Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Morning!

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Sunrise Mountain,NJ (in our area)

The sun is just about to rise up over the mountains, which are mostly covered with early morning fog. I thought our neighbor's grass had frost on it but saw that it was some low lying mist. Their property is lower than ours.

Spike our neighbor's rooster has been crowing since I got up and I am sure before. I get a kick out of that. I didn't know roosters crow during the day too. Spike does. And our neighbors pond looks as smooth as glass and the birds have been singing their songs. The varying sounds and seeming calls the birds make always fascinate me. I think it is going to be another beautiful day. :)

The fire alarm has just gone off and son seems oblivious to it. I hope it is because he smells the toast and knows I am up. I just made a tomato sandwich on wholewheat toast. Thick tomato slices, mayo, salt and pepper. MMM...mmm Gooood!

No one could ever say I don't get enough vitamin C or likopenes (sp) ovr the next couple of months. :) I'm like Bubba in Forest Gump. Remember his litany of shrimp recipes? That's me with tomatoes...sandwiches, regular salads, sauces, stuffed and in other dishes. I haven't tried fried green tomatoes yet. That would certainly stretch them at the end of the season when they aren't going to ripen anymore. Looking up rice recipes today because I discovered a rice cookbook I forgot I had and son likes rice. The good stuff for us though...none of that processed and stripped white stuff. Yuk!

It's been like fall around here..which I LOVE normally but because I didn't get to enjoy the pool with the stent in me...I wish we'd get some hot weather over the next few days. We are using the solar cover to keep the water warm. My husband wants to close it on Labor Day weekend but I always want to extend it if it is warm. I'll be upset if it gets warm after we close it. I know a lot of people routinely open their pools on Memorial Day weekend and close them on Labor day.

I have a major organizing project I hope to FINISH today... and swim in the pool too.

Summer bugs. I love the sounds of the summer bugs too. :)

Wow... I have been up since just before 6, done some things in between typing this and now that low lying fog in my neighbor's yard across the street has risen up and I can't see the mountains and hardly even the woods. I have always enjoyed watching the weather come in across the field. It's been something unique with living here. I wonder if it is going to be humid?

I hope you have a beautiful day!


Chrysalis Angel said...

I love tomato sandwiches too. You made me hungry. It's almost 10:00 and I haven't eaten yet. I love fall too. I wish Fall lasted as long as winter, and winter as long as fall.

SeaSpray said...

Fall and winter ARE my favorite Seasons...especially September - January because I love all the holidays and decorating and getting together. :)