Monday, August 4, 2008

Diamond Rainbows

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Saturday I had been journaling elsewhere... pouring my heart out about concerns I have - health, financial, getting a new job, etc., and I turned to look outside and saw this HUGE bright rainbow. I ran to get my camera and took several pictures. During that time another rainbow formed above that one, although not as bright. They were full rainbows and they were around for at least 15 minutes.

I look at them as a God wink because here I was writing out some concerns and this beautiful rainbow appeared which reminded me of God's goodness and promises and it just perked me up and I felt hopeful all over again.

Now I know... the rainbow was for all to see, but I also believe God speaks to us in different ways. He knows what moves us and will lift our spirits. :)
Late Sunday afternoon/early evening I woke up in the lawn chair feeling cold because the air was cool and it had gotten cloudy. So I got up and went inside and began to cut up some yellow squash for steaming. All of a sudden we got a major down pour... the raining cats & dogs kind of heavy rain.

I hollered for J to bring Bob in and I dried him off. Then I went bolting out the front door to frolic in the rain. Okay...I didn't frolic but I did walk around and get soaked. I was looking at the flowers, weeded a couple. Now I wouldn't mind weeding in a downpour..that was fun.

I ran back to the front door and asked my husband if he wanted to come out to play but he declined. He was watching a movie and had his clothes on, whereas I only had my bathing suit on. :) But that wouldn't be his thing and me... I would run out with my clothes on.

Anyway, my hair was soaked, water was running down my face and I was having a grand ol' time. I checked out the tomato bush a friend had given us, but then started to get cold because the wind kicked up and the raindrops were feeling cold.

So I went in the pool in the pouing rain. The pool water was a warm respite from the rain. I loved it!

And then... the sun came out again while we were still having the heavy rain and another HUGE full rainbow formed and then a second one over that. It again helped me remember to not be afraid and I felt this peace come over me.

And as I was looking up at theses two magnificent rainbows...the big raindrops reflecting in the sun, contrasting a dark blue stormy sky... looked like hundreds of sparkling diamonds falling from the sky within the rainbows. I wish to God I had a camera at that moment to get some shots of that. It would have to be a waterproof camera for sure.

It felt so liberating to be out in the rain and best of all while in the pool. I was truly in awe of the diamond rainbows! :)

It would have been really funny if I was still sleeping when the downpour hit. I think I would've woken up just a tad surprised and very wet. :)


Elaine said...

Oh, Seaspray, how thrilling.

I was trying to picture me doing the same, but...

not a pretty sight!

passionstamper said...

I wish I could have seen the was a wierd, cool sort of weather day! I was outside with our little Silky Terrier under a thick-leaved tree which protected me when the downpour came on so suddenly..funny thing is I was playing with Snickers, when I noticed the sun disappeared suddenly and it was darker so I said to dh-"is it supposed to rain today?" I walked over to the huge tree and No kidding-2 seconds later the downpour came from NOWHERE, not even some warning raindrops! DH was closer to the house than me, so he ran to get an umbrella (don't like soakin' wet clothes like you, Sea) but it lasted just a brief time..and it was over. Till the next downpour! Strange would have been cool to be in the pool (since these weren't thunder & lightening storms) lounging on the raft when that happened! Glad to hear your spirits are up-diamonds in the sky! Wish I could have seen that!

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine..Bring the little girl out to play. I think we should all experience that exuberant frolicking every now and then! :)If you ever get the SHOULD do it! It feels so good.

Hi Passionstamper- I wish you were here too and you would've loved it. Even better than the night swim. Diamonds in the sky were awesome! :)