Monday, May 19, 2008

My thoughts & Men's Brain Women's Brain - EXTENDED - Mark Gungor

This is exquisitely funny and I think true! I have to comment on this! But first want to say that I saw this over at TBTAM's blog last week and love it so much that I am putting up the extended version. I would LOVE to go to one of his FUNNY! I actually found the nothing box to be hilariously enlightening. The only thing I would differ on is that yes...If I am concerned about something and talking to a guy about it..I DO want him to listen...BUT I am ALSO appreciative if he has good insights and will share them.. I DO want his advice.

I want his advice but with one caveat...don't get angry. We women do need to rehash things and if we are perplexed, hurt or whatever... we need to discuss it. My husband will then turn into a bull in a china shop and become irritated Now on the one hand...I suppose it is his protectiveness...or he is frustrated because he can't fix it. I just need to vent my frustrations and work through it. So I have learned overtime to not discuss certain things if I think it will cause him to have a residual annoyance toward another person when I know everything will be copasetic after awhile.

I guess either he is "fixing" it or doing nothing. And men...they really don't want all the details...just get to the point. I do feel like I have to set the background so they understands x,y and z. I mean after can one have a fair and balanced judgment if they don't know/understand ALL the facts? I'm just sayin. :)

Also, it is so true about men not wanting to give details. :) My husband or sons will come home and "maybe" tell me that they ran into someone. I usually find out from the other person telling me they saw them and did they tell me. (Awkward Over time though...I have learned to joke about it and I just always hope that they aren't insulted that their message didn't get relayed. One friend is always surprised but really it is a male thing.

And makes perfect sense! When they run into the friend, etc....the guys were operating in the friend box...but...the friend box doesn't touch the wife or mother box...they're NOT connected! And so it's really NOT THEIR FAULT! :) I LOVE it!

OR/ could also be because "I" do want EVERY MINUTE DETAIL of an encounter. The inquisition goes something like this: "Oh nice. :) What exactly did they say? Well..did they say this? What did they look like when they said that? Well what did they sound like when they said that? Why do you think they said that? How can you not were right there? What else did they say? Did they tell you this? Did you tell them about x,y, and z? Why not?"

Honestly, I often become frustrated after said inquisition because you know what? They really do have NOTHING to tell me. It's just not there! NO-W-W-W...I understand...not only do the boxes not connect...but if there was even the remotest chance they might...the guys got to their nothing box before they got home!

I truly appreciate and love the differences between men and women. I am so glad I am a woman but really love what the guys are all about too. I suppose when things are going well...we all balance each other out.

Speaking for myself...I love to love, nurture and be supportive. I also love feeling protected, appreciated and loved. And I appreciate the times in my life when men have rescued this damsel in distress. Gives this girl that warm fuzzy feeling and I am so grateful for the good guys in my life...even if their boxes don't connect and they gravitate to that nothing box. :)


Canadian Girl said...

Video no longer available. :-( Ah, well, I've seen it before and you're right, it's hysterically funny because it's so true.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Canadian girl. The video is still working. ? Hmmm, hope it continues to. :) I will check it.

I see Like a surgeon youtube is blocked now but I found another one but have yet to replace it.

Canadian Girl said...

I don't know if I did something wrong before or you did something right, but it's working now - yippee! The video is just as good as I remember it. Thanks!

Carlo said...

Good Job!:)

Saph @ Walk With Me said...

What he says is so true - I do now understand how men are when it comes to details but it's still frustrating when he can't give me details of his interactions with people and stuff. lol

SeaSpray said...

Hi Saph-I am glad to share my enlightenment of what really goes on in the dark recesses of men's brains all the way to their nothing box. ;)

I loved this video!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Carlo - sorry I missed your comment..Thank you! :)