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Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress-Here We Go-Parts I,II &III

Great video -check it out!
And I still love the song! :)

Part I
Have you ever been afraid you were going to die? Have you ever been fearful that someone you cared about would die? And have you ever wondered why some people that you think shouldn't and the people you think should die ...don't?

Have you ever escaped a close call, narrowly missing death or great bodily injury? And did you ever have the experience that you've experienced some kind of divine intervention because there is really no explanation. And really...when it comes to automobile accidents... while the outcome of most accidents is both predictable and understandable... sometimes there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for why things happen as they do.

I believe my friends and I had divine intervention in an accident that I caused. know the facts of the accident... I do find it miraculous that we came through it without serious injury.

I am writing this post to comfort myself because I have had some concern over a couple of things lately and so I feel that it will be therapeutic for me to write this out because it is a reminder to me that I am in Gods hands (we all are) and that nothing will happen that isn't allowed for a purpose. And if he could bring us through that..then certainly he will bring me through these other things.

I was going to write this back in the winter of 07 when I thought I would have to have the high risk surgery... and maybe this is melodramatic..but I actually was afraid I might die either during surgery or in post-op. I had never been afraid of surgery before... but I also knew I wasn't a good candidate for this one and that is why the fear set in.

I don't pretend to know why some people escape injury and some people die. I also try to be careful when I say things like "Thank God he protected us!" when someone else lost their dear relative to an accident or illness. I am sensitive to what that must seem like to those people experiencing great loss. Did God not care about their loved one? Where was he for them?

I think it comes down to the fact that when it is our is our time.
It was a warm July night when my 2 friends came to pick me up at my house. As we were leaving down the front steps... my aunt Janet hollered out "Now don't let Patricia drive...she's only on her permit and has never driven at night!", to which Jimmy (not my husband) hollered back that he wouldn't.

I had just turned 17 the month before. I remember I was wearing what they called sizzlers. Does anyone remember them? It was a really short little halter dress that had matching panties and so it didn't matter how short the sizzler was. They were really comfortable and cute. It was the fashion that summer. They talk about guys feeling their oats or is that sewing? Well..doesn't matter..I was feeling mine that night and like many 17 year olds ...I never thought about dying or being injured. You think you have forever when you are young and healthy.

I Loved his car! It was a brand new 1972 Mach I, white with blue stripes and I couldn't wait to ride in it. :) The 3 of us got in the car, left Stockholm and headed out to meet some of my friends up in McAfee. I don't remember his friend's name. You'd think I would remember the name of someone I almost killed... but I don't.

We all hung out for awhile and then someone had the idea to go get pizza in Vernon. So I blurted out..."Let's RACE!" And I wanted to drive and Jimmy said I could. I didn't know either guy I was with very well. We were new friends. Jimmy was the brother of a family friend and that is how I met him.

So it was decided that I would take the main roads that I was familiar with...rt 517 turn left onto rt 94 and head on out across 94 until we got to the pizza place. And another guy would take the back roads. Not far as the crow flies but we had to travel across winding and hilly roads... and it was dark.

I don't know why the guy said I could drive his car. He didn't even hesitate...just handed me his keys. The race was on and we took off in opposite directions! It was so much fun. All the windows were down and the song "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" was playing which was causing me to feel even more frisky..maybe wild... in a good way kind of wild ..if there is one.

I just remember feeling so good with my waist length hair blowing all around, the warm nite and summer smells and that song blasting. I don't remember any of us talking at all. Maybe they were too scared or maybe we did and I just don't remember.

I drove down 517 past the Playboy club, rounded the corner turning left onto 94 and crossed the tracks, sped around the bend and past the 1st ski area... then known as Great Gorge South. I then picked up even more speed as it became more of a straight away. And as I rounded the bend...the car lights from the oncoming car startled me and I jammed on the power disc brakes, which caused the brakes to lock and the car to skid to the right and I desperately fought to gain control causing the car to swerve out of control to the left which then just missed the back of that oncoming car. The last things I remember is the tail lights on the other car, Long Cool Woman was still blasting on the radio...and that no one made a sound as the car sped out of control up the embankment, narrowly missing the trees.

