Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday-Giraffes-I Miss My Friend

It's my birthday today but we're not celebrating it until Sunday.

Every year my m-i-l makes my birthday cake. I love having a June birthday because she usually makes a strawberry whip cream angel food cake. Strawberries are in season and so they taste wonderful with the whip cream.

This year though she is making a Hawaiian wedding cake (don't know why it's called that-pineapple I guess) but it is with whip cream yellow cake, pineapple, vanilla pudding and nuts. Hold the coconut please. I hate coconut in any form. But I also love this cake. I like whip cream and fruit cakes the best.

I am having my mom come over this afternoon and will be watching Devan then too. We will also celebrate my mother's 85th birthday on Sunday since we didn't get to celebrate it with the family because I was in the hospital. I did take her out to dinner with a friend and younger son on her birthday at the Irish Cottage and she enjoyed that. I wish I felt better...I am not exactly up to party speed. Maybe I will be by Sunday. :)

So at 4:42 this afternoon I will officially be the birthday girl. :)

I am sad too. I am very much missing my friend Pat who passed away in April. Every year she always sent me birthday presents and I always told her not to because I knew it was beyond her budget. She always gave wonderful gifts, usually symbolic of something, great cards and always something more personal written on them. One year she gave me these really arty-pretty long dangling silver earrings. They are cut in such a way that they sparkle and they have giraffes cut out on them. You'd have to see them to appreciate them. She told me that giraffes were symbolic for sticking your neck out to help someone. I don't know if she read that or what but I always think of that when I wear them.

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I guess that is at the crux of my not feeling festive...I miss my friend. I miss her sweet voice...I miss her laughter and how she made me laugh...I miss how when I was scared...she encouraged me with her profound faith an insights and I miss her unconditional love...I miss my mentor, one of my closest friends ever...I miss her so very much.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Happy Birthday, Seaspray!!! You, Rob and I, are all Geminis. Maybe it explains our sense of humor.

I'm sorry about your friend. I sure know how that feels. It's hard not to have them with us to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy your special day. Maybe drag out the celebration into the weekend. You deserve to have some fun. Happy Birthday!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Chrysalis-Gemini humor-THAT explains it! ;)

Yes you do know what it is like to not have your dear friend around and I am sorry you have to experience it too.

My sadness just overwhelmed me in the morning and seemed to come out of nowhere. I had to call her sons about a notification we got looking for a relative and I could hardly talk. But I am past that now and feel like myself again.

It was a quiet day. I did have mom and Devan here. We just ordered Dominos and d-i-l visited for a bit too. Later I worked on the pool and then did some gardening.

It was a beautiful night and the pond was so pretty. It looked like a Monet painting with the evening clouds reflecting on it's glass like surface as did the pool.

Yes...we will celebrate with PRESENTS on Sunday. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Quiet days are good days too. It sounds like you were in good company.

Rositta said...

Happy Birthday Seaspray. Today is my husbands birthday but for the first time I didn't make a cake, I've had a two day migraine. He understand though,good soul that he is. It is sad about your friend, I feel that way about my Mom who was my best friend...ciao :)

Medblog Addict said...

Happy Birthday, Sprout! Hope you are feeling better.

Yay, presents!!!

I wish I could have a piece of that cake. It looks yummy.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta and MbA-Thank you for your well wishes!

Rositta...I hope you've recovered from the migraine...I know what they are like...not fun. i know you miss your Mom and I am so sorry.

Make your husband a birthday cake when he least expects it. :)

MbA-if I could I'd cyber tube you some cake. We still have it and it is sooooo good in hot weather. A friend told me she adds fresh strawberries and bananas. Yum!

I go back into the OR on Thursday. I will post about it all soon.