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Urologist Hits Hot Button! :)

When I first saw this YouTube, I immediately felt vindicated with something I had done in my urologist's office...relieved that it wasn't just me, but probably a universal reaction among women varying degrees. Although most women probably internalize it and perhaps aren't in touch with their feelings, just as I wasn't. More about the hot button at the end of the post as I need to set the stage in the office first and true to SeaSpray form...I digress just a bit. :).

In the original YouTube I posted, Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) is gowned and on the exam table waiting to have a pelvic exam. Much to her dismay, she discovers that the new doc doing the exam is her new neighbor (husband of her friend) that she just met. For him it is business as usual but she is mortified, yet acquiesces to the exam. (I am disappointed that the longer version with Terri on the exam table is no longer available (so funny) and have replaced it with the shorter version in which she reacts STRONGLY to her physician for suggesting she may be in menopause.)

I don't know that I could let my next door neighbor do a vag exam on me, although I tend to be a people pleaser and probably would have done the same thing she did because I also wouldn't want to make waves.

If he had been my doctor first and then moved next door... no big deal. But if I knew him first as a neighbor...big deal. I opted to have doctors that work outside the hospital system I worked in because I didn't want to feel like I was getting nekkid for my boss and because of confidentiality. And I especially wanted all urological procedures done in another hospital.

Conversely...since the barriers have already been broken, I would now have no problem working in a doctor's office or hospital in which I was a patient... although I would be concerned about confidentiality in the hospital.

It's been my experience as a hospital employee that confidential info gets out depending on the circumstances and who the patient is, particularly if they are known to the staff. Sometimes people that have no business seeing/hearing a patient's medical information, become privy to it. I think things are better with HIPPA in place but it just takes one person to "confide" in another... or non medical staff in the area, etc. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Perhaps he should have "asked her" what she wanted to do?

Toward the end of last summer I had a urology test done in my urodoc's office. Afterward, I was sitting in his office waiting for him to come in to discuss the results and subsequent instructions with me. I had pulled the chair closer to his desk which then had me in front of the door as he opened it to come into his office.

As is par for the course, his clinic side was bustling and so there were other nurses and medical assistants in the hallway and also across the hall in a small room where they do something... test urine, computer work...not sure. I vaguely remember some medical staff walking back and forth. I don't know if there was another doctor around the corner or even if any other patients could've been in the hallway out of view.

Also I had taken two Percocet prior to the procedure because I was seriously anticipating some pain and discomfort and as I have already stated previously in other posts/comments...I am a wimpette when it comes to physical pain. Amazingly, I can endure chronic pain (went a year with a torn meniscus until I couldn't walk) but it is the sharp, exquisitely excruciating pain of a stent removal that freaks me out and that has kind of set the tone for me regarding all urological procedures/tests. I am skittish and ready to bolt in a heartbeat!

Now...I don't know about you...but Percocet makes me mellow. I couldn't be angry on Percocet if I tried. It eliminates or greatly reduces the pain which is the goal. I also find that if I am still and by myself...I just fall asleep. However, if I am with people I like ..I am perky on Percocet and don't feel the least bit tired and certainly not angry. As a matter of fact...even without Percocet, I am not someone who readily shows their anger...unless truly provoked and at my limit but even has to be major. I think I have a gift in that I have the ability to still see the person through their anger and so I don't react like others do ...but I digress.

I have raved about this urology office, probably ad nauseam by now... but everything I have said is true. Even though I have always dreaded all tests and procedures, my doctor and his staff have always made it all bearable with their upbeat attitudes, support, etc., and I enjoy them.

So as my dear urodoc (who I ALWAYS treat with the utmost respect) opens the door to his office...he maybe gets a foot in the door when I asked him why this was happening to me. He stopped in the doorway and said "Women your age in menopause.." to which I...mellow, perky on Percocet girl... interrupt him and loudly exclaim "MENOPAUSE?!!! I HAD THE PERIOD FROM HELL LAST WEEK!!!" I can still see his surprised face. He closed his lips together like he wasn't going to go on with what he was saying. I don't remember what he said next, just that he did go back out the door for a bit.

Later that night...after the Percocet had worn off...I remembered my reaction to his menopause statement. I remembered that there were other people in the hallway behind him and possibly some I couldn't see. I remembered that I REALLY snapped at him. Oh-my-God!!! Oh NO!!! I SNAPPED at my DOCTOR... who has worked so hard to facilitate healing in me and has always been so respectful and supportive of me! I'm telling you ...the realization that I did that... caused me to want to die ...a million.... deaths... right on the spot!

