Monday, June 30, 2008

I Agree-these Are Attractive Traits in Men :)

Here is a link to an MSN article on 6 things she loves about you. I agree with them all... except while I appreciate creativity in a guy, it's not for the same reasons the author mentions.

I see there are comments to my previous post (Thank you) and I will come back later to respond. I just journaled my heart out elsewhere and now am going outside to show my husband where I want the various herbs I bought.

2 different parsleys, thyme, oregano, dill, rosemary, 2 different lavenders (I want one by the front patio) and basil. We already grow mint. I'd love to put some garlic bulbs in in the fall. someone told me that the fresh garlic is so much better than what is in the stores and I still want chives too.

Then going in pool, float read on raft and hopefully later to farmer's market to buy all the fruits and vegetables I am very much craving. We are out of everything!


Jenster said...

Floating in the pool and reading sounds so magnificent!!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jen - yes and now I get to do it guilt free. :) My friend sent me a library of books back when I first got sick in winter 2006. I admit I let blogging slow my reading down..greatly.

Some of the books she sent are series and I love going from one book to the next after the book series has been out for awhile. I decided I am going to immerse myself in some fiction writing for a change and get lost in the stories. :)

Funny thing..back then..I got totally hooked on this terrific Amish story series. i read so many of them that I was quoting things about the know...the Amish are up before sunrise or the Amish all pitch in and help each other or the Amish...Older son pointed it out. :) I still have more of those books that came out since then too.

John McElveen said...


How many pees do you think I have left....cough, cough, she said weakly, with the familiar warmth of the squirt of incontinence, she had grown so used to. And how many squirts equal a full pee?
Just wondering> Gough cough, drool...dosing off.


SeaSpray said...

Well THERE'S an image of SeaSpray in the pool! John H(Hilarious)McElveen! Don't forget the pyridium orange pee.

You CRACK me up! How does your wife stand you?? She needs to breathe ya know. ;)

And so what is the title of this book/chapter???? :)