Thursday, May 1, 2008

Should Gin&Tonic With a Lime Twist Be Part of the Required Daily Food Pyramid?

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Now where on this pyramid should the daily gin & tonic requirement go? Hmmm... perhaps at the bottom, expanding the pyramid base? Is that doable? ;)

This post in inspired by Passionstamper in response to her description in comments of my "behavior" the other day pre and post exam.. :) I was a brat! Well...all I can say is there's love the one you're with and then theres abuse the one you love. So you can take comfort in that Passionstamper. I love you so much... that I am able to let my hair down and be a brat! ;)

Just so people are clear...lest they think I am a lush...I only have Gin & Tonics when I am out with the girls which is not that much...hence the second sip of ANY alcoholic beverage goes right to my head. I am not a drinker as I don't care for the feeling by the time I get to the end of a second drink. One is nice or one and a half. And I can't describe why except that I don't like feeling out of control (I'm not) but it starts to feel that way and I don't like the feeling overall. Just me.

That being said...there is something about the taste of Gin and tonics that it is the only other beverage I could drink down like water. And beer...I do like a cold beer. Can you imagine that? I could drink an entire pitcher of gin and tonic if it was in front of me.

Now put that gin and tonic pitcher on a little table between 2 Adirondack chairs with good company while sitting under a palm tree right in front of the ocean...OMGosh...heaven on earth! Even by a poolside...I am so there!

I LOVE the flavor and it would be like potato chips and I couldn't have just one. The gin and tonic taste calls to me. It could be my cinnamon or dark chocolate, mint or key lime pie. It could even be my water...I LOVE water. Hey I love that taste so much that if someone gave me a long straw and walked around with a container of it I'd follow them like the pied piper! ;)

It's too bad it would make me drunk because I would love it if gin & tonics could be part of the food pyramid to be included in the daily requirements for a healthy lifestyle. The more you drink the healthier you could be the new MonaVie! Forget the acai berry! It's the gin soaking into the lime that then causes a reaction in the lime to release a unique anti-oxidant that eradicates and prevent all disease in the body if that isn't is the key to the eternal fountain of youth! Hey... I could walk around with it in my 76 oz water bottle to ensure that I stay hydrated and maximize the the benefits by ingesting said health beverage throughout the day! You never know. They come out with new health studies all the I'm just sayin...a girl can dream... ;)

* I just want to add that while I am joking about ingesting a ludicrously excessive amount of alcohol...alcoholism is no joke. Even if a person is not an alcoholic... but they have even one incident of getting behind the wheel of anything while intoxicated...even if the tiniest amount might cause impairment that would cause someone to harm themselves or anyone else... it's WRONG! Sometimes once is all it takes...and then you can NEVER go back to undo it. Sadly, I have known people that died because of driving drunk or been killed by a drunk driver.

And it doesn't have to involve driving. Excessive alcohol lowers inhibitions and one can find they are doing or have done things they normally would never allow themselves to do. It is important to know your's different for everyone.

And it is certainly alright not to drink. Don't ever feel pressured socially to have a drink. One way to look at it is if you never'll never have a problem with it. You never know... you might be an example for someone else who maybe has a propensity for drinking too much and they'll think of you and want to pattern their behavior after yours.

And alcoholism can ruin relationships, break up marriages, emotionally scar children, cause illness, job loss and financial name a few things. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, I urge you to go on line or to the yellow pages in your phone book and get in touch with a local chapter of AA. The Alcoholics Anonymous program has helped millions of people around the world and they have a good success rate. There is a program for every member of the family, as well as non family members... regardless of what end of the spectrum you are on in your involvement with this disease. It's free and if you can just talk. No one will pressure you to do anything you don't want to do. know...sometimes it just helps to have someone who understands to talk to. The people involved with the program, have been there-they DO understand and they are there for YOU and anyone else who needs their help.

How does it go? "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." You never know...taking that first step, which is always the the most difficult...might just be the beginning toward a healthier, more whole and joyful life. Things can and DO get better.

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