Friday, May 2, 2008

Speeding Bullets of the Hospital (revised P.S.)
Pretend he has blue scrubs and a surgeons cap on. :)

Inspired by one of Whitecoat's posts, I started writing a post about my experiences while spending half the day in the hospital yesterday. This time, the shoe was on the other foot. I was the one waiting for someone I care about. Not easy! On the up side...this person was having a procedure done in the hospital I worked in for so long and it was like old home week for me. I saw so many former co-workers although not the ER staff because they are downstairs. It was great seeing them! That will be my next post....the conflicted feelings of waiting for someone vs being the patient and the conflicted feelings of having worked in that hospital for 20 years and yet having to drop back and be just another person in the waiting room..that is until I inched my way closer to the pre-op/post-op area.

Oh...and what is it with surgeons anyway? Everywhere they seems they are just shy of sprinting down the halls. SERIOUSLY! On the other hand...the other doctors seem to meander through at a slower pace...not always- but usually.

I really think I can pick out any surgeon in the crowd. Okay...true their blue scrubs with surgical cap are a dead giveaway but it's also their fueled jet pack pace, the blue blur of motion from one destination to another. And this seems to be true in both hospitals I am familiar with and at my urodoc's office. Ha one day while sitting in the waiting room one of the other uro docs came bounding into the waiting room from the lobby. I am surprised he didn't skid out of control as he rounded the corner to come in to the office...or have lift off!

We used to have this one surgeon that would come into the ER after hours to see patients, ALWAYS walking BRISKLY and he was in and out just as fast. I always figured he was just a type A personality or it was his nature to be fast. The other surgeons were also fast but not like this doctor. Although...there was just one surgeon who was the exception and he never seemed to be in a hurry...totally laid back. I actually have a funny story about him and me and it has to do with specimens, but that will be another post. Then one of our ER docs was also a surgeon in another hospital and same thing...always moved down the hall quickly and with a purpose.

Maybe I shouldn't generalize but even yesterday...I was amused watching one surgeon who had left the SDS area and walked so fast down another wing that I wondered why he just doesn't run?! I am thinking it must be because they are on tight OR schedules. Although why walk so fast after hours?

Is this fast pace something that is ingrained in them during training or is it just that type of personality is usually drawn into surgery? And is it all OR staff...anesthesiologists, nurses and techs or just the surgeons? I am inclined to think it is just the surgeons unless there is an emergency.

Obviously all doctors rush for an emergency or if they're swamped with work or maybe just want to get the heck out and go home. But the surgeons seem to be the speeding bullets of the hospital all the time.

Just wondering...

P.S. This post is obviously not factual other than based on my observations both personally and professionally. I hope I haven't offended anyone that may have read this. I do KNOW all doctors get slammed with hectic schedules and rush around too. And ALL doctors work hard. does seem like the surgeons are the consistent borderline sprinters and I actually am curious about that.

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SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis-I inadvertently deleted our comments on my first post about this. I revised this but then entered as a new post the changes aren't reflected on the RSS feeds and I wanted to add that ps because I hoped I didn't offend anyone with my probably erroneous observations. although it does seem that way to me. :)

I do see they stayed in part on the sidebar tho. Hmmm... I did write a fairly long response.