Thursday, May 8, 2008

Frisky Competitive!
Are you competitive? God knows I am! Not the cutthroat, I'll stab you in the back, sell you out in a heartbeat take your job and gloat kind of cutthroat... but just like to win at whatever I decide I am competing in. I love the thrill of the chase and the subsequent conquest! And if I am beaten fair and square then that just sets me up to try harder the next time. :) Besides...its the losses that make the victory so sweet. :)

One night after work I challenged an ED doc to a race, but I'll come back to that. I've already said I will fairly...go for your jugular in scrabble. Swimming, bowling, a dare of sorts... to compete...but I am really competing with myself. I never cheat because then you really didn't win and so what is the point? I've never understand why people do that!? Basically, If it's a competition...I'm in! I love the conquest of making a sale, finding a bargain, collecting the most money for a cause...whatever. It's just fun. I'll come back to this stuff.

On the career testing I took, I remember that I scored highest in enterprising, followed by teacher and then social worker. That surprised me because I really thought teaching would have the number one spot with me.

So what made me think of this? Emptying the dishwasher a few minutes ago. You see...I have even set up little competitions with myself to get through a chore I don't like. I get bored emptying the dishwasher. Years ago I created this little game where I win or lose at putting the everyday silverware away. First I get the dishes put away and then put the odd pieces in a certain drawer...then the game begins.

The utensil game:
As I said, we use 2 sets of silverware for everyday use. One set is older and over the years family has thrown pieces out. I assume so anyway or they're somewhere out there in the universe with all the mysteriously missing socks. So that is the set I prefer everyone to start with. But, inevitably we all go to the other set in a different drawer.

The game is that I have to pick out all of the pieces from the older set first, without moving the utensils around using visualization only. They are 2 distinctly different sets. After the older set is put away, I then look one more time in the basket to make sure there isn't anything left from the 1st set. If I think I got them all, I then move on to put the 2nd set away.

However...if there are any of the first set intermingled with the second set...then I automatically lose. Today I lost by a -1. There was one utensil left from the other set. Three left= -3. A win is just a scoring.

I know maybe that seems obsessive...but I prefer to think of it as creative. ;) AND... it gets me through the tedious task with some enthusiasm...sort of anyway. :) I've yet to come up with something that gets me enthusiastic about cleaning the toilet, tub and washing floors! I'm open to ideas. Oh b-o-y-y-y...I GET to CLEAN the tub..whoohoo! Suggestions please. ;)

Sometimes I give myself a time limit...a close one that I have to beat to get something done and I find that to be motivational. Of course there are still things that can't really be timed and are drudgery no matter what.

Even as the boys were growing up we would get in little competitions...particularly with older son. It usually involved random tug of wars with a quilt or towel, tug of war with an object, with doors (not a good idea-crush injury), water fights, water balloon fights, hose fights, hiding things on each other just before the other one goes to get it, racing to the bathroom, pushing into each other to get the other one to move and you name it...we probably did it. (I really am an adult!) Older son would get that glint in his eye and I probably did too and it was game on. We STILL do this stuff every now and then. Last summer I blogged about my trying to pelt older son with cherry tomatoes one night-he won because he managed to evade me most of the time. It's just fun to be frisky competitive so long as no one gets hurt. :)

One night an ED doc and I got out at 11pm. We walked out to our cars together and were parked on the side of the ED, only a couple of cars apart from each other. We both had to head out a couple of blocks in a residential section, to the same highway.

When we both got to our doors I hollered out, "I'll race you!" to which he said,"You'll NEVER beat me!" "Oh yes I WILL!" "Let's go!" and with that we both jumped into our in my blue T-bird and him in his Japanese something... and took off.

I went down the back of the parking lot (like your supposed to)
onto the lower road which put me a block away from the highway and HE went out the the EMERGENCY ENTRANCE right by the upper road. He must've been flying low because just as I got to the stop sign, he went flying by. So he beat me but I stayed right on him (yes we were speeding) until he turned off on a side road.

Common sense should have told me I didn't stand a chance because the guy drove expensive sports cars in good weather when he was off and he did so much commuting and the fact that he was a guy...but... it was fun. Common sense should have told both of us not to do that, especially since we were no strangers to people involved in mvcs coming into the ED! I would never do that now because the police watch the roads so much more carefully around here now and there is more traffic later at night then there used to be...AND more importantly...I don't want to be in an accident nor would I want anyone else to either!

*I just came back to reread this and it hit me that history repeated itself and I can't believe it didn't occur to me then. I totaled someone's Mach I when I was 17 because I had the bright idea to challenge someone in a race and then did so as an inexperienced driver. It is a miracle the 3 of us weren't killed. (another post sometime) So...I just want to say that I am not proud of such stupidity and I certainly do not drive like that now.

