Thursday, May 22, 2008

Would you "Do It" For A Million Dollars?

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I wrote this post around the time NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's involvement with a prostitute ring was in the headlines. Even though that was about prostitution, it reminded me of how one night in the ER we got into a discussion about whether or not we would marry a really undesirable person for their money. Specifically, would we marry someone who was disgusting and gross for a million dollars?

There was one caveat though. You had to stay with them in a sexual relationship until they died. You would have whatever lifestyle you wanted, live a life of luxury, but you could not have the million dollars until the person died. Then and only then would you inherit the million dollars.

I don't remember everyone's responses, but one nurse said "ABSOLUTELY!" and I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT -NO WAY! " There was more to the conversation then that but this will suffice.

I couldn't spend one night in that situation! I don't know how prostitutes do it... or anyone for that matter who is only doing it for the money. ??? I guess women in these situations must detach in some way.

I would have to be completely attracted to someone to have a sexual relationship or he wouldn't get near me...E-V-E-R! I don't care what kind of bling was offered or if it was a BILLION dollars. And while physical attraction is's really just the icing on the cake. I care even more about feeling an emotional connection, which has to go both ways. Having that connection is what makes lovemaking so powerful and awesome.

What would you do? What if it was just one night? What if you were guaranteed a million dollars to sleep with someone undesirable for just one night? I just couldn' way! I value myself too much.

I know I am talking about two different things here, but the connection is that for both scenarios I would feel like I was prostituting my very soul.

Okay... I could do it if it meant I could help save a life or even to save my own. Then you do what you have to do. But for money..uh uh and ugh! NO WAY! There are some things that money just can't buy.


Chrysalis Angel said...

No bleeping way!!! I'm with you, can do. It wouldn't be fair to the guy, and it sure wouldn't work for me.

SeaSpray said...

I know-w-w and the idea that someone could give up their freedom of choice, romance and quality of life for the superficial things money can offer is mind boggling to me not to mention stomach turning in the case of giving yourself totally to someone who would be repugnant to you...and doing things with them. yuck!

I'll be honest...I didn't even think of being fair to the guy because the thought was so repulsing, but you're right.

I'm glad you stopped in for a visit.