Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scrubs Outtakes and about working...sort of...

Just one more video to make ya laugh! Makes me want to work in a hospital again...well this clip and my experience in my old hospital last week. I realize how much I miss all the interactions and the environment. Maybe I could do the hospital and a doctor's office. Pretty soon I'll be doing something and I am trusting the right doors will open when I look. I just have to venture out into something new and different or I'll always wonder. I loved running into everyone and the administrator is still happy to have top billing on my resume. Admittedly...I have been out of the loop for so long that my self confidence in the medical arena has been dwindling. However, he always receives me warmly, is encouraging to me and it warms this girls heart. :)

Gosh I love Scrubs and Dr Cox is my favorite because I LOVE his testy personality/humor but they're all great! These videos make me feel so perky and lighthearted. I hope they do the same for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! And, for the encouragement about working in the medical field!

I have bookmarked your blog and will place you on my blogroll, too!

Thanks again - glad to have a new friend in the bloggin' world!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Kelly-I enjoyed your post.

You have a great attitude, understand customer service and I have no doubt that your background even though non-medical will be an asset. They love multi-taskers!

You ARE at a marketable age (not likely to be leaving on maternity or have to stay home with sick children)and have the maturity for commitment. The hospitals would be eager to have someone as interested and eager to learn as you are. And volunteering is a good way to get your foot in the door if nothing is available.

You could check with a local college for a medical assistant program. You'd probably get a better salary with being certified. I think they are one or 2 years...not sure as I haven't done that. You could get office and clinical training.

I just have time in where I did a lot of different things in the hospital although primarily ER reg. Not clinical though-although around it a lot and I'm not squeamish and understand how to work with the patients in the various settings. So a doctor could pull me to do something if they were willing to train. But I see my self more as a front office person with possibilities. ;)

You sound like me in that you sound like someone who should be around people. To be stuck in medical records or some cubbyhole would be a waste of our assets. Must have people contact...even if just a phone...but direct contact even better :)

You used a phrase in your post that I have often thought when I observe some people in certain positions. "I could do circles around some..."

I will admit...that sometimes I have been to some doctor's offices and wondered what they were thinking when they hired this they know?

And there is no excuse ever to be rude to a patient. And there's ways to get around the rude patients.

I know of a doctor that lost patients because of a wretched office worker that he was oblivious to. After a couple of years she was let go and I felt for the people she hurt who had come in because THEY were hurting and didn't need to be put on the defensive.

Sorry so long but your post and now comment stirred up a lot of stuff in me. Being at my old hospital reminded me of so many things that I liked about being there, including the people. It stirred up my wanting to interact with patients and staff.

All that being said...I am feeling shy and hope I will be an asset to whatever corp I work for. I did have a slight ego blow a while back and even though it wasn't me (I hope) it will be nice to get a win. :)

Of course and maybe I am stupid, especially with today's market, I turned down a few things since then that were practically handed to me. Funny how we can have more good things and we'll still remember the one negative. My husband wanted me to take them but it has to feel right to me...although I know I need to do something soon.

Anyway...for now I am trying to make my mind up about a surgery.

We can encourage each other. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I will pray that God leads you to the perfect job for you!

I probably won't make a change until closer to the summer. I have a commitment to finish configuring some software that will allow much better organization of our catering, until I have honored that commitment - I am going to stick it out where I am...but, praying that God opens a door when HE is ready for me to make a change!

Blessings to you!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Kelly-Prayers are always welcome...I'll take all the help I can get! Ha! Pray that I have the good sense to take what I am supposed to take and go where i am supposed to go. :)

I think it is important to finish out a professional commitment.

I have a friend who was seeking a full time teaching job and applied at several places. There was a particular school she was hoping to get into but hadn't heard anything. In the meantime another school offered her a temporary position (maternity leave I think)and so she took it. But then the full time position in the school she hoped to get into called and wanted to hire her. The school year didn't start yet and so she easily could have backed out of the other one and gone with this one, but she felt she should honor her commitment and stay where sh accepted the position even though the job would have been over at the end of the year. She thanked them for their interest and explained why she couldn't.

She has since thought that she could have just gone to them and tell them what was offered and ask if it would be a hardship for them to get someone else...they probably would have released her. anyway...she did what she felt was right and now she is working full time in the school of her choice. :)

Interesting how your post tied in with my reawakened feelings. Almost like a sign. :)