Friday, May 30, 2008

Come Shopping With Me :)

I was a good girl after all with my Costco shopping. Well at least I was by the time I got to the register and decided to put things back. Good thing I did too, because my order was just under $200.00. Ouch! Their prices went up since the winter. Food is ridiculously priced now and I know that must be due to the increased transportation costs.

I managed to get out of Pelican Pools without buying even one pool toy. I've never done that. I love toys! I did hold onto this cute little battery operated pink and purple seahorse that would swim underwater around the pool and I thought Devan would like it (me too) ...but I didn't get it. Then I was fondling a water basketball display...but I walked away and then I noticed there are these cool underwater lights for above ground pools but quickly averted my eyes. It did hold this weighted ring toss game but put it back and managed to make the great escape to the register to pay for the pool supplies. I am not working and right now can not justify these things. Besides, I have been putting my money toward something else and hope to again soon. Anyway, the pool chemicals came to $70.00 and that was enough in that store.

But then the first thing I picked up at Costco right by the entrance was a foam raft for $39.00, which took up a lot of space in the carriage.

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Before I say another word...I just have one word to say...BLUEBERRIES! (Sunny Ridge Farm) If you like must go to Costco and buy these blueberries! For those of you in this area...I went to the Wharton Costco. Oh my gosh...these are the BEST blueberries I have ever had in my life from a store! 32oz of excellent, firm sweet blueberries for 7.99! EXCELLENT price!

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4lbs of big sweet, succulent strawberries $6.99 (Short and Sweet brand) I had one for breakfast that was a big as a kiwi!

Large raspberries- 120z $3.49. These are good but could be just a little sweeter. Good price and I would buy them again.

5lbs Organic baby carrots- 5.59 (Terrific price!) No matter where I am I only buy organic carrots because they always taste good. I have found that other carrots usually don't taste as good and you can taste the pesticides. I wish I could buy all organic but too expensive. A friend recently told me about a local store that only sells organic food. I will check it out but I know not economically feasible at this point in time.

Here are some other things that I usually buy:

Costco's ground round- good price and quality. It was $2.49 lb.. Cheaper anywhere else? Maybe, but again the quality and always fresh! Six pound package that I break up and store in freezer bags.

Palermos Primo Thin - Margherita package
This is my favorite frozen pizza! Palermo's primo thin Magherita pizza. (Company promo states-The Margherita begins with a robust tomato sauce on our all-natural, ultra-thin crispy crust. It’s then topped with a deliciously garlicky mixture of diced tomatoes, a medley of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano cheeses and a sprinkling of parsley. I LOVE vegetables on pizza or in sandwiches!

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Hannah Bruschetta! Good ingredients, great flavor- we all like it!

complete salads with dressing from ready pac

The Grand Parisian complete salad - Fancy lettuce blend, julienne carrots, white balsamic dressing, frosted almonds, dried cranberries and feta cheese. 2 16oz bags for $7.49. Great price!

I am not a fan of prepackaged salads and washed them even though the directions said you don't have to...maybe they still do ...I don't know. I am cautious with food products. This really is good though.

I decided to try something new and purchased La Maison Blueberry Pomegranate salad dressing. I tasted it last night and it's so good that I could just suck it off the spoon sans salad! It would also be good as a light dip. I also purchased one of those large plastic containers of mixed greens. It seems that once you open one of them, it is the salad greens that keep on giving. It must be compressed in there. One of my favorite summer dinners is grilled chicken cutlets over salad greens with balsamic vinegar. I could have that every night!

We all know you can get some bargains at these stores. But you also have to know your products/sizes and use everything before spoilage or you are wasting money.
I also got a huge bag of fresh chopped broccoli for $4.99, 3 lbs of walnuts, eggs and also an almost 2.50 lb block of feta cheese at great prices too. Just have to make sure they are stored properly.

Kirkland Signature Big Roll Paper Towels

Oh and one of my favorite products to buy down there is Kirkland paper towels. They tear off easily, absorb well and are strong. A little goes a long way with a roll of these towels! I wish they had pretty or cute prints like Bounty and some others and sometimes I'll splurge on a holiday or summer print...but contest with cost effectiveness. My husband will come home with the cheapest paper towels and with a few drops of water, they shrivel up to nothing, fall apart and can not be counted on for a tough job no matter how many you wad together. I think they end up costing more in the end.

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Just a couple more products- Kirlkand stir fry vegetables.
  • Broccoli
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Baby Corn
  • Mukamame
  • Carrots
  • Portabella Mushrooms
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Green Onions
Premium flavor and great price in a big bag.

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One of my favorite Christmas items is a box of Anthon Berg chocolate liqueur bottles. 80 per box. I sometimes put a bunch of individual bottles in with Christmas presents. One of my Urodocs' staff told me before Christmas how much they all enjoyed them the previous year and so I made sure to put extra bottles in this past year's Christmas basket for them. It made me smile to know how much they appreciated it. :)

I will stop with show and tell now. :)

I did get other products, but like I said I was a good girl and stayed away from the books and all the other normally tempting items. I did pick up a large pack of beautiful New Guinea impatients (pink) but put them back. They will look exquisite in someone's garden. :)

When I got down to the register I did decide to put the foam raft back too because really we have a lot of pool stuff and it wasn't necessary. Ha! Keeping that big box in the carriage kept me from over filling the cart. :)

Funny how you don't realize how much you bought until you have to fit it all in the car. It all looks smaller in a big store! I had to fit my mother's items and my items in with the pool supplies I forgot were already in the back. However...where there is a will there is a just have to get a little creative. :)

Do you have favorite items you like to purchase?

I am open to suggestions. :)


The Happy Hospitalist said...

I bought those blueberries two weeks ago at costco. 2 pounds for 8 bucks. I've never seen blue berries that cheap.

SeaSpray said...

Hi true...and so DELICIOUS! :)

passionstamper said...

I am proud of you Seaspray for being so thrifty! Costco's is a big challenge for me...(that's why I try to stay away!)

And I'm doubly proud of the self control you exercised at Pelican! (those pool toys sure are tempting!)

Unfortunately, I didn't fare as well as you did, when I visited D'Angelos-my favorite Garden Center (gardening is my second passion after Rubber Stamping/Scrapbooking) However, I do justify this by not attending the annual Conventions for the past two years plus current year, and not attending Leadership Conference for two years-look at all the money I SAVED?! a demonstrator's got to have SOME compensation for that self-control! (I could have charged all those trips-but wouldn't!) Ha! Ha!

These pictures make me want to jump in my car and head straight for Costco's...then I think of the gas $ I gotta put in the tank first and that stops my moment of total lack of self control! Making myself a salad is cure-all! (now if only I could get to Costco's and get that 6-pack of Romaine lettuce...)

SeaSpray said...

Thrifty is my middle name these days Passion and I am trying to stay home until August, but I don't know.

I got some great career-motivational books that you will love!

I am taking my m-i-l over to D'angelo's on Saturday and I want to buy oregano, chives and lavender-depending on price. Definitely the oregano and lavender. I do hope they have that otherwise maybe that place down on route 10?

I have to go down to Pelican and Costco on Monday so I can pick up your lettuce. ?

comox gal said...

Any idea where I can find out about La Maison products, I am trying to find a dressing Costco used to carry and can't seem to find anything?

SeaSpray said...

Hi comox gal - You could try on line.

I am happy to say that the Costco I use is now carrying that dressing again.

Good luck with your shopping! :)