I don't remember exactly which test I had done or what he actually did say to me when he came back into the office. I had been stented five times for treatment of my constricted ureter. I had to be on Percocet when I was stented and during those times I was a frequent flier to that office. I remember most details of my visits, but not from that day. The only thing I remember about that office visit is the bustling hallway, the menopause statement and his reaction to my reaction. Everything else is a blank.

So my urologist hit a hot button in me that even I didn't know I had. Obviously...he didn't do anything wrong and was merely stating facts about women in my age group. What neither of us knew is how defensive I evidently am about it. I honestly don't know where that came from but the intensity of my reaction, even through the Percocet is an indicator of just how hot that button is for me. And really...thank God for the Percocet that day or my head may have done a 360 and I may have spewed more than those words. I'm just sayin. ;)

So when I saw Teri Hatcher's reaction to the doctor after he mentioned that she could be heading for menopause...I felt vindicated! was an amusing sigh of relief to realize other women may have strong reactions too.

So...thank you Teri Hatcher and thank you Desperate Housewives! And last but not least...I'm sorry urodoc... the hot button made me do it. ;)


SeaSpray said...

Comments look odd because I had to copy everyone's comments to put them in this revised post. The original utube wsn't available any longer and so had to replace with a shorter version, but the YouTubes won't delete once they have been placed in a post. Sigh!

Your comments and my response are here now.Thanks for commenting. :)

"Urologist Hits Hot Button! :)"
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Blogger Chrysalis Angel said...

Watching that clip I just cringed. It reminded me of the first time I saw my doctor's partner. (NOT that kind of doctor, thank God!) I was 23 and he was 29. My regular doc couldn't see me, so a new partner was filling in. I was on that stupid exam table in those horrid gowns, and in walks this guy....When he left the room for a minute..I looked at my clothes over on the chair and wanted to run out the door. He was too cute. I was used to older doc's. I was so nervous with him, but he was so nice that pretty soon I just erased the initial thought.

May 16, 2008 4:15:00 PM EDT
Blogger SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - I know exactly what you mean!

The first time I saw urodoc whe I was an inpatient...the 1st 5 words that went through my mind said it all.

It was real hard in the beginning with a new, younger doctor working in the nether regions but given the frequent work and he and the staff being so good...I got over it fairly quick. I am kind of trained and comfortable as much as one can be now.

He is easy on the eyes and is one of the reasons I worry about being b-r-e-e-z-y with my happy cocktail in the OR. SERIOUSLY! :)

I definitely think it is the attitude of the doctor and their staff that make all the difference.

I told you that I liked that doctor I saw a couple of weeks ago in a different office but if I had to have his m/a for all my urology exams...I would NOT have been comfortable! As a matter of fact both of the m/as were not friendly with any patient.

And the 1st m/a that was taking my info in the exam room never once made eye contact with me, cracked a smile or said anything reassuring when I said I was nervous about it. Nothing.

Not to be deterred...I wanted to weigh my self and got her to crack and ever so faint closed mouth smile at a joke I made but she never once looked up at my eyes.

I would love to call both of them aside and say " you care how you come across to the doctor's patients? Or care to help them feel comfortable or respected? Or care to let them know that they aren't invisible after all? Do you know how far a warm smile, eye contact and reassurance can go?

They were like that with everyone that came in. Passionstamper noticed it too.

That's sad. Maybe they just don't know any better but they came across as not at all caring about me. They could still fake it for the patient's sake...says me.

They didn't even say hi to the patients in the reception area...just asked for the cards and gave out the forms to fill out and shut the window. Ugh!

The doctor was good though and encouraged me to talk...which admittedly, doesn't take much. :)

May 16, 2008 4:57:00 PM EDT
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first encounter with my urologist was when I was 22 years old and 7 months pregnant with my daughter and battling a bunch of kidney stones. I was like "you want to put that thing where?". I was referring to the stent. Then when I realized how cute he was (after the hard core drugs wore off) I was mortified. But agreed because I had two kidneys loaded with stones.

This same doctor ended up removing my stent the 2 1/2 months later about 10 hours after I delivered my daughter, EWWW!! I had no idea how mortified I was really going to be. I really wanted to get that stent out but I really didn't want him down "there" until about 3weeks after delivery. I just kept telling myself "I am sure he has had to do this many times"

This same doctor ended up putting yet another stent in 10 days after my daughter was born because I developed a wicked blood infection. And to top it all off, he did about 4 ureterscopies on me and litho twice on me. Needless to say I got pretty use to him....

