Monday, June 2, 2008

Over...or Under ...What's YOUR Preference?

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IS the right way! ;)

Seriously! IS there ANY... QUESTION? OVER of COURSE!

I realize it may come down to a matter of preference. We're all designed differently and so we view and feel things differently. Our abilities to physically maneuver vary too. I get it. There is a physical component to it that just feels so right...when it is the right way for you. And then even with the visual, some see it differently or just don't care. To it feels AND how it looks makes all the difference!

My husband and I are opposites in many ways and even here we differ. He would say UNDER. And we have always disagreed about this...always. Not fight worthy of course...just compromise. If I do it, I get my way and if he does it, he gets his way...unless I just do it my way anyway...but I try.

And for those of you that do it sideways...well that's the ultimate compromise and not an issue for you and so you can stop reading now.

I have wondered if it is because he is a lefty? Maybe things just work differently for a lefty? Or is it a male thing?

But then ya know? What about the logic? It's pure logic really (In SeaSpray's world) truly works better on I don't get it. Then I come back to it must be a male thing because even our pastor worked it into a sermon once while talking about himself and his wife. Go figure. How does a pastor work it into a sermon? Well...suffice it to know...he is very funny and sometimes these odd things just come out. Anyway...his wife prefers over and he prefers under and he thinks SHE is wrong.

He's wrong! My husband is wrong! And anyone who thinks under is better is just wrong...says me.

Even this morning, my husband takes the initiative and sure's under. So I just flip it around and voila! Over again and all is right with the world. :)

And the thing is... it is s-o-o-o obvious in the kitchen, but he still doesn't see it. He just wants to do it his way and that's it. That is where logic comes into play. Okay...maybe I am too analytical for my own good, but I have to have it on top in the kitchen and when I do it his way... it ends up just not working out...both visually and physically. Admittedly...there is more leeway in the bathroom and I am not as particular in there. He can have it his way in the bathroom...unless I just can't stand it and change my mind. After is a woman's prerogative to change her mind. Right? But I really do try to compromise and let him do it his way in the bathroom and my way in the kitchen.

What about you? Are you an over or under type?

Oh! What am I talking about??? Paper towels and toilet paper!

The logic and visual comes into play with paper towels because the patterns on the paper towels are best displayed from an over the top perspective. That is the visual proof right there for the over argument! Physical comes into play because they tear off more easily from over the top and therefore don't waste as much by dragging a long unnecessary stream of towels off. Although...toilet paper tears better from the top too. And if it is against the holder on the wall it doesn't get lost behind the roll like it does when under.

I'm just sayin... ;)


Elaine said...

I did wonder, with a soupcon of anxiety, where this was all going to lead!

But I am definitely an over person. Under is just plain WRONG.

SeaSpray said...'re a girl after my own heart Elaine!

Of COURSE we're RIGHT! ;)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, my can hear me as I read - I'm sure. Over or under, sideways, what have you - it's all goood. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Yes it is Chrysalis Angel-ALL good. ;) Nice to see you! :)

Right about the pt&tp though. ;)

John McElveen said...

I knew where you were coming from the instant I started reading! I LOVED IT! I'm a converted OVER guy now dur to my wife! LOL>


Charmin I'm sure!


passionstamper said...

Well folks, I had the pleasure of this story being read to me by seaspray, and you definitely miss alot when you don't hear the persuasive tone with which it was read-(and I do mean persuasive!)leading one to think the absolute worst! I must admit she had me going and I was thinking "OMGOSH-Seaspray is TOTALLY out of control...". At some point, (can't pinpoint exactly when) TP did enter my mind...I was SO relieved when my worst fears were squelched and heard those reassuring words (tp and paper towels)! Sorry to burst your bubble Seaspray, but I am breaking protocol...and vote with your hubby-I prefer UNDER (TP); and I am totally unique in that I prefer SIDEWAYS (PT)! I guess that old adage is true.. "whatever floats your boat..."

Chrysalis Angel said...

I so hear you Passionstamper! he,he. She's a handful. :)

Where is your peace post, Spray? Even Michael put his up. Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

Living in a house with a hubby and a 16 year old son - I am a "just get the thing on the holder" - I don't care if it's over or under - just on the paper holder! Ha! Ha!

SeaSpray said...

Hey John -Over rules! ;) Glad you liked it. Funny with the charmin. :)

SeaSpray said...

Persuasive was I?-that'funny! Sideways is nice but I like it over instead of on the counter Passionstamper. ;)

BUT sideways is better than under yet over still better. If you go under with the tp, it can get hung up in the back and sometimes you have to go fishing for it. Really hate that in public restrooms and so always grab it ahead of time.

And if you want the design to show then over every time vs under.

Handful?-your funny Chrysalis Angel and yes..I do like to tease. You girls keep me in line though. ;)

I checked out the peace post before you tagged me and didn't know how to make it work. Then I went back again and still couldn't figure it out. I am technically challenged with some things. I also have been busy and distracted.

I should not be on the computer now or I may mess up my mojo I have going. :)

It was a great idea though and I certainly would have contributed.

YOUR post was excellent and doubt I could do as well as that. :)

Thank you for thinking of me though. :)

Jenster said...

Over, of course. I have no idea why, but I knew exactly where you were going with this. Maybe because it's such an important issue?? :o)

Jenster said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Jenster-important issue indeed! :)