Thursday, July 24, 2008

Living Here

Elaine , my sweet blogging friend from across the pond left this comment: "Wow, what size of garden do you have? Sounds more like a farm..." to my previous post and since I found myself writing a lengthy response, I have decided to turn it into a post. :)

We only have a half acre of property with the back and side corner being the largest parts. Our garden is only half what it used to be and we used to grow much more. People got to looking forward to our vegetables and still do. We also bring them to work and I once brought a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes to a doctor's office. I was actually going to call my urodoc's office before my last appointment to see if any of them would like some fresh garden squash but didn't because I thought that might seem weird...a patient coming in with arms full of squash. Although...I do have big Longaberger baskets that I love to use. :) And my husband left with yet another bag of squash for his co-workers today.

Neighbors used to come over for tomatoes on a regular basis. One of them makes amazing gazpacho with it. Even though Donna moved away...every summer she asks if the tomatoes are ready yet and then comes down to get some. When her girls were little, they would come into the garden to get the cherry tomatoes. Oh and my boys and their friends would have tomato fights...ahem..until they were redirected toward another activity. :) One neighbor loved the green tomatoes when they weren't going to ripen anymore. I never tried them..I should and would get more mileage out of the garden.

My friend Pat who went to her much anticipated eternal home this past April...LOVED J's tomatoes. I went up to see her for the 1st time in her hospice room in August 2006. I asked her if I could bring her anything and her only request was J's tomatoes, Pepperidge Farms white bread and Hellman's mayonnaise. :) She thought she would be dying soon and that is all that she wanted me to bring. I also brought her a huge bouquet of our garden zinnias with an assortment of wild flowers, mint sprigs and lavender. She always loved the vibrant colors of the zinnias. (She was kicked out of hospice that December as she ended up being chronically ill vs end stage..but fortunately kept her same room.)

Unfortunately, we have also had to share with rabbits, deer, cutworms, etc., but most of it is left alone. And we're happy to let the birds have the sunflower seeds.

Also, we never use any pesticides.

There is nothing like a big, warm perfectly sun ripened tomato for a tomato sandwich! I usually use whole wheat although it is the one sandwich I like white bread with too..but just don't usually. Hellman's mayonnaise, salt and pepper. I could live on them and it is my favorite sandwich that time of year for 2 months. MMM would love one now..

This is the 1st year we don't have zinnias all over the yard. I enjoy watching the beautiful butterflies hovering over the them.

My husband would loved to have had a farm. He's an outdoor guy and always seems happiest when he was cutting wood or getting dirt under his nails. I love outdoors but not getting in the dirt...just a little to plant some of the flowers. But all the credit for the vegetables goes to my husband..he does all the hard work. then I pick and cook.

I've had to beg him to plant corn these last couple of years. He never feels like growing it. But it is so sweet. Also I love the sound of the rustling corn stalks in the breeze and the nice border they make although this year he didn't plant but a couple of rows and some seems stunted.

And then my favorite thing is to bunch up the cornstalks in the fall, putting them by our front doors with pumpkins at the base and that is part of my harvest decorating. I have so many wonderful pictures of the boys as they were growing up helping with the cornstalks and vegetables or on top of the wood pile. We used to have a wood I wish we still had it.

There is something very satisfying about growing your own food. We wouldn't starve in the summer that is for sure. It is amazing how much food is yielded from such a small area.

What my blog is to me, my husband's garden is to him. I used to joke that his garden was the other woman in his life. :) Now if only he could grow sausage on a bush... one of his favorites. :)

We have a small house and had always planned to move but different things happened and so we never did. But I feel so blessed to have the little piece of property that we do. The view is just beautiful! We have mountains on 3 sides but only see all 3 when the leaves are off the trees. But our main view is across the street. Unfortunately someone bought the 5 acres across the street and so blocked off a small part of the mountains when they built their house... but it is all still pretty rustic and looks nice.

Some years back, (before the neighbors bought the property) some people knocked on our door and asked if they could use our electricity. They were driving by and noticed the view of the open field contrasted by the mountains in the background and stopped and began setting up to photograph. They said they wanted to use this view for a magazine article or add.

We can see the weather changing by looking out at the mountains. Sometimes they are completely covered in fog, other times they are a crisp blue and you know it isn't humid, and most spectacular to me is late November early December when the sky is that dark blue contrasted by purple mountains. Also, the leafless trees look like a gold filigree against the dark sky. All the seasons are pretty.

And out back..our neighbor has a pond in his back yard. The neighborhood kids had a lot of fun growing up and playing by the pond. Catching frogs, snakes and turtles, fishing and playing on the ice and riding their bikes on the dirt right of way to the land locked houses in the back. I have always enjoyed the sparking water on a breezy day. And my favorite thing of all..May through listening to the bullfrogs every night and they can be quite noisy. :)

I never cease being amazed at the uniqueness of it all.

If I ever move..I am so sentimental..I know I will cry, but I am grateful for all that we've enjoyed.

I do love living here. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

It sounds beautiful, Seaspray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis-Yes it is... although it's much prettier at the top of the road because of the panoramic view that you can see for miles..including the High Point Monument at a distance and there is a horse farm and a big pond.

SeaSpray said...

Also...while it is pretty around here, especially as you get away from our area because we have a lot of recreational things nearby and stores, etc. if you go a couple of towns out it gets really rural.

But a friend of mine who lives in a pretty area up here went out to Wyoming to see their daughter and he said is jaw dropped when he saw the view out her back door and stayed that way for about 3 days as he took in the sites. :)

Elaine said...

Wow! That would certainly have been a long comment! Thank you for thay post; I have only a small patio area, and miss a garden, but sadly am no longer able to keep one.

Elaine said...

Wow! That would certainly have been a long comment! Thank you for thay post; I have only a small patio area, and miss a garden, but sadly am no longer able to keep one.

SeaSpray said...

Check out Moof's garden. She is on my blogroll. Scroll down to her July 5th post if you have a chance.It's huge!

I am going to put some of my herbs in some pots and try growing them through the winter.

You can get a lot of strawberries and things from potted plants.

We have some lilies that just keep on blooming... and one is huge. I wish I knew what kind it is. :)