May 16, 2008 7:39:00 PM EDT

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous 7:39-ureteral stents are no picnic that is for sure! I am sorry you went through all of that. And while pregnant..ugh! That must've been awful.

I appreciate your comment and it actually feels good to be able to commiserate with someone who knows exactly what it is like to have a ureteral stent inside. I wish they had a support group or something for it at the time, shoot I'd lead it. :)

Now...I'm a pro at it I suppose. I pray it never happens again but if it did I would just say "stent me doctor" without batting an eyelash...well, ok maybe I'd whine at being laid up,but not afraid of the routine anymore.

I only had one big kidney stone that caused the whole ordeal. Then 2 weeks after my 1st stent-had 3 more tiny stones and had to go to OR to be stented for another 2 weeks. That first urologist said my ureter was more narrow then normal and so is why he had to remove them in the OR. I assume they must have been fragments left from the 1st procedure.

Then aproximately 16 months later I became very ill because my ureter due to scarring from big kidney stone. while new urodoc was working in there he retrieved a tiny stone that was imbedded which still must've been from original stone.

I know they say people who have kidney stones have reoccurrences but I am hopeful that it was a one time deal. My CTs haven't picked up any new stones and first urologist said I had been working on that stone a long time.

I hope you don't have to go through that anymore.

How did that work being pregnant? I feel for you for having to be stented while caring for a new born. Sounds like you endured a lot. Didn't you need pain meds or was your stent small enough that it didn't bother you? How does that work when pregnant?

Boy do I hear you with the ureteroscopies and sepsis. been there-done that too. I never had the lithotripsy though. I'm glad you're alright now. :)

SeaSpray said...

Also Anonymous 7:39- Doctors are human like anyone else and I am sure have their thoughts. Just have to read the med blogs to confirm that. But they are professionals and this is what they do, especially the gyno and uro docs.

Oh and I am so used to uro doc now because he's been to my Bajingoland more than my gyno docs that I wish HE could do my paps because my gyno doc died a while back. I did see a woman I liked but she left the practice and I want to stay with the practice. I like the other doc that delivered my 2nd son too but I have to get used to him all over again.

I just look at the fact that current urodoc is easy on the eyes as a perk now because I am so comfortable with him and that is a testament to his skill, compassion and professionalism. Oh and drugs or no drugs...he's still easy on the eyes. :)

Years ago-Joan Rivers told this joke about a woman who was married to a gynecologyst.

The wife wanted to have a romantic evening with her husband and so she got naked and wrapped herself in Saran wrap and greeted him at the door when he came home that night.

After seeing her at the door he put his hand to his head and said "Oh! if I see ONE MORE of those things today!..." :) Too funny.

Anyway in the end for them it is a's what they do all day and then some.

I do know exactly how you felt and I think most women could relate. I may have been sick but in my instant reaction to meeting my current urodoc for the 1st time it bothered me that i looked so awful which of course is to be expected and they don't care other than they just want you to feel better and get well. But it is a female thing I suppose. Wonder if men feel that way with a female doctor?

My first uro doc was definitely older and it still bothered me (as sick and in pain as i was) that he and the OR staff had to see my unshaved legs. And you know...every morning that week I had the thought to shave my legs and I kept saying..tomorrow and then Friday...BAM-kidneystone and I couldn't even brush my teeth or comb my hair. I could've with the worst labor but not this kidney stone. Again...they really don't care.

Anonymous said...

You know Seaspray, it was the oddest thing for me. The beginning of the pregnancy was great but I kept getting UTI's (which I now know where caused by the stones). I also kept getting this flank ache. It would come and go. But then it hit me all of a sudden. My husband & I were up late working on the nursery & I started to get this pain. I knew something was wrong. My dad knew right away that it was a stone. He had them before

They let me go a week to try & pass it but they knew it was big. They stented me & I was in just as much pain. I took Percocet & some other meds, & eventually demerol (pill form).

I spent a lot of time in the hospital that year. God was looking out for me though because they induced labor at 37 weeks because of the problems & labor was sooo easy compared to stones. She was and is still perfect.

When she was about 8 days old I started running low grade fevers. By the time she was 10 days old I was running nonstop fevers of about 103-104. I finally went to the ER & knew it was bad.

They did a CT & made me lay there while they called in about 3 different doctors to look at the scan. They took me right down and pulled one stone out and stented me again for another big stone that was behind it.