We weren't wearing any seat belts!

My absolute last visual was the headlights causing the tall golden grass to contrast against the dark night sky as we became airborne. My very last thought as we shot up the embankment into the dark night sky, was "Here we go." would think that if someone..anyone thought they were about to die..well.. that they would at least scream or call out to God or have some profound thought...something. I didn't see my life flash before me either. It all happened so fast! And I felt powerless and resigned to our fate whatever it would be. "Here we go."

Part II

The next thing I remember is that I woke up to the sound of... them working on the door with the jaws of life and a man hollering that I was coming to. I was disoriented and I don't remember much. I asked about my friends and he said they were on their way to the hospital. The front windshield had shattered glass that didn't break. I remember saying that I could climb out. The windows were all down. They let me climb out. A man helped to pull me out.

I remember that the car had been upright. There were bright lights shining down on us. I don't remember getting on the stretcher or even if I hurt anywhere. My last memory was of me looking up and seeing a whole bunch of people at a distance lined up on the ridge above us looking down into the field and flashing red lights behind them. I wasn't close enough to know who anyone was and like I said the lights were bright.

I must've gone unconscious again because the next thing I remember is coming to in the ambulance when we were by the Hamburg light. And a man from the squad said "Whatever you don't have to say you were speeding."

I woke up again as I was being wheeled into the ER of Franklin Hospital. I heard Jimmy yelling over and over again "My car, my Car, my car!"! But I never saw him or his friend that night. And I never saw his friend again.

I was in and out of consciousness and the only memory I have in the ER was greenish tiled walls (not sure) a bright light and my next door neighbor leaning over me telling me they called my aunt and uncle. She was the 11-7 nurse.

I didn't wake up again until the next day and Dr Ramirez was leaning over me listening to my chest. He told me that I had a concussion and would be staying there a few days. The guys were treated and released...THANK GOD!!!

I heard the friend hurt his back from when he hit the back window. I don't know if Jimmy was hurt at all. No one ever said.

It turns out that I had a concussion and also a hairline fracture in one of my ribs. I was bruised and banged up all over with superficial marks and then a little gouge in my leg just below my right knee. I still have the scar. It used to look like a little crescent moon and I figured it was from a knob to something. Also some cuts on my right shoulder/upper arm and I still have those scars too, but faded and smaller now. But the worst looking was my right thigh and my eyes. I had two black eyes and the white part of my eyes were red. My thigh had a very dark bruise that looked the size of a man's shoe. They said that was caused from me bouncing around on the stick shift in the console.

My friends all came to see me and said they were waiting and waiting for us at the pizza place and wondering where we were, but then they heard the sirens and so headed off to see if it was us. They said they were standing up on the ridge watching the whole rescue. And they also said we all should have been dead because the car was completely demolished on all sides and the roof.

They even went to look at it at Bud & Walt's junk yard and said the speedometer was stuck on 95 mph. I know I was speeding but I really don't think that fast unless it records air. ???
This is the stables. This is part of the embankment we flew up on. At the time I think it was known as the Playboy Stables in Vernon, but not sure.

For anyone reading this that knows the area... it happened up by the stables across from the Spa In Vernon. (The Spa and all the condos on the opposite side didn't exist back then and it was only fields and mountains) They said the car went up the embankment into the air, did a nose dive into the field below and rolled several times before coming to a stop right side up.

They also said that Jimmy and I both hit our heads into the windshield and that there was that round spider shatter all through the glass with a little hole in the middle of each one. And they said Jimmy's friend who was sitting in the back hit the back window which popped right out of the car.

Remember I said we weren't wearing seat belts?

I have a theory about that accident. It isn't anything I can prove... but with all my heart... I really believe it just was not our time to die. I especially believe that our guardian angels were somehow holding us in the car. I really do! I picture an angel or two holding the windshield so our heads and entire bodies didn't go through and land in the field somewhere. And I also picture an angel holding Jimmy's friend in there so he didn't get thrown into the field... or God doing something supernaturally to protect us... but I really think he used the angels.

