Monday, July 28, 2008

Banana Coffee!

What I am about to describe to you is the act of a desperate woman with strong survival instincts.

Oh and that opening sentence is more dramatic then the rest of the story, but does demonstrate the intensity of disappointment and frustration upon realizing there is NO milk to go in my first cup of God's manna from heaven for the day.

I never go for the milk until I pour the much desired cup into one of my Longaberger mugs. Actually, this time of year, I mostly use ocean mugs I've collected on various beach vacations.

So this morning I casually opened the fridge to get the milk, but to my surprise which quickly turned to wasn't in the usual door spot. I felt the tension mounting within and I looked over to the shelf..ever which point I hear the Hitchcock music and exclaim.."NO MILK!???...CHRISTOPHER!!!"..who of course is oblivious because he is outside mowing the lawn..and really how can I be mad at someone who is mowing the lawn?

So I closed the door and turned and stared at this much desired cup of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the kitchen, the mug on the counter was beckoning me to hold it... but I just couldn't..not without milk or half and half.

Every coffee drinker knows the 1st cup of the day, that morning cup of coffee is the best...and if something goes wrong with that 1st just can't get the experience back. It doesn't matter how many cups you have after that one...none will taste as good as that first cup would have. can drink the others... but you will have to wait until the next morning for that greatly desired 1st cup of the morning experience.

Such a thing as no milk doesn't even compute in my brain and is probably why I just stood there staring at it for a minute. I built an instant wall of denial and looked back in the fridge just in case I missed it. Now if I had already had a sip..I'd be alert and know immediately what to do...but instead ...I had to muddle through morning brain.

I contemplated black..but OH..the HORROR! Skipping I HAD to have it. What to do? What to do? AHA! ICE CREAM! VANILLA ICE CREAM IN MY COFFEE!

Now..I don't like sweet coffee but it's better than black. OH NO! There's NO vanilla ice cream! CHRISTOPHER!!! Oh right..he's mowing the lawn. Alright so what is this? Banana Split? Hmmm... maybe it has vanilla. Nope! It has BANANA! And it has strawberry and chocolate syrup. Fine...I'll use the banana!

And so I put a scoop of banana ice cream in my coffee, stirred it (looked frothy but lighter) and drank said cup of banana coffee. Needless to say..I only had one cup of banana coffee this morning...but still better than black.

There is this little rule in our house. Yes it is my rule. If there is only a little milk left one is supposed to drink it... because of course it is supposed to be for my coffee. There is nothing worse to a coffee drinker than making your coffee and then finding there is no milk.

My husband doesn't go near that vile white substance.... but our sons... well they've always been like an army of locusts when it comes to cereal and milk! And btw...I am all for nurturing and building strong bones and all that for the boys..but morning coffee trumps just does. I mean really... there are priorities...he could've eaten his cereal dry or made toast or eggs or not eaten at all.

Y'all know I'm almost kidding..right? ;)

I really did drink the banana coffee though and I have to really wasn't all that appealing but it was still better than black. :)


Elaine said...

That is soooo funny! You can write all that about a cup of coffee!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you're a nut. Loveable mind you. I laughed when you said he could eat nothing at all. Banana - ick. I'd drink my coffee black or not at all. :)

p.s. Your photos always worry me, passionstamper knows. I can never be too sure with you.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine- I have always said brevity with word is not my strong suit. :) The funny thing is that all of this transpired in under a minute!

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

SeaSpray said...

Moi... worry you? Batting eyelashes now. Perish the thought! ;) Lucy and Ethel. God knows what Lucy would've done without Ethel to balance her. ;)

I can drink black if I HAVE to but not 1st thing in the morning. Blech!

passionstamper said...

Ha Ha! Banana coffee-indeed! (phew! know what ya mean Chrysalis! I was afraid to read this one at first...broke out in a cold sweat as soon as I saw those words "I LOVE this picture"!) Seaspray-am I Shoprite and you are A&P or is it Weis? Maybe I have it reversed? My dear friend, why torture yourself so? Why suffer thru banana coffee, when we have a quart of 2% MILK that our ds (19) still has not even opened yet-it's good till 8/4 (I had to throw away the last quart, so now you know why we don't buy gallons anymore!) I am convinced that it's only because I have purposely made sure that there is always some "real milk" on hand now, ever since one day he recently asked me "Mom-why don't you buy REAL milk anymore?" (you know, the stuff with all the hormones in it versus that horrible "organic" milk-the stuff WITHOUT the hormones in it!) So here it sits, and sits, and sits for days-still UNOPENED! I am convinced he is waiting until August 5 before he opens it, so he can say "why don't we ever have any milk that's good around here when I want to have cereal?" As so it goes...So Seaspray, don't stress and torture yourself with banana ice cream (btw, we have THE SAME EXACT one in our freezer!) in your coffee ever again! Just call your local SR (or Weis or A&P-whatever we are) we are happy to tell ds that Seaspray NEEDED it more than he did! We have certainly borrowed a ton of stuff from you over the years! (you're pulling a "J" on me when you don't!) Anyway, I agree with Chrysalis-I'd go with BLACK before BANANA any day! At least--in my coffee! :)