Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Surfs Up! :)

Buddy the surfing dog. There are better quality but longer videos of buddy if you want to check them out. Way to go buddy! he's s-o-o-o CUTE! :)

Below is a clip of surfing dogs in Hawaii


Jenster said...

Pretty amazing stuff. I tried surfing while I was growing up and never did very good. I did spend every day of every summer body surfing from the time I was about 10 until 17 or so. Still, not impressive like surfing.

SeaSpray said...

Gee, more similarities between west coast girl and east coast girl! :)

I love the wipe out song...does that count? ;)

I never tried it. Just rafts and body surfing and later boogie boards. I stayed in that water almost all day.

There are no words that can adequately describe how profoundly the ocean affects me and how I LOVE being in and around the sea.

I love all my beach/boardwalk memories. And I am glad I lived down there. I still like living up here better but I do wish the ocean was here too. :)

I miss it! we haven't been on a beach vacation since summer-2004. I am hoping to get away for a few days sometime this summer. Maybe to one of my favorite Cape May beaches...or Point Pleasant or Lavalette. When we rent a beach house it is on the beach - 1 house back in Manasquan. Lots of good memories there too because also went to Manasquan with my lifelong friend Caribbean Blue when we were teenagers and even after we were married.

*Cape May Beach striper cam on my sidebar. Sunsets are pretty at that location too. It's at the southern most part of the state and so the ocean is directly ahead but curves around into the Delaware Bay. Very pretty and lots to do down there. Some day I would love to stay in The Angel of the Sea Victorian bed and breakfast.

Hmmm...getting an idea about a post or 2 about some trips down there.