I didn't start to get better until they called in the infect disease doc. After a week of being in the hosp.I was sent home with a pic line & 3 weeks worth of antibiotics. I was very glad to be home with my daughter. I was so depressed in the hospital.

I had stones again while pregnant with my son but they all passed on their own with pain meds (thank God). I have them now though I am not pregnant now. I seem to pass about 1 every couple of months. My biggest sitting in my kidney now is 5mm. Hopefully it will stay there. It was suggested that I not have any more kids. The jury is still out on that though!

Anonymous said...

ps...awesome blog!

Pk said...

My first reaction to my uro doc was "my god why did my PCP send me to him? He's drop dead georgeous!!! Docs who do this kind of work should not be this good looking!"

Yes, this is the man who I'm hiding from who mentioned self cath.
I've got a UTI, PCP mentioned "aren't you supposed to be on a preventative antibiotic?"
yeah, but I have to go back to Dr. C"
yeah, well he wants to do mean things!

As far as the hot button issue I the only woman in the world who would actually welcome menopause? I'm past perimenopause, but not IN menopause ... God I can't wait till I'm done with the monthlies! (has something to do with the periods from HELL that you mentioned!)

SeaSpray said...

Gee Anonymous, it sounds like you've gone through way more than me.

Why do you make so many stones? Do you stay hydrated. I am guessing you must. I read on somewhere that there is a medicine to help prevent stones. have you looked into that?

I don't remember what mine was comprised of and I think my 1st urologist told me to avoid dairy and protein but I must admit I don't follow that.

I am fortunate in that I LOVE water and it is my preferred drink, except for coffee in the morning. Water is the only thing that quenches my thirst or unsweetened ice tea or diet soda but I don't like soda much so would rarely have that anyway.

Our well water is extremely hard but sometimes the softener runs out or doesn't work as well. I LOVE the taste of our well water-better than any bottled water and actually it's the best without the softener.

I got a 76 oz water bottle from my uro doc and when I use that I remember to drink but when I don't I find that since I don't have flank discomfort, etc. I forget to drink until really thirsty. I go hours sometimes with out drinking when busy but then all of a sudden I get so thirsty I start chug-a-lugging water. Sigh...I am such an all the way or nothing person and really moderation and consistency are key.

I didn't know one could safely take narcotics when pregnant. I am happy for you that everything turned out well. i would have been profoundly depressed and heartbroken if I had been separated from my infant sons. That must've been awful for you.

I know someone else who has a big stone in her kidney. I wonder why they don't try to get rid of it? Can't it end up getting stuck in the ureter? That is what happened to me when my stone decided to make the great escape from my kidney but got stuck at the distal end of my ureter.

I ended up in the hospital New Years night 2006 with sepsis, pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis because that stone scarred my ureter causing it to totally close. The odd part to me is that I hardly had any symptoms and they were intermittent. I did have 2 uti's just prior to getting really sick but never made any connection. I ached in my ruq and did see a dr about it but he didn't make any connection to it either. That was oct 05, then a uti around thanksgiving, then for about 5 days in early Dec I kind of felt like I had an infection of sorts because I was having ruq discomfort, r and l flank discomfort, abdominal, back discomfort. One night I was briefly concerned about my heart. I didn't go to the dr for any of this because I didn't have a fever or stomach/intestinal problems and just figured I had a weird bug. I never once considered my kidney or ureter. A week later while at wok on a sat nite, I got the most unbelievable chills to the bone and I was shivering even though I put my winter coat on and cranked up the heat. Usually I am hot so that was highly unusual. I wasn't at all l sick and it passed.

Maybe you had these kind of chills when you had your infection but the chills were incapacitating a way worse than anything you get from the flu, etc.

Then 2 weeks to the night I was back at work (New Years eve) and I knew I had a uti and went to work figuring the ED doc would fix me up. I got massive chills again, they passed but I was feeling worse and the doc sent me home with meds for a uti.

By 1 in the morning I started vomiting and by 2 am I had the chills so bad my husband had to put socks on me and cover me etc. I was shaking so hard that I couldn't hold anything, I had him crank the heat up and pile on covers and I could not get warm. He wanted to tale me to the hospital but I said no the meds just need time to work.

I eventually fell asleep but vomited my meds up in the am and started with chills again but worse. Husband begged me to let him bring me to the hospital and again I said the meds needed time to work. Then eventually slept again, felt better when I woke up and so got up. Short lived though because I was just feeling awful.

