Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OR Breezyaphobia


Isn't he just so CUTE!? He looks a bit gorked on the OR happy cocktail though. ;)

I can just see it now...little squirrel transport critter wheeling him to the OR where he is greeted by his surgeon, and staff coming out, masked, gowned, and gloved. Miniature squirrel sized OR complete with anesthesia, surgical tools, lights and monitors. The other med student squirrels are watching Dr Squirrel McDreamy perform the nutectomy (removal of impacted walnut) from up in the gallery. Upon completion of the surgery, Dr McDreamy Squirrel whips off his cap and mask...revealing that... to be continued...

Dr. WhiteCoat's post about having a versed allergy solidifies my SQUIRRELLINESS about being too breezy with my words in the OR. Remembering his post amidst the usual OR banter...I informed them that I was allergic to Versed.

In unison the staff shouted "You ARE not! "and they laughed at that.

Now I could swear that I announced my versed allergy just after I got situated on the OR table on June 26th. But I could also swear that I said I was allergic to versed in pre-op on June 7th.

I mostly remember the OR banter on June 26th. I asked if my doctor would be in the OR before I was out. And I told them I had a versed allergy. Then after laughter I said I was always worried about being too breezy with words and was concerned about things I said. The anesthesiologist said in his 20 years of doing this he never heard anyone doing that. Hmmm...that is not what I've read in the med blogosphere.

It later occurred to me that perhaps my just announcing my fear of being too breezy..would've caused me to be too breezy because that was one of my last thoughts. Sigh...

I am someone who remembers details. And so I do think I said it in pre-op on the 6th too. I do clearly remember the OR conversation that night...until my last remembered thought. But What I want to know...is how much longer am I awake and talking beyond that last cognizant thought???

Versed really DOES mess with your mind! I know it is better not to remember some of the stuff...but it just bugs me that I could be communicating and not know it. I just wonder what is so bad that they want you to forget? I know...it is probably the pain or anything negative or uncomfortable that might go on. Still...

Here is one of my early posts on this topic. It was my dear OBGYN who upon my asking why they put me out after my son was born...said that I talked the whole time...but I don't remember because of the Versed. That is is the moment my O.R. breezyaphobia was born.

I have to say that I think the OR staff is wonderful. They have great senses of humor and always relax me to a point...still...that darn O.R. breezyaphobia!

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I will be going back into the OR mid August and I suppose I should just surrender to the bliss of Happy Cocktail.

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