Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Idea! Check it out! :)

I was just over at Dr WhiteCoat's blog catching up on his wonderful posts. He has a post up called the WhiteCoat Challenge and he is seeking funny medical stories. They can be medical staff to patient or patient to medical staff. One entry per person and someone will win a prize. The deadline is next Sunday-June 22nd. What a great idea! :) Oh and a charity is involved too.

I have been enjoying the comments. :) I know I have something after working 20 years in the hospital or being such a frequent flier patient but am drawing a blank for now. I will have to put my thinking cap on.

Go check it out. Perhaps you have something to contribute too. :)

However, I did share the following story about my some of my registration interactions... just to contribute something.

"When a patient or family member presented to the registration desk, I would promptly inform them that I needed their insurance card and some form of ID, preferably a license. If they told me they didn’t have ID, without missing a beat, I would seriously yet in an upbeat manor say “That’s ok …I’ll just take a picture of your face on the copier.” and then smile. Some caught on right away and some hesitated and then realized I was kidding. I didn’t do it with everyone just people I perceived would appreciate the joke.

But then one day…I was real busy between ER and outpatients when these two women approached my desk inquiring about my registration process. I was friendly but with out missing a beat with my multitasking, I looked up with a smile and said, “Oh I request the insurance card and ID to photocopy and if they don’t have ID, I tell them I have to copy their face on the photo copier.” Heck I was efficient and funny at the same time. They looked surprised, then looked at each other, smiled and the one woman said thank you and they left.

I didn’t think a thing about it until telling someone later about my encounter and my co-worker laughed and said the were from JCAHO! OOPS! Never heard anything about it though." :)

I am still going to try to think of something staff to patient or me to medical staff. Surely I have something after working in the hospital for twenty years or being a frequent flier patient these last couple of years. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Hi Spray! It should be interesting to see what they come up with over there. I thought of Rob when I saw the post.

On another note, I saw on your labels JCAHO at the bottom...ugh, I spent four hours in a class yest. Going over things like,APIC,SHEA,AHA..I'll explain at a later date...maybe. Glad your home now, Seaspray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel- I think he is up to 59 comments now. I thought of Rob and John.

I know I have something...but am coming up blank.

4 hour meeting? I am afraid I don't know what those acronyms stand for. All to do with education?

I am glad I am home now too. I go back in on the 26th.

Chrysalis Angel said...

4 hour class. Mandatory course work, and no not in the education field per's medical related fulfillment. ;)

SeaSpray said...

I need further translation on this medical related fulfillment you speak of. ;)