Thursday, May 22, 2008

Like a Surgeon-- Dr. Karev

The two hour finale of Grey's Anatomy will be on tonight. This is my favorite show but I have to say that I haven't been gripped by the plots this year. Maybe it's because the writer's strike interrupted the flow. They didn't do much to bring out the new med student characters either.

I am intrigued with the plot line where Meredith is seeing a mental health therapist. I like seeing the therapist challenge Meredith. She has needed someone to get in the mix with her, validate some things, challenge others but be there for her. Hopefully she will be able to face and workthrough her issues and finally be able to trust and commit in a relationship. I hope they continue this plot and we see how their relationship evolves. I do wish she and Derek were together but then it's always better to have some obstacles for the sake of the storyline I suppose.

I also like McDreamy's new girlfriend but you just know she's the rebound girl and will get hurt. I have also enjoyed seeing McDreamy and McSteamy rebuild their friendship. And I am so glad that George isn't with Callie or Izzy. Ugh...awful matches. He does look good with Lexie though. And I like Lexie. I think it will be interesting to see the sister relationship develop between Meredith and Lexie. Hooray for Lexi for finally getting some spunk and standing up for herself!

And Yang...she's gotta get back in the game and kick ass. I liked her better when she was aggressive obnoxious better the depressed and apathetic obnoxious. I think Erica Hahn is a great addition to the show as the new cardiothoracic surgeon. Then of course there is Alex, Callie, the chief and Dr Miranda Bailey...all enjoyable characters.

So for me...while I enjoy the characters of Grey's anatomy and the shows...I still think some of the plots were lacking in season four. Who knows? Maybe the season finale tonight will have me sitting on the edge of my seat. I hope so. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the show tonight, too! Woo Hoo!

BTW, glad to see that TBTAM wrote about! At the age of 43, my body is so freakin' confused - one day it thinks its 13 years old - then it realizes that it really is 43 - and by then, it's so's driving me insane! LOL

SeaSpray said...

Hi Kelly - me too! :)
I am going to link TBTAM's post here when I do another post about it. Funny...i never thought of myself as being insulted by my urologist but I guess I was. LOL! :) he didn't do anything wrong-just my reaction. :)

She really explained it well and so I was correct when speaking with those women.

I do appreciate how TBTAM laid it all out.

Confusing yes-we get a lot of mixed messages and frankly...i didn't want to know. :)

SeaSpray said...

oh and Kelly! Congrats on your new doctor's office job! See, I knew your non-medical experience would qualify you. Woohoo! Sounds like it was orchestrated by God. it also gives me encouragement for when I go look myself.

Actually a woman from my opthamologist group called because I am overdue for an eye exam and we got to talking.

Long story short...when I mentioned I would be looking for work soon she said well when you do...come over this way. I thanked her and said that maybe I would. She said she was the mama of the office and so perhaps she would be in on the decision. Hmm...

I didn't expect that because we were just chatting. Guess she liked my presence on the phone or because we clicked. was a nice ego boost. :)

Again...congratulations to you! :)