Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good-Bye Summer (I did something funny with raft in lower picture)

The above pic is of the liner of our pool. I prefer aqua sides, but I LOVE the tropical fish and coral (especially, the aqua, pink and yellow fish) and the sandy bottom causes the water to look aqua. :)

I love to swim. This post is actually about how wacky I can be about water and how happy I was to finally have our own pool. The first part explains my behavior in the latter part of the post.

If you are pressed for time, you can skip the 1st part and read the aqua part of the post for the humor (says me) and I know... hard to believe I am an adult sometimes. Sigh...
I'll grow up .......... someday. ;)

When I love something... really, really love it... I throw myself into it with such a passion... it is all I want to do and can't get enough. Water causes me to feel that way. I grew up 5 miles from the ocean and so spent many fun summers by the sea.

The ocean is always my first choice. Second to that would be a lake... followed by a swimming pool third choice. Frankly... I simply can not get enough water! The sights, sound and feeling of being immersed in it is heaven on earth for me.

I loved living in a lake community as a teenager. Aside from swimming, I also enjoyed canoeing all around the lake. We still have the canoe out back. It was green, but my uncle painted it blue just for me. I used to love to take it out on the lake with friends and then make it tip over in the water. They usually thought it was fun too, but some would get mad at me sometimes because a. they DIDN'T want to get wet and b. we then had to drag everything in. Caribbean blue knows me best (since I was 4) and could attest to what a tease I am. Ha! I guess some of you know that too.

After we got married, I didn't get to swim much because we didn't live in a lake community and we didn't have a pool. Well, the 1st two years in our apartment there was a built in pool right next door and we could see it from our balcony... but I only used it the 2nd summer. One summer I joined the Crystal Springs Quarry but then they made it private. Sometimes I'd go to the park or shore but just a day here and there. Or I'd go down the shore and stay in the beach house with Caribbean Blue, her father and our kids. And sometimes we stayed at the beach. Also my one uncle had a house right on the Great Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks and we stayed with them. And I can hardly believe there were even summers that I didn't swim even once. I hated those summers and would've been perfectly happy to go from spring to fall.

But then Friday night, Memorial Day weekend in 1997 I heard a Pelican Pool commercial on the radio while I was driving up to work. Now every summer I would call local pool stores to see what it would cost for a pool and they were always totally unaffordable. But the following Monday I went down to the store. This terrific manager -Ray helped me with buying a pool. For one thing... the prices were so much better than the little local stores up here. But Ray went the extra mile and even through in a BETTER filter than what was offered and worked out a deal where I got the stairs that drop in for FREE... if I paid for the installation. That was a sweet deal and a win-win for both of us. There is no way anything local could compete with what I paid and got from Pelican Pools. Needless to say...Ray has always been my go-to guy with any pool concerns or purchases... even though they are out of the way.

I was more excited than any kid on Christmas morning when that pool was being installed and up. I was in that pool (so were kids) at every opportunity. Everything was right with the world. I was swimming..whenever I wanted too which was ALL the time.

My older son said "Mom...other people swim because they're hot...but YOU swim just because you can." That sums it up. He was right. I would even come home after working a shift at the hospital, throw the spot lights on and be in there swimming at 11:30 at night by myself when every one was sleeping.
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Do you see that tropical raft above? I fell in love with that the second I saw it in the store and had to have it. So "Miami Vice" colors! ;) Aqua, pink and baby yellow... definitely me. so I bought it with my birthday money. It looked so neat floating around in the pool and funny at the same time.

This is just how much I loved that pool and raft that summer.

One Saturday night, after coming home from the hospital... I got an idea! Not only did I decide I was going swimming... but I decided I would sleep out on the the pool...all night. Not only would it be fun but I'd be floating around on the water and wake with the birds and a beautiful sunrise! :) Yes... that was my plan.

So I swam a little and then dried off. I went back in the house, changed into a dry bathing suit, got an afghan to cover me as I slept and brought a boom box outside on which I was playing a CD with Pachelbel's Canon in D with ocean sounds that played repetitively. I also had the spotlight on. Now there were bears that traversed through the yards and my husband didn't know I was doing this... no one did unless the closest neighbors happened to look out their windows, but the neighborhood seemed to be asleep. It was just the summer bugs (I love their sounds) and me out there.

