Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Northern EXPOSURE...Another SeaSpray Day :)

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Today was the nicest day I have had since I got stented with the telephone pole. It really does take a lot out of me. I don't understand why, but the simplest activities are very draining and I just never feel great...even with the Percocet...and sometimes I feel worse. And so for as much as I love swimming and even though I plan to...I have hardly been in the pool.

But today was just perfect. I have things to say about my activities with this stent but then that would go off in a different direction from the point of this think there is a point. ?

Well first of all, I decided to wear this bathing suit that I ruined when it was brand new because for some reason I decided to throw it in the washing machine (against instruction) and totally stretched it out. I like the low back on it and the criss-cross straps and the low front and I wanted to wear it while getting some sun. I figured I am only in my backyard and who is gonna see me?

I was walking in circles in the pool with the net in hand skimming the water. I like to do that for low impact exercise. Our pool is an 18"round, 52" high above ground pool. So I always love to walk in circles in one direction until the current gets strong and then I reverse direction and walk against the fast flowing resistant water until I get the current to change directions again. I keep doing this until I am bored or tired. I never let the current get super fast because it's not good for the pool liner and it also pulls the drop down stairs out to the middle and I don't think that is good for the liner either, plus they are heavy.

So today I decided to push it a bit and walked in circles for a long time, going in both directions against the resistance of the water. And the net is heavy and skimming the water with it adds to the resistance for arm exercise. I will admit I was wondering if this was good to walk with water resistance with a large stent in me because I am not supposed to lift more than 25lbs. Different activity, but still working the body...but I continued. Even though something this simple took effort on my also felt good in another way.

And the day was sooo beautiful. Sunny, pleasantly warm and breezy. And I love the sound of the different wind chimes blowing in the breezes. I also like to take the water return in the pool and turn it upward so it shoots the water into the air a bit and creates a running water sound.

I was suddenly feeling very tired and thought it would be nice to take a nap on the raft and just float around in the pool. As I already said, the day was beautiful and I was appreciating all the sounds while floating on the raft with the water lapping against it, gently rocking me. The sunlight wasn't too hot, but rather like a toasty warm blanket... a perfect temperature on my skin. I had found my bliss.

I was heading into the most pleasurable, dreamiest sleep state I have experienced in a long time. The gently rocking raft was lulling me to sleep and just as I was passing into a deeper sleep...ALL OF A SUDDEN...A BIG, HEAVY, BUZZING BUG...HIT AGAINST THE SIDE OF MY NECK WITH A THWOP! (Is that a word?) I was instantly awake, freaked out and tried to swat it off my neck but I only succeeded in pushing it lower toward the nape of my neck and into my hair...still BUZZING!

I didn't know what the big, buzzing, heavy bug was, but WASP went through my mind and I thought what if it stings me in my jugular? Now I don't know if that is a problem...getting stung in the jugular, but it was one of the frantic thoughts running through my mind at lightening speed!

When I freaked out after I swatted this THING deeper into my hair and oblivious to the big stent in me...I also shrieked and bolted upright...completely forgetting I had slid my straps off my shoulders and pulled the top of my suit a little lower on my chest. I also didn't give a thought to how loose this bathing suit is.

And so to my double dismay... my white as the driven snow... girls up north ...were now on display...which caused me to shriek again and just plunge over into the water!

Then while LAUGHING HIS A OFF...that big, heavy, buzzing bug took off..really fast like a bat out of hell, out of the pool and across the yard. He was so fast and my hair was in the way... that I never got a good look at him.

Ugh! I still have no idea what it was...Beelzebub maybe?

Our house is located on a corner. The front is a pretty country road and our sides and back are exposed because except for our split rail fence we never put up any fences or natural barriers. We've always enjoyed looking at our neighbor's pond and the view through our neighbor's backyards up into the woods in the back. So while it is a pretty rural area, we basically live in a fishbowl as far as backyard privacy is concerned. The front is actually more private then the back because there is only one house across the street, at a distance and we have a pretty view of the fields and mountains.

As fate wood have it my backyard neighbor, closest to our pool was home at that time. He had been out in his pool playing with his kids earlier but had gone back inside. Their house is elevated and they have a fairly close up view into our pool. My other neighbor, across the pond was doing work in front of his house. I R-E-A-L-L-Y hope they missed the show! I definitely would've been their comic relief for the afternoon! SIGH...!

I fixed my bathing suit and got back on the raft with the hope of recapturing that pleasurably, dreamy sleep...but I never did find my bliss again.

I think I exhausted myself with that walking..or maybe with the stress of BEEZELBUB and I went in for a short nap at 5:30 and didn't wake up until 8:30. Tomorrow will be 1 week down and 5 to go with this stent.

Just one last thing. Last summer while floating on the raft there was this ANNOYING kamikaze GARGANTUAN horsefly that kept biting me on my derriere. He would not give up! Those bites hurt and then they itch! He came back THREE times before I just rolled over into the water. I gave up. Horsefly 3- SeaSpray 0! :)

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Chrysalis Angel said...
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Elaine said...

Oh Seaspray, I do feel for you in your ignomy, but I couldn't stop laughing!

Chrysalis Angel said...

You are too funny. I wanted to ask..."You didn't hear the laughter coming from your neighbor's open window?" I would have been bent over the sink laughing. Your house must provide much entertainment.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine and Angel- I am glad you got a laugh out of that and it's a good thing I can laugh at myself considering all these things that happen.

i have actually thought..Oh no..what happens when I run out of funny stories to tell? But I think I will always have material because I always seem to get into these silly situations. i couldn't hear any laughter but the a/c is in that window and so they have it closed. I am counting on that he was in his family room on the other side of the house. :)

I have gone topless in that pool by choice but that's another post and it was dark.

Albinoblackbear said...

Hilarious. I definitely look like I am having a seizure when a bug makes its home in my nest-like hair. Beelzebub? Haahah. Yeah, I renamed the sand flies in New Zealand the "Dark Lords of Totaranui" because 'sand fly' just didn't convey the havoc they were wreaking in my life. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Albinoblackbear -I'm glad you enjoyed it. That stupid thing will probably come back.I'm pretty sure they have homing devices!

So what do the Dark lords do? ;)

Thanks for stopping by. :)