Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Um hello? Is this the IRS? :)

A few days ago I was reviewing our checking account on line when I noticed an additional amount in our checking account over what my husband said he was depositing. My glee was short lived when I looked across and saw that it was a deposit from the government because I realized that we had already gotten our refunds from both the federal and state governments.

I concluded that they erroneously deposited someone else's refund into our account and now I would have to call the IRS to ask them to please take their money back. Ya know...even though it was the right thing to do...something just felt so fundamentally wrong about that.

Um hello? Is this the IRS? You deposited $1200.00 into our checking account and as much as we'd like to ... we just can't keep your money. Can you please take it back?

My husband came home shortly after that and so I told him about the erroneous deposit into our account and that I was going to call the IRS. Then as he opened his mouth to respond the heavens opened and a light shined over him as he said, "That IS our money! That is the stimulus rebate check."

And with those words ...everything was right in the world again. :)


Our oil tank is down to an eighth of a tank. I was hoping we could slide by with warmer weather but we do need it to heat the hot water and it's been chilly. So...I am wondering...should we try to hold out for some really hot weather in hopes that the oil price would drop or should we get it now because prices are climbing regardless of the warmer weather? What to do... what to do?

I know someone that just paid $1,500.00 to put oil in their tank at $4.44 a gallon! I went on line yesterday and found someone that would deliver 150 gallons at $4.11 a gallon but I will call around for the best price.

These prices are tough on everyone but I especially feel sorry for people on fixed incomes or people that are strapped financially for other reasons. I know it doesn't look good but I am believing these prices WILL get better.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool. Wish we were getting one! Boo Hoo! Especially since we have a 16 year old who drives a 4WD Tahoe! Yikes!

Have a great week!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Kelly too! :)

4wd Tahoe sounds he loves it. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...
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Chrysalis Angel said...

I can just hear hubby now. You had me going there for a minute...I was saying "Noooo, Seaspray!"

Rositta said...

I knew what it was even though we don't get up on here, sigh... gas just his $1.36 a litre, just in time for the long weekend. 90 bucks to fill up my pig of a van. Natural gas for heating is going up 20 percent so I'd better knit lots of warm sweaters and socks. One way to fight global warming though...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-I was thrilled to hear it was actually ours! :) couldn't have come at a better time. When I heard that person had to pay 1500.00 I just about passed out. Ridiculous!

Hi Rositta- these fuels are just so darn expensive. Really hurts the budget!

I've heard that natural and propane gas is cheaper than oil. Hope that is true for you. :)

Hmmm...maybe I should learn how to knit. :)

Spook, RN said...

I sincierly don't mean to be a party pooper, but:

Think about it:

1. Where did the "government" get this money from to give you rebate checks? After all, government doesn't have any money of "it's own". If it simply gave back what you paid in taxes, wasn't that your money to begin with in the first place?

2. If it did return part of your taxes as a "refund", how is government going to cover it's costs this year with even less money as budgeted? Wouldn't that lead to more "Government Debt"? A burden that is being passed onto the future generations?

3. If this current rebate offer didn't generate more "debt", doesn't that mean that the Fed simply printed more money and thus raised inflation that will ultimately make each dollar that you own worth even less?

4. Lastly, why thank President Bush? It was Congress that passed this ridiculous, stupid, near-sighted abomination. This lunacy will only lengthen the recession and further weaken the dollar. (IMHO)

TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


SeaSpray said...

Hi Spook Rn-1st of all Welcome! You are not being a party pooper and I appreciate your comments. I love hearing the views of other bloggers and have learned much in the progress. :)

I think we borrowed it and I know we are already in so much debt but the whole idea is to prevent a deeper recession by stimulating the economy with purchases that will be made by many people.

Even if it is our money...still they normally wouldn't have returned it.

Democrats have also gotten on board with this too. It is my understanding that Bush laid the framework to the plan and has been promoting it as a way to create an economic upturn.

I am certainly no economist as must be readily apparent, but I can appreciate that putting money back into the economy will hopefully give it a boost. boosted economy-less debt and hopefully more jobs created due to the need for more supply. Is it just a bandaid? I don't know.


I will be ordering heating oil this week and so I am not sure how that helps the economy vs going out to buy a retail item. Still I am grateful.

Thanks for your comments. :)