So I put the music on, grabbed the afghan and got onto this big raft, which sat pretty high above the water. But as with all rafts, it's inevitable that you take on a little water when you first get on. No big deal. It wasn't THAT bad. So, I covered myself up, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of floating around the pool with my head resting on the pretty pale yellow banana under the palm tree and night stars... with the music, ocean tides and bugs.

The next thing I knew ..I woke up FREEZING (SHIVERING big time) because I had been lying in a little water and unbeknownst to me the afghan had fallen partly over the side on both sides and so had been slowly taking in water as I slept. I guess the combination of lying so still (asleep) and WET over and under along with the cool night air was conducive to putting me toward being borderline .. hypothermic! (o.k. maybe a slight exaggeration but I was COLD!) Not only was I shivering but I also had to PEE! I forgot about that possibility.

And where I wasn't at all afraid to be out there alone at night... now I felt like the spotlight has been on me all this time and ANYONE or ANYTHING could be out there watching me... just.. waiting.. for.. me.. to.. get.. out. The light was on ME but I couldn't see out into the DARK NIGHT!

So not only was I shivering and had to pee... but now I was AFRAID to get out of the pool! I thought about hollering for my husband, but didn't because the A/C was on and I didn't want to wake the neighbors. I tried to ignore everything but my bladder and the cold weren't gonna let me do that.

I knew what I had to do and so I paddled to the stairs with the idea that I would just slip off said tropical raft, step onto the stairs, off the deck and make a run for it. But instead... I off the raft, falling SLIPPED UNDER the water came up sputtering, COLDER, with heavy, soppy afghan that I dropped on deck and ran into the house.

No one ever new what I did until I told them. My husband said "PA-A-A-T!" (men can too wine) and a couple of friends said I could've drowned. I don't think I could've drowned.

Anyway...I never did THAT again. :)

Best laid plans...

And now... I am off to vacuum and swim in the pool! We're having a barbecue tomorrow... the last HURRAH of the summer.

Happy Labor Day!

I did something else kind of CRAZY at the end of the season. It was the end of September and the water was really cold..but still..I did not want to close the pool. We were putting the solar cover on but really it wasn't enough... and it was more like ice water. My cousin and husband were going home and he didn't believe I was still going in the pool that night and stayed just to see me do it... which I did. he then laughed saying he wouldn't believe it if he didn't see it.

They left and I stayed in, but I hated admitting was too cold for swimming! I was so COLD that I hovered under the half of the solar cover I left on because the night air was cold too. I couldn't swim... but didn't want to get out.

I think I stayed in too long because both kidneys started to ache. (This was before any urology concerns) I took a l-o-o-o-n-g
HOT shower. My thighs were still cold a couple of hours later. I am guessing that was a dumb thing to do and never did that again either. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Definitely Ethel to your Lucy. I'm just shaking my head over here. I have one friend that reminds me of you. I told her I'll need stock in Nice n' Easy if I don't break here and there. She, of course, laughs - I, of course, am serious.

I thought you were going to write about all the bugs that had a feast on you that night. I layed out under the stars last night, in a lawn chair in front of a bon fire. I didn't stay there all night though. It was absolutely beautiful out by the fire. I start my new position tomorrow. Yikes!

SeaSpray said...

I am so excited for you Angel! The Docs and staff will love you! I hope your 1st day is everything you want it to be and it goes well. You'll be good for them and their patients. :)

No bug bites that I recall but I was nestled under the afghan, although my face was exposed. maybe the spotlight was a draw...although mesquitos do come by the pool...the pond is near by but I know my face wasn't bothered... I'd remember that.

I was disappointed it didn't work out.

Bonfire sounds nice. Did you roast anything?

I've layed out under the stars to watch meteor showers.

mottsapplesauce said...

I'm quite the water rat myself Seaspray. Every time I had the chance to swim whether it be in a lake or a pool, I would stay in until my skin started to prune up or, until my lips started turing blue (like cyanosis blue!). Anyway, since I live in Ohio so the opportunity to swim doesn't happen often. If I lived near the shore, especially in a warmer climate you can bet your sweet bippy I'd probably be in it now!

SeaSpray said...

Hi MottsA- It sounds like we are kindred spirits. :)