Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Doctor Secrets, Submitted Joke,and Stent and Stuff

Last night I went to Reader's Digest on line so that I could enter a personal real life funny story involving my older son and me. If they choose it they pay $300.00. While I am certain they are inundated with submissions, I also figure never deny someone the opportunity to say yes because ya never know and nothing ventured - nothing gained. One thing I do know for sure is that if I didn't submit it, I wouldn't get paid anything. :)

Then after that I decided to join their on line site and as I was perusing the articles I came across this interesting article about doctor secrets and thought you might find it interesting if you haven't already read it. And just now as I was looking for a picture, I came across another article that belongs to the picture above and is about some GP's opinions from across the pond.

Everything went well at the dentist. Thankfully he didn't break the cap when he lifted it to fix something. That is an expense we don't need and the problem is now corrected. :)

It is beautiful around here, warm and breezy and will cool later. It's a perfect night to make a bunch of Zucchini bread loaves. I'll freeze a couple and give some away. And definitely bring some to my urologist's office for everyone on Friday. If I can... I hope to bring them a tray of something too but all depends on my stamina with this stent. They don't expect it but I have fun doing it and they really seem to like the food.

I have my pre-op appointment because this BIG stent is coming out next Thursday, the 14th!!! I am so glad I have made it this far with this stent...seriously. I am actually tolerating it better now than when I started. I guess I had to get used to it. Oh and I am not being as active. Pain and discomfort with this stent seems to be directly proportional to level of activity and then there is the rogue kidney spasm that happens just because... although not much lately..thank God!


I wish I knew how other people fair with a big stent. I really would like to know because it is not easy. I can't believe I have been stented since June 7th. It really does seem surreal to me and I guess that is because denial can be pretty strong. I've said before...I am ever hopeful that this big one will be THE ONE.... that facilitates permanent healing. :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
I am always praying for your divine healing and deliverance. Nothing is impossible with God. Thanks for your post. God bless you always.

Elaine said...

As always, best wishes for your health.

Loved the abbreviations.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Trying to check in on you. Good luck Thursday!! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Mel. I agree with you. God bless you too. :)

Thanks Elaine...yes they were funny. :)

Hi Chrysalis- thanks, you too! :)

Dr Amit Bhargava said...

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