. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Seinfeld-Soup Nazi (best bits)

This is one of my favorite episodes. :)

This 26 second video (radiologist melt down!) is one of my favorite Scrubs YouTubes. HILARIOUS! I did play a longer version before, but it's worth the repeat! :)

Speeding Bullets of the Hospital (revised P.S.)
Pretend he has blue scrubs and a surgeons cap on. :)

Inspired by one of Whitecoat's posts, I started writing a post about my experiences while spending half the day in the hospital yesterday. This time, the shoe was on the other foot. I was the one waiting for someone I care about. Not easy! On the up side...this person was having a procedure done in the hospital I worked in for so long and it was like old home week for me. I saw so many former co-workers although not the ER staff because they are downstairs. It was great seeing them! That will be my next post....the conflicted feelings of waiting for someone vs being the patient and the conflicted feelings of having worked in that hospital for 20 years and yet having to drop back and be just another person in the waiting room..that is until I inched my way closer to the pre-op/post-op area.

Oh...and what is it with surgeons anyway? Everywhere they seems they are just shy of sprinting down the halls. SERIOUSLY! On the other hand...the other doctors seem to meander through at a slower pace...not always- but usually.

I really think I can pick out any surgeon in the crowd. Okay...true their blue scrubs with surgical cap are a dead giveaway but it's also their fueled jet pack pace, the blue blur of motion from one destination to another. And this seems to be true in both hospitals I am familiar with and at my urodoc's office. Ha one day while sitting in the waiting room one of the other uro docs came bounding into the waiting room from the lobby. I am surprised he didn't skid out of control as he rounded the corner to come in to the office...or have lift off!

We used to have this one surgeon that would come into the ER after hours to see patients, ALWAYS walking BRISKLY and he was in and out just as fast. I always figured he was just a type A personality or it was his nature to be fast. The other surgeons were also fast but not like this doctor. Although...there was just one surgeon who was the exception and he never seemed to be in a hurry...totally laid back. I actually have a funny story about him and me and it has to do with specimens, but that will be another post. Then one of our ER docs was also a surgeon in another hospital and same thing...always moved down the hall quickly and with a purpose.

Maybe I shouldn't generalize but even yesterday...I was amused watching one surgeon who had left the SDS area and walked so fast down another wing that I wondered why he just doesn't run?! I am thinking it must be because they are on tight OR schedules. Although why walk so fast after hours?

Is this fast pace something that is ingrained in them during training or is it just that type of personality is usually drawn into surgery? And is it all OR staff...anesthesiologists, nurses and techs or just the surgeons? I am inclined to think it is just the surgeons unless there is an emergency.

Obviously all doctors rush for an emergency or if they're swamped with work or maybe just want to get the heck out and go home. But the surgeons seem to be the speeding bullets of the hospital all the time.

Just wondering...

P.S. This post is obviously not factual other than based on my observations both personally and professionally. I hope I haven't offended anyone that may have read this. I do KNOW all doctors get slammed with hectic schedules and rush around too. And ALL doctors work hard. does seem like the surgeons are the consistent borderline sprinters and I actually am curious about that.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Should Gin&Tonic With a Lime Twist Be Part of the Required Daily Food Pyramid?

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Now where on this pyramid should the daily gin & tonic requirement go? Hmmm... perhaps at the bottom, expanding the pyramid base? Is that doable? ;)

This post in inspired by Passionstamper in response to her description in comments of my "behavior" the other day pre and post exam.. :) I was a brat! Well...all I can say is there's love the one you're with and then theres abuse the one you love. So you can take comfort in that Passionstamper. I love you so much... that I am able to let my hair down and be a brat! ;)

Just so people are clear...lest they think I am a lush...I only have Gin & Tonics when I am out with the girls which is not that much...hence the second sip of ANY alcoholic beverage goes right to my head. I am not a drinker as I don't care for the feeling by the time I get to the end of a second drink. One is nice or one and a half. And I can't describe why except that I don't like feeling out of control (I'm not) but it starts to feel that way and I don't like the feeling overall. Just me.

That being said...there is something about the taste of Gin and tonics that it is the only other beverage I could drink down like water. And beer...I do like a cold beer. Can you imagine that? I could drink an entire pitcher of gin and tonic if it was in front of me.

Now put that gin and tonic pitcher on a little table between 2 Adirondack chairs with good company while sitting under a palm tree right in front of the ocean...OMGosh...heaven on earth! Even by a poolside...I am so there!

I LOVE the flavor and it would be like potato chips and I couldn't have just one. The gin and tonic taste calls to me. It could be my cinnamon or dark chocolate, mint or key lime pie. It could even be my water...I LOVE water. Hey I love that taste so much that if someone gave me a long straw and walked around with a container of it I'd follow them like the pied piper! ;)

It's too bad it would make me drunk because I would love it if gin & tonics could be part of the food pyramid to be included in the daily requirements for a healthy lifestyle. The more you drink the healthier you could be the new MonaVie! Forget the acai berry! It's the gin soaking into the lime that then causes a reaction in the lime to release a unique anti-oxidant that eradicates and prevent all disease in the body if that isn't is the key to the eternal fountain of youth! Hey... I could walk around with it in my 76 oz water bottle to ensure that I stay hydrated and maximize the the benefits by ingesting said health beverage throughout the day! You never know. They come out with new health studies all the I'm just sayin...a girl can dream... ;)

* I just want to add that while I am joking about ingesting a ludicrously excessive amount of alcohol...alcoholism is no joke. Even if a person is not an alcoholic... but they have even one incident of getting behind the wheel of anything while intoxicated...even if the tiniest amount might cause impairment that would cause someone to harm themselves or anyone else... it's WRONG! Sometimes once is all it takes...and then you can NEVER go back to undo it. Sadly, I have known people that died because of driving drunk or been killed by a drunk driver.

And it doesn't have to involve driving. Excessive alcohol lowers inhibitions and one can find they are doing or have done things they normally would never allow themselves to do. It is important to know your's different for everyone.

And it is certainly alright not to drink. Don't ever feel pressured socially to have a drink. One way to look at it is if you never'll never have a problem with it. You never know... you might be an example for someone else who maybe has a propensity for drinking too much and they'll think of you and want to pattern their behavior after yours.

And alcoholism can ruin relationships, break up marriages, emotionally scar children, cause illness, job loss and financial name a few things. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, I urge you to go on line or to the yellow pages in your phone book and get in touch with a local chapter of AA. The Alcoholics Anonymous program has helped millions of people around the world and they have a good success rate. There is a program for every member of the family, as well as non family members... regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on in your involvement with this disease. It's free and if you can just talk. No one will pressure you to do anything you don't want to do. know...sometimes it just helps to have someone who understands to talk to. The people involved with the program, have been there-they DO understand and they are there for YOU and anyone else who needs their help.

How does it go? "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." You never know...taking that first step, which is always the the most difficult...might just be the beginning toward a healthier, more whole and joyful life. Things can and DO get better.