Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm So Excited! :) And Mr. M
I am so excited that I am finally going to get my herb garden!

Younger son brought his grandmother to D'Angelos (local garden center) and picked up some flowers and herbs for me. Oregano, basil, dill, parsley and a lavender plant (he mowed my other one last year-yard was really fragrant after that) pink and white impatients and a couple of tall grassy things. I don't know why but got too much basil and so maybe I can return and get chives. Definitely want chives. We already have lots of mint.

I also like to put mint sprigs in with the cut flowers we grow when putting floral arrangements together. you can smell the mint. I also add lavender to the arrangements.

I have been having a love affair with herbs since last summer. No that is not with multiple guys named Herb...never dated an herb. ;)

Especially oregano...that is my favorite! Well then again it depends on my mood.

On my very last visit in the field to a lifeline patient (May 16, 2006) and last day I worked at that job (I am quirky with remembering numbers), this sweet little old man brought me out to his vegetable garden.

I actually had gone down to see his wife, but he engaged me in conversation (not hard to do) and wanted to show me his garden. I often chatted with my Lifeline clients if my schedule allowed it, even if it meant I was off the clock on my time and coming home later in the day. I think it was important to do that and they certainly love the company. Many of them were shut ins...but I digress.

After we finished inside, Mr M brought me outside to his garden and was telling me about everything he had planted. He was especially pleased with his oregano and uprooted some for me to take home. He said it was Greek oregano and had the best flavor of the other oreganos and that it was hard to find. I did use it over the summer and regrettably it died because we didn't plant it in the ground. It died when we were away a couple of days. :(

Mr M went on to tell me about some recipes he used it in and one sounded especially good. Fresh garden tomatoes, Greek oregano, salt, pepper and Mozeralla cheese that is baked on a tray in the oven. (I don't recall what else but I did make it and we loved it-always meant to call him) He told me he even made it for his doctor and his doctor liked it so much that he called him and asked him if he could make it for him again to bring to a party. How sweet is that? With a big smile, Mr M proudly told me that the doctor said it was a hit at the party!

So now I always put an oregano surprise in our sandwiches. I love fresh herbs and or vegetables on my sandwiches. If I am making a regular sandwich, I will sometimes place just a couple of leaves of oregano somewhere on our sandwiches. You never know when you will bite into it - hence oregano surprise - but it tastes so good when you do. :) I also like it in tuna fish, sauces, salads and soups.

Right now I am having a Turkey sandwich-wholegrain bagel, turkey, Hellman's mayo, cracked pepper with lots of oregano and parsley. Sooo good! :)

Husband has to rototill an area for me. He always plants lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers, beans, beets, zucchini, yellow squash etc., but never wants to put in an herb garden but I don't know why. It saves money and there is nothing like the fresh taste of herbs. So it will be my little project. I am also going to get cute little white fences to keep the lawnmower away. :) I will put the lavender in a safer place too.

He also yanked out beautiful raspberry bushes that kept giving all summer and strawberries. :( I think he gets impatient with things that spread. He doesn't like anything encroaching on the garden area. I want raspberry bushes again and they would've been such a nice border by now. He does all the big work in the garden, but I wish he had the patience for the things that come back every year. I also want one red rose bush. It will be my project to nurture it. They are so fragrant and red roses are my favorite flower.

Of course now we will have to compete with the bears for berries because there are a lot more bears passing through here than when we last had those bushes. :)

I am definitely beginning to perk up and feel like myself again. Well I am stented and am taking Percocet, but I was really out of it this past week.

I love today! :)

P.S. Mr SeaSpray just came home with parsley and rosemary. So he is going along with it. Now we just have to agree where the garden is going. :)


Elaine said...

I have a small herb garden - in pots, but with two lavender plants in the border - they are really flourishing. Last year's oregano is still doing well, but I have just put in a Greek oregano and love your ideas for it.

I grow my parsley pots on the kitchen windowcill as I use it so often, but also because a neighbouring peacock demolishes them if they are outside.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine-I never tried growing herbs in pots. Maybe I can bring some of these inside for the winter, except I don't have a good sunny place for them without blocking my front kitchen view. (small sill over sink looks out to field and mountains)

I have been looking at herb garden pictures. Maybe someday I will have one like those. :)

I also forgot I have a real neat looking I forget what you call it and I have never used it but I think I will look for ways to use it. It's that bowl and heavy crushing thing so if you put medicine or herbs, etc. you take this heavy hand held crushing thing and mash them in the bowl. Duh...all those words for 1 word and I think it begins with a P! :)

I love to put parsley in tuna fish as it cuts the fishy taste.

I should see if I can order Greek oregano on line.

What do you do with your lavender? Sometimes I like to pick a couple of pieces of it and crush it between my fingers...then inhale. wonderful. :)

passionstamper said...

Hi Seaspray! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better!:) I am tickled GREEN that you are starting an herb garden-so nice of Mr. Seaspray to do that for you! (he'll thank you later-as long as you USE them!) I used to have a fairly nice one, but the spearmint took over and I lost most of the other herbs, so I understand that Mr Sea gets impatient with the spreading... I have plenty of Bee Balm if you want some! I plan to get my herbs started up again-I put in chives, but by seed..and they didn't take! :( So I guess I'll give in and buy some already started. Can't wait to come check out your little herb patch! Mr. Passionstamper started a new garden area more in the sunny area so we are going to see if the tomatoes do better there-and he planted corn! Neighbors say the raccoons and bears will get them before we will! So we'll see...two more days and dd will be home for summer! DS got laid off from job!!! The last two part timers were let go. So told him he needs to get another REAL soon! Been busy lately, only two more weeks and this Stampin' Up! year ends, so you know I'm scrambling for those year end sales etc..hey I'm offering my first BLOG CANDY over at A Passion for stamps if you want to check it out! :)

we have to catch up soon. Over tea with a sprig of MINT maybe????? By the way have you been watching Army Wives? I am hooked...just add it to the growing list of tv shows I can't miss! (you would like it-like Grey's, but military instead of medical)

SeaSpray said...

Impatient with spreading yes, but the RASPBERRY BUSHES??? They would've been a wonderful border by now too.

I am grateful he is going to dig up an area for herbs. Still haven't agreed where though. He wants to extend the big garden and I want my own separate area closer to the house in the sun. He probably doesn't want to mow around anything extra. :)

I am sure yours will flourish with that green thumb of yours. The critters? Well that's another thing. Hopefully they won't know.

No I haven't been watching TV, except for the deadliest catch and the talking heads/political news. So sad about Timm Russert. I always thought he seemed like a nice guy.

I will look the show up though and I am wondering when Mad men is going to start. I got totally HOOKED on that last summer. Think I better check.

Yes..we should get together soon. My birthday is tomorrow but not doing anything until Sunday.

Which job is that? With his dad or the dispatching? No wonder I am seeing more of him lately. :)

I will go check out your blog. :)