Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I know mistakes happen ...

I know mistakes happen but darn!

On May 13th I made a $100.00 payment over the phone to pay Home Depot. It was TEN days early more than required.

Thursday -May 22, I get a call from Citibank stating I had to make a payment to protect my credit or whatever, don't remember.


I call them, girl is all hush hush, puts me on hold again, comes back, says she will talk to her supervisor, put me on hold again...a long time, comes back and states everything is taken care of.

I thanked her and said goodbye.

But I was getting a bad vibe, something didn't feel right. I guess it was the girl's attitude...something.

So I called back.

I asked for a supervisor. A SUPERVISOR! One would think the SUPERVISOR knows what she is doing!

I explain EVERYTHING to her (with confirmation# from previous week) and she reassures me everything is taken care of. She stated that they could see the payment in the system but that it didn't take for some reason and that it would be straightened within the week.

Within a WEEK! The payment has to show for tomorrow, the 23rd!

She told me it was in the system.

I believed her.

When I checked my e-mail this morning -the 24th, I saw that I had a credit alert. WHAT?

I check and find that it is HOME DEPOT showing up on the my TRW 30 days past due!! (remember I paid 10 days early?)

I called Citibank again and now I get another woman who didn't seem interested and also kept putting me on hold. But SHE actually got to the root of it and TOLD me what happened.

When the rep took my payment via phone on May 13th...she entered 2009 for the year and so it didn't take because...oh...I don't know...It's NOT MAY TWO THOUSAND NINE yet?! She added that the supervisor deleted the payment because she didn't want me to be charged next year. (Thank you...I DO appreciate that.) But...she also neglected to ask me for another payment to replace the one she DELETED! And so now no payment went through and THAT is why it is now on my credit report.

Now in order to fix it, "I" have to write and fax/mail a letter to the credit agency asking them to fix all 3 credit reports.

She also took my new payment. She seemed really on the ball but I will check this transaction out on Tuesday to be certain it has all gone through.

We got to chatting and I feel badly for her because she had severe house damage from Hurricane Katrina and the insurance company didn't pay for all the repairs, she is having financial difficulties and her house is in foreclosure. She is fighting it and I hope she can keep her house, although she said it still is not livable and the insurance company is resisting paying out any more.

We also got talking about Katrina and the Superdome, etc. and also about the gunshots fired at the helicopters. I though the people shooting were just jerks doing something they thought was funny. She said no...they were desperate and were trying to get their attention for help. Now I feel bad that I thought that. And I feel for her that it is going on 3 years now and she is still trying to overcome the devastation in her life.

Somehow...my little credit report frustration pales in comparison.

Perhaps those of you reading this post could say a prayer for this woman that she gets the help she needs.


Awake In Rochester said...

I don't trust over the net, or phone payments because so much can go wrong. I make most payments by check. That way if something goes wrong, my bank is involved.

I will say a prayer for that lady today. Didn't we give a ton of money to the government to help them? Hmm, I wonder where our money went to?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Awake- I hear you. I actually am someone who is squirrelly about giving out certain info over the phone and so won't use my cell or portable to discuss personal info like identifying numbers. I will on a land line though.

Social Security fraud is the worst and can destroy so much, not just financially but even jobs and possibly jail time if can't prove otherwise. I get really annoyed at certain businesses that require ss# because I think their having it potentially puts people at risk if someone unscrupulous handles the paperwork...which can happen anywhere.

WhiteCoat did a post on health insurance fraud where people steal and use your health id and THAT really messes things up too.

But little by little I have used credit card, on line banking, pay by phone and now this. I do like going on line to review it all.

But...admittedly...I don't feel totally secure about it. I do pay most of my bills by check with the exception of the hospital and a couple of others.

maybe you're right though...the old fashioned way (snail mail) is best although someone could steal that too.

I don't understand why there was such a delay in helping everyone after Katrina.

Where does any of our money go to..seriously?!