Then by evening I got even worse chills (they are indescribable), my heart was pounding fast and my temp was 104. I didn't tell my family but I felt so awful that "I" actually thought I was dying and should call an ambulance, but I just told my husband that I needed to go to the hospital and I prayed silently on the drive over that I would make it. I never told him that but I was scared at that point.

Some people that come in here already know this story but maybe someone will pass through here that needs to here this for some reason.

I realize I was incredibly stupid for stubbornly resisting going to the ED but I was so hoping that the meds would kick in. I didn't have a clue what was going on. if I knew I had sepsis...Oh my God...I would have gone in to be seen instantly! But...thank God it all worked out. And thankfully my new and current urodoc was able to begin the healing process in me when he dilated my ureter and stented me for the 1st time. I was so clueless about all of this. Hindsight being 20-20 I was really beginning to get sick in October of that year but just didn't understand the symptoms. And I did go to the doctor and he didn't make any connection either.

This I know for certain...if I EVER get chills like that again...I will not waste time in getting checked. Again...they were much worse then the chills you get from the flu or other uri.

I appreciate your sharing your urology history. I do understand much of what you went through.

I am so grateful I was able to avoid the reconstructive Psoas hitch surgery.

My joke is that I have had so many CTs,IVPs,KUBs and procedures that I could be out in the backyard glowing like the fireflies. Also 5 lasix renal scans and I assume I will be do for another one sometime soon for a follow up.

I kind of have buried my head in the sand as far as follow up goes and I suppose should pursue it at some point. But...since I feel better and DON"T have any of the symptoms I mentioned above I am thinking everything is copasetic. :)

I do hope everything works out for you anonymous and that you can have the babies you would like to have. :)

Thanks for the compliment about my blog. ya warmed my heart. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi PK - so your urodoc is easy on the eyes too. :) You just have to look at it as a perk...a compensation for all that your going through. ;)

But seriously...I do know how you feel. You'd think it would be the same for all male docs doing the Bajingoland exams but for some reason we women do get more self conscious if they aren't older and fatherly. And I think that is probably because we can relate to them more on our level and I don't know why that is.

I don't blame you for not wanting to self cath. I haven't done it but the thought of it totally unnerves me. Do you mind if I ask why you might have to self cath? You can e-mail me if you wish to.

There are only 2 reasons why I would welcome menopause and that is ...NO BIRTH CONTROL-YEEHA! ...and no painful periods.

I thought perimenopause was the time up to the last period and menopause is right after the last period and post menopause is a year after having no period??

I got a pedicure yesterday at the salon and there were 4 of us women having some fun/interesting conversations about men, vasectomies,childbirth, pregnancy and menopause. Interestingly we all had different ideas about what/when menopause is. I find our lack of knowledge interesting and that tells me we women do have a denial operating within us regarding that subject. One of the workers actually pulled out a dictionary to read about menopause. :) Thinking about doing another post on it.

Anonymous said...

Seaspray, it sounds like you went through a lot. It's interesting how your symptoms started early on too. If we only knew what our bodies are trying to tell us sometimes. I think I am a little too in tuned to my body at times. At the slightest back ache I am always freaked out thinking, "is this the onset of another stones?" Than I get over it.

Why I make so many stones? Well my stones are calcium oxalate monohydrate. My dad & his brother have both had 1 episode each. My aunt on my moms side has had them but she ended up having a para thyroid problem & thats why she had them. So I have a strong family history, I guess? But I, by far, have had them the worst.

I had my original uro up until two years ago. I was tired of no explanation for my stones & switched to a new practice (I felt so bad to tell them I was switching!) There were a lot of reasons though.

I found a new practice & a new doctor who sent me to a nephrol. The nephro put me on HCTZ & Urocit K but the urocit K is nasty! So now I take the HCTZ & just add lemon to water which I drink every day. I drink 2 liters a day of water. I am not due for another scan until July.

As far as taking narcotics while pregnant. After they pumped me full of delaudid(sp) the first day of the first onset I figured it must be safe. Honestly, I was in so much pain. Just like you said, I really thought I was dying.

Also, the stent was important because the UTI's & kidney inf put me into early labor. I hated it. I cried like a baby after they put it in. I felt like it hurt as much as the stones. I don't know how big it was, but I know how big it felt.

As far as leaving my daughter to go back to the hospital. It was rough. The whole kidney stone/ infection thing prevented me from breast feeding due to the drugs I was on. I had serious seperation anxiety from my daughter. After day 7 of being back in the hosp after she was born I told the nurse to find a way to get me out or I was going to check myself out. Luckily my husband was able to care for my daughter at his mothers which was a huge help for him. He brought her in to me everyday for several hours, but I was so doped up it was depressing.