I would LOVE to be on The Apprentice and compete with trying to raise the most money. I think that would be awesome! I think it would be stressful, yet exhilarating doing whatever had to be done (fairly) to win with the most money collected.

Now if only I can find a way to take this energy and channel it into a fun and productive way to lose the weight I want to lose. Seriously!

After I got slammed with all the urology issues, I lost 50 lbs. FIFTY! However, since last October...I put 30lbs back on. I do think that is why my knees started bothering me so much. But I did finally put the brakes on the weight gain and have been in a holding pattern. Actually that is a good thing in as much as I didn't go up to and over what I had been. I just refuse to give in to this anymore. I refuse! Wish I decided that 30lbs ago but there is no point in crying over spilled milk...just clean it up and move on.

It has to be a lifestyle change that suits me. I have the head knowledge and I see I have a gazillion options of things I like and wouldn't have to feel deprived at all. I actually do many things right but when I am bad...I am really bad. But for years I have let it all float around in some abstract concept in my brain, never really touching down into action. I need to birth these ideas into some concrete behaviors and choices. Since I respond to competition for motivation...I need to find a way for it to be some kind of challenge that I have to beat...and then satisfaction in the win/reward. You would think that being healthier and looking better would be the motivation but no...I obviously need something to inspire/jump start me and then keep me in the game for the long hall. Something has to keep me focused on that ever elusive goal!

Anyway...frisky competitive is fun! :)


Dreaming again said...

ok, go to my blog ( go down a post or so ..and follow the links and join me in the women's challenge! Join my group Blog Buddy Body Busters ...and get Moving! it starts next week ... we virtually will walk across the country ..we record our exercise every day and watch the map fill in ...

The other thing ..are you on facebook? Are we buddy's ... are we playing scrabulous? If not ..why not? I play with ms Moofie, and Ramona and several others ...get your competitive butt over there .. (I'm Peggikaye Eagler ... so you can find me there!!)

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's funny, Seaspray. I'm not usually competitive at all. There was this one guy when I was a student nurse, and another nurse liked him too, and I just bowed out. I just don't feel like competing over much. He kept asking for me and wondering where I went to. Oh well.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dreaming...ok I will when I have a chance-soon. Thanks for the referral! :)

I was on face book but wasn't crazy about it...never understood the pokes etc. I like twitter better which is at the bottom of my page. Still don't completely understand how that works either. I still have to figure out how to add other twitterers who aren't in my e-mail list, but i like twittering. :)

What is scrabulous? Sounds fun.

I often word biz 1.7 which is at: Scrabble game on line and have played there for about 3 or 4 years. Can talk to other player if want to. I play 3 minute double challenge games but many people play void and so I will do that too and I would play for whatever time amount you want. Maybe I will post about it soon and discuss it more. I LOVE it! I am SeaSpray there.

I want you on my twitter list but it didn't work when I tried to do it. Scanman too.

I would love to COMPETE with all of you. ;)

Thanks for the invite. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis-I was thrown into that once. A guy I was dating was ENGAGED to someone else and I didn't know it! Another guy told me! So I broke it off. He later comes back and said he broke up and so I went back to dating him. He was the one I told you I went to the concert with him and friends up in the Poconos over night (Six of us rained on, packed in a small car ,sleeping overnight on the shoulder of rt 80 and when trucks went by the air rocked the car a little. Now that was a SAFE place to sleep!)then come back the next morning and my mother shows me there ENGAGEMENT pic in the paper! Only now I had gotten attached...somewhat. I moved on but he tried to go back out with me again and talk me out of marrying my husband. AND... HE is the one who showed up UNINVITED at my wedding reception. I went out to the lobby with husband behind me but the second I saw it was him, I QUICKLY turned and said to my husband that it no one was there. He then gave my aunt a card made out to me only, with our nicknames for each other in it and some money. I refused that too. I do remember that competitive feeling when I was dating him. He wanted us both! sounds like you should have hung in there (if you were interested) because YOU were the one he asked for. I guess it depends on how awkward with the other girls.

I met my husband through a job I had. Actually a friend who got me the job said there was this cute guy who used to come in and she even had a nickname for him. So i met him after working there was friendly but didn't look twice at him. I hung out with a friend of his when he came in. But some other friends told me one night that he was really interested in me but he was shy. I mentioned my friend but they insisted he wanted to date me. So I looked at him again and thought ok...they're not dating and he likes I made the first move. I'll post about it sometime because it is funny what he thought I said and he said ok when that is not what I meant at all! :) If it bothered my friend...she never let on.