Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Three Goats..Hello... 911?

At 2am they really did look this scary! :)

One night last summer I was driving home from a friend's house around 2am. I decided to take the long way around on my road because it was such a balmy, beautiful full moon night and I had the windows down with my hair flying in the wind. I love that feeling! I like how the mountains look like tidal waves and the fields look so pretty in the moonlight. I get totally lost in the beauty of a full moon and the silver lite cascading down onto everything. Moonlit nights are my favorite and I also enjoy driving into the moon as the road changes directions.

I also liked the song that was on. I live on a pretty road and so if I like a song that is on, I will often take the long way around.

But I didn't get very far onto my road this night before I was stopped by three goats who were blocking the road, refusing to move and were just staring at me. (No I wasn't drinking earlier) And I didn't want to get out and chase them because I didn't know what the goats might do....they have those horns and eyes. Their eyes unnerve me a little...I don't know why. Besides, one goat maybe...but three? I was out numbered! So we were having a stare down and they were winning. I beeped and they didn't budge.

I could've tried to back up but it was around a bend and I am not the best backer upper anyway and besides what if a car came and besides what if I get past them but someone else hits them?

So I decided to call the 911 dispatcher from my cell phone.

Hello? 911 dispatcher? Um...I'm sorry to bother you..but uh there are goats in the road...blocking the road.

Yes..goats. Three of them.

Where? Uh..on SeaSprays road...at this end, near here, etc.....

What color are they??? N-o-o-o they're not pink.??? (I'm teasing here)

Oh they've done this before? Uh huh.. o-h-h-h..they're his goats?

Well.. they're just standing in the middle of the road looking at me and they're not moving, not even when I beep my horn.

I hate to bother you with this when you have other more important emergencies, but I hate to see someone get into an accident because of these goats.

Oh wait...they're moving now...okay they went back in the field.

Thank you..bye-bye!

And you know? I think they just liked the song that was playing. They left as soon as it was over. I'm KIDDING! ;)

The goat story is true though.

I have some cow, bull, horse and rooster stories too.

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