Luckily a few weeks later they lithoed them, took the stent out & removed my picc line.

I was at last a happy girl. The only messed up part was that I had 7 weeks maternity leave & most of it was eaten up by being sick! Bummer!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous - I did but then it could've been worse. It's nice to speak urologese with someone. ;)

I know EXACTLY what you mean about being to tuned in to your body sometimes. I had a phase where I went through that and it was a horrible feeling to always feel like the other shoe is going to drop.

In my case my urodoc cleared me twice based on 3 lasix renal scans, CT w/3mm cut and an upright KUB and yet I was having a difficult time accepting it. I am someone who believes in miracles and has faith yet instead of seizing his good words and running with them...I was feeling afraid, doubtful and basically was afraid I was going to end up with sepsis again. That was it. I trusted him implicitly (still do)so my head was saying one thing but my body another. I am grateful that he was always patient and took me seriously. In the end he took me to the oR again...a couple of months later and I was starting to close off again and so he stented me but THAT stent ended up being the one and so I avoided surgery.

I sometimes have wondered if my negative attitude was causing the ureter to close off. I believe people can use their minds to effect changes and so I wonder.

The REASON for this was that the whole debacle snuck up on me in the first place. After the big stent was removed in February I had some flank discomfort here and there and doc said I might always have that because of the hydroneophrosis, but it subsided somewhat and by my follow-up procedure 12 weeks later it wasn't bothering me as much as it had been.

But when he got me into the OR he could see that I was blocking again and so I was stented with my 3rd stent for another 8 weeks. It was looking like I would have to have the reconstructive surgery.

SO...what was scaring me about being cleared is that I was having MORE flank and ruq/rlq discomfort then when I went into the OR in May and found I was blocking. THAT was at the crux of my fear and I was afraid it was sneaking up on me again and I could end up with sepsis again. Having worked in the hospital...I had seen patients with sepsis as part of their diagnosis die when they were expected to make a recovery and the staff would invariably say the sepsis had something to do with it.

But now I am past all that and haven't been stented since February 07. Two renal scans post stent removal have been good. Thank you God and thank you urodoc. :)

I do on occasion get some ruq/flank discomfort but nothing at all like I used to and so I figure it is just the fact that my ureter is somewhat compromised and i still have the hydronephrosis. But you know what? I really do believe in miracles and that things can reverse and so I am hopeful that someday he will say my kidney looks normal. stranger things have happened. Can't blame a girl for dreaming:)

You must be a strong lady to have come through what you did, ESPECIALLY the pregnancy/baby things.

The stents are uncomfortable and some are worse then others but the worst thing was the kidney/bladder spasms...just because the stent is in there. Did you ever get those. I was always afraid I'd be out somewhere when it happened and NEED to lie down until it passed.

I also didn't know your not supposed to swim (hands over head) and i did for half the summer. Percocet made it all doable or I wouldn't have moved around much that is for sure. I wonder if it is worse for guys.

Did you ever have the stents removed in the office? My second urodoc was more gentle with me and it was bearable but I had such a bad experience the 1st two times with my 1st uro doc that those incidents have set the tone for how I basically anticipate all things urological to feel. I actually had tears instantly to my eyes and shouted "JESUS!" when he removed the 1st stent. I wasn't was a cry for help. And I didn't show it but I was mad at him at that moment.

I never once hollered out even with horrendous labor with back pain. Whimpered a little toward the end and hyperventilated, but never once was nasty or yelled.

I suppose some might say oh just pull it out fast and it's over with but I have had it both ways and I much prefer how 2nd urodoc did it with me.'s definitely a lot cheaper to remove in the office as opposed to paying the hospital and anesthesia doc too and on my plan it seems the docs are reimbursed better too.

So lemon in water helps to prevent kidney stones?

No one on my mother's side of the family gets stones but I do have a cousin on my father's side of the family that has gotten them.

I actually had renal colic in 1999 and so that stone must've been acting up and I started getting uTIs in this decade too.

I am sorry that you manufacture these stones.

A funny thing. The 1st urologist asked me if I wanted my stone and if I wanted to hold my stent. Both times I said "NO!" because I was just upset about it all. Now i wish i did take the stone and I wish I did hold the stent. He was a nice doc but I am grateful for the urodoc I go to now. Sometimes it is better to make a change.

In my case it was only because of insurance but I am glad it worked out the way it did.