Monday, July 14, 2008

Doctors and Patients

I encourage everyone to go to Musings of a Distractible Mind blog by following this link to one of Dr Rob's posts in which he shares his feelings about one of his favorite patients who is dying. I was profoundly moved by his sweet post. Obviously they were both blessed to have each other in their lives.

I appreciate Dr Rob's sharing from his heart. I am so moved to see a doctor cares that much for a patient and feels privileged to have been her doctor...and honored and that the world and his life is better for having known them. That's powerful! To think that any of us have the potential to impact others so profoundly. And it wasn't just Dr Rob but the cardiologist and others too. She really must have been a very special lady!

WOW! If any of my doctors felt for me even half of what Dr Rob feels toward her...I would be truly honored. Admittedly...I usually just think of these things from my perspective ...the patient perspective. The following is part of a comment I left: "Just to let you and the other doctors know…some of us patients feel the same way about the good doctors in our lives. Personally…if I could … I would do anything to bring blessing into the lives of a couple of special docs I have. And if anything happened to them…I would be devastated."

Dr Rob also wrote "
She would stand up and open her arms for a hug, which she always got." I think you are so sweet Dr Rob for doing that and it felt good both ways. I have done what she did too. Put my arms out for a hug.

The first time I did that...I was actually saying good-bye and it felt as natural as breathing. I had never done that before. (This is inspiring a post I have been meaning to do about hugging) It was so automatic...without thought. I am very glad my doctor was comfortable and reciprocated. It meant a lot to me. Maybe it was selfish? Did I put him in an awkward position? If so...I would never have wanted to... ever. I hope it blessed him..just knowing there is a patient that thinks that highly of him.

A couple of years PCP's mother was coming home from the hospital to go into hospice care. I could see the pain all over his face and my heart was breaking for him. I've gone to him since the early 90s. I was his last patient. He told me what was going on and then he got a phone call. He came back and he was trying to address my concerns but I interrupted him and told him he should go and that we could talk another day. He seemed relieved and said he wanted to be there when she got home. I had never hugged him before...but everything in me propelled me forward to hug him and he reciprocated and was touched by my gesture...such a little thing compared to what he was enduring. He looked like a sad little boy..he really did. :(

I hope Dr Rob got that final hug he wished he could have.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Good post, Seaspray. I loved that post too.

With so many complaining about pain in the behind patients,it was nice to read something where it shows - you might actually be liked.

I remember one time, my doctor's nurse said something about my having to have seen a partner at one point, and I said I was giving my doc. a break, joking with her. She stops and says "NO, you're one of the ones he likes!" It was funny. Maybe, because like you, we care about them. They have hard things in their lives too, and yet they care for thousands of people over time. How many times have "they" had to sit their listening to all these peoples problems while their own hearts were hurting. It may go with the job, but it's nice if they are cared about too.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -thanks!

I know you MUST be one of your doc's favorite patients! It was nice of her to tell you that.

I think Dr Rob did a post about how much personal info should he share with his patients.

I find that it varies with doctors. I feel a bit more bonded when they do but certainly respect when they don't.