Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something For Mother's Day

I had hoped to have something written for Mother's Day, but instead I will add this link to a very short post called "Mommy When You Wear Makeup..." and it is one of my favorite things Christopher said when he was little. I will also will link to a post I wrote last mother's day which was the 1st part of the story of my journey to become pregnant.

The second part will be about the spiritual journey that led to my miracle of conceiving. Some might think miracle is too strong of a word to use, especially because the doctor never said I wouldn't conceive but that my chances were greatly reduced. But I think when God does something for just know it in your spirit. I know how all the events played out and tied in together. Why it happened that way? I don't know. But I am grateful.

In part 2 I will tell you about how a college professor form Lehigh University prayed over me with some other people and suddenly stopped and started prophesying over me that I would be pregnant soon (I conceived 5 days later) and that my 1st and 2nd baby would be boys. (I had 2 boys) I will tell you how I almost miscarried our 1st son and the doctor thought I lost the baby. I will try to finish it sometime soon.

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