Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frog Freak Out and Stuff I'm Doing :)
My day began with me waking up in front of the computer, leisurely perusing the blogosphere while enjoying my 1st cup of coffee. Our younger son was outside skimming the pool getting it ready for later.

He came in to show me this cute little tree frog that was perched on his palm in such a way that he looked ready to jump on me. I already told son to stop bringing those things in the house the other day. I don't want a tree frog infestation should he make a break for it and hide out of our reach...although..I do love the sound they make at the... TREES.

Son assures me he won't jump but of course he does and just misses my face followed by blood curdling scream #1, lands on the keyboard, directly in front of me followed by blood curdling scream #2 at which point he jumps down by my bare feet followed by blood curdling scream #3, at which point I bolted up like a shot from the desk, saying, "I TOLD you not to bring those things in the house! He was laughing. Both sons have always been amused when Mom screams at these things. :)

He then goes to get it and of course it gets away but then landed on a plug in the outlet behind the armoire door and so now he has to move my things so he can get behind the door. "Don't touch my coffee mug with your FROG hands!" I exclaimed and then made a dash into enemy territory to quickly retrieve it.

He got the frog.

I was AWAKE!

I am not afraid of frogs but it is the element of surprise and loss of control that unnerves me. BELIEVE me, having two boys and a pond near our yard they liked to around...I have had my share of pond creatures over the years. Frogs, snakes, turtles and bugs. Also ducks, swans and one lone crane that comes in every year during warm weather. You should see the big bullfrogs...mutants... I think..they're HUGE. I LOVE how they sound at night and should be starting soon.

Last night I burned myself with the curling iron....AGAIN. I burned myself just under my nose/nostril last summer and now last night on my lower chin. It's a good thing I prefer straighter hair or the bounce of big rollers or I could sign in as Scarface to the blogs. I have never been adept at fussing with my hair and apparently am dangerous with a curling iron. Why does more skin come off than the area you burn??? I quickly put the Herbal aloe Force gel on it, followed by Royal Jelly and today I put a whole bunch of Royal Jelly on it. It's ugly and I want to tell people to look a-w-a-y-y-y...but the good thing about the RJ is that it will heal beautifully and then the scab will fall off within days and there won't be any scar. Amazing stuff! :)

Well now I am headed down to Pelican Pools to by pool chemicals to clean up the green water which is hopefully sans tree frogs now. This is our 12th season with the pool and NEVER had green water but we had to let the protective cover fall in so the pool wouldn't collapse. No time to explain now. I just hope it is not difficult to clean up.

Then I am heading to one of my favorite stores - COSTCO. My husband upon hearing that I was going to Costco said, "Don't spend a lot in there." "Oh I wo-o-o-n-t" I say knowing full well that it is the LAW of the universe or something that no one escapes the bowels of THAT store without a significantly challenged wallet after entering.

I was quick to tell him I am buying MEAT. Meat is his opiate. It conjures up images for him that stir his senses in such a way that he calmly walks away and erroneously believes that all is right with the world. If I told him about the fantastic bruschetta or incredible wholegrain with sea salt chips he would tell me we don't need that (he's right) but I open with the meat every time. And if for any reason he is still standing there I pull out the big guns and describe how great the various cuts of beef and pork are. Throw in barbecuing said meat on the grill...and well...I'm good to go....which is what I am doing now. :)


John McElveen said...


Sorry I haven't been around more. BIG HUGS.

School is great work is killing me but it will all be worth it!

sorry, frog in my throat.

Note to sea: curling irons are hot! Curl hair- NOT face!


SeaSpray said...

Hey John!

Hugs back atchya! :)

I know you are very busy with your new job and school. i am very happy for you that it is all working out so well even if a bit intense with the schedule. This too shall pass. :)

haha funny John! LOL!

I should wear asbestos protective gear anytime I am wielding a curling iron or cooking with the oven or stove. ;)

Curling irons are not user friendly for me. I also melted one into one of my leather pocketbooks once. :)

passionstamper said...

ROTFL! As you know seaspray, I can identify! on two counts-you know, first one is my husband deserted by family in basement and left to battle the humongous jumping CAVE CRICKETS story; and second count-me finding humongous Cave Cricket in bathroom and my son catching it in tissue then chasing me into kitchen with it...then THROWING TISSUE with Cave Cricket in it at me, who then screams and runs out back patio door! Yeah...our sons just think it's hilarious to get their mom's screaming...I say it's time for moms of joking sons to unite! We should figure out a way to get even one day... hmmmm....what do you think?

SeaSpray said...

Get even joke sounds GREAT to me!;) I will NEVER go in your basement again. They say (whoever they is)never say never but I will NEVER go in there. If those things look as much like spiders as you say and if they are as big as you say and if one of those BIG spider looking things jumped out at would have to get Mike to resuscitate! That's the stuff nightmears are made of and phobias take root. YIKES! EEK! and YUCK! :)

I could handle the frogs better than those creatures you speak of. :) Frogs are at least cute -just not jumping at you when You haven't even finished your first cup of coffee. :)