Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Perfect Doctor Question

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I have no idea what kind of ureteral stent my urodoc placed inside me. He said it was a big stent. After living with it for the last 6 days...I can attest to that and am pretty certain that he actually put a telephone pole up into me. I'm just sayin. ;)

A while back, Dr KeaGirl author of the urostream blog said stents come in different colors. I don't recall if they all do...but if I had remembered...I would have put an order in for a turquoise or hot pink stent. Then I'd have a little secret that would make me smile. And those colors are so summer...ya know? ;)

I can't believe it...but at this point in time...I don't have any questions for my urologist...nary a one. I am questioned out. All I asked about was the restrictions with this stent.

I have nothing to ask about the open reconstructive surgery on my ureter verses opting for a yearly procedure- having a ureteral stent placed to keep it open. I've got nothin...coming up blank. What's to say-ask? I am going with plan B...the yearly stenting. What would you do?

Admittedly, I have been known to have ...oh... just a few questions for my urodoc and he has gotten the brunt of them over other doctors..mostly back in 2006 when I was really afraid and didn't understand what was going on. Thankfully...he was always very patient with me.

He probably can't imagine it...but I hardly asked doctors questions before all the urology stuff happened. True! I was like a lemming going into the OR. Of course I never went through anything as serious either.

Anyway, last Friday morning...prior to speaking with my urologist regarding discharge instructions... I got to thinking about asking him questions and I got to thinking that I need to keep it simple. And so I ran what I think is the perfect question by him:

"Since you are the doctor..knowing what you know...if you were me...what questions would you... ask you... the doctor...regarding my case?"

He thought that was a good hope HE is doing HIS homework! ;)

I think that could work well. Okay...maybe I am taking a shortcut. Maybe I am tired and maybe this is just all so familiar...but seriously...he has all the answers... to all the questions, he knows I should ask.

I have heard doctors say that patients don't ask the right questions.

This way he can ask all the right questions and answer accordingly. Then I will have all the important answers. I think that is a win-win or am I just cheating on my homework?

So...I am going to put this out there for anyone who is familiar with my med history. I am curious to know what you would ask my urologist if you were me? I STILL cheating? ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I wouldn't say you were cheating, just being resourceful.

It reminds me of the time a test was going on and one of the posters in the room wasn't covered. (It was a spelling test). The child looked around the room - not at the other kids papers, but found the poster and knew it contained the answer. I said to one of the other adults, "Well, we teach them to be resourceful." He was using what was available to him. He didn't take it off of the other kids work. The poster should have been covered up in preparation for the exam.

It wasn't condoned mind you, and there was a discussion on taking short cuts, instead of using your own mind, but using the environment around you to help you in decision making can be a smart move.

I think in your case you are just trying to pool from the wise resources available out there. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Resourceful! I like that Chrysalis Angel! Resourceful is definitely one of my traits. :)