Why didn't we go through the windshield? Obviously we almost did if our heads caused those little holes and shattered glass. Why didn't the guy in the back fly out the back with the window? And why didn't we get tossed out the side windows? Was there some gravitational force keeping us in? I still think it was angels. :)

Knowing what I know about mva's involving patients that were brought by ambulance to the hospital or what I know about 2 accidents involving friends... It truly is a miracle that we were not left with permanent disabilities and disfigurement or killed. People are sometimes killed or seriously injured while driving a lot slower, are seat belted and the vehicles don't even roll around.

Like I said previously...there is no rhyme or reason to accidents sometimes.

It just was NOT our time to die. This story reminds me that I am in God's hands and that no matter what happens in life, sickness...accidents..whatever... that I or anyone will be protected, regardless of circumstances if it is meant to be. I know a lot of people might disagree with this line of thinking and I understand. Some people might say it was luck. Except... I don't believe in luck. I think the people we meet, the events in our lives... they all happen for a reason... sometimes obvious and sometimes not. But it all serves a purpose. I think with our free will we sometimes or even often veer off track, but I think ultimately... events still go the way they are meant to.

Part III

I was afraid to leave the hospital and go home because I knew my uncle was going to be furious... and he was. He never yelled though. I could hear him holding back in his voice, but those things in his jaw near his neck were pulsating again. I had a knack for bringing him to that point... but we were very close and even more as an adult.

He had been teaching me how to drive while I was on my permit. But he said, that's it...he would never take me out to drive again and I could just stay home without a license. He meant it. And so while all my friends were driving... I was not.

But then that October, one of the Hardyston cops took me out to practice driving and took me over for my test. I flunked parallel parking but still got my license. To this day... I STILL can't parallel park. :)

Speaking of cops... no one ever came to talk to me or ask me questions about anything. I saw Jimmy one more time. He saw me down at the lake parking lot. We talked but I don't remember what we said. He had gotten another car. Sadly... not as nice as the Mach I. When he left he pulled out of the parking lot so fast that he kicked up stones and sped down the road really fast... and it was a residential area.

I guess at that point in time, he hadn't learned from my mistake. He wasn't mad, so maybe he was showing off.... or maybe he was still mad, but didn't say anything. I never saw him again after that either. I wish I could see them... just to tell them that I am still sorry that happened. And I wonder what the experience was like for them? Do they remember being in the air, the nose dive and rolling around? Talk about a wild ride!

And if I had to live with killing them or the other driver... sigh... well...just thank God we were all alright.

And an interesting thing, to me anyway. After that, I never ever opted to drive to Vernon except for the couple years I worked at the ski area. And then after that I rarely went through that area until I started seeing my gyno doc in his satellite office by the ski area. Well... it hit me one day when I noticed that I had been gripping the wheel tightly on my way to somewhere over there... that all these years I must've had a subconscious fear of driving over there and truthfully... I still don't like to and it's pretty. I also never went to check to see where the car landed. I never looked over the ridge.

And so this is my story that actually comforts me because I believe it demonstrated that I was protected in a most violent car accident... one in which we weren't even wearing seat belts and we all hit the windows but didn't fly out and we didn't break our necks or any other serious injuries. There were no airbags. But I believe there was God and his angels.

I need to remember this if God forbid I should be facing any serious surgeries or serious anything. I need to remember this story when I feel concern for anyone I care about. I will put this on my sidebar.

I even said to a surgeon in the blogasphere once, after he was expressing how badly he felt that someone had died in the OR (it wasn't his fault) ... that I really believed it was that person's time to die and that was just the means being used. None of us will live forever. Maybe someone will adamantly disagree with my line of thinking here. I just believe that if there is still a purpose and plan for our life than it is not our time until we have fulfilled our mission...whatever it is.


Elaine said...

oooooh, the suspense...

SeaSpray said... do know we lived..but it's interesting..says me. ;)

SeaSpray said...

And the car and HOW/WHERE we landed...YIKES!!! HAD to be divine intervention and so I am reminding myself and maybe others of that now. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Liked the video, Spray. It is amazing any of us survive our youth in tact.

SeaSpray said...

I thought the video was arty and fun! & I thought the police lights were apropos.You'd think I'd have an aversion to it but still love the song. :)

Glad you liked it Chrysalis. :)

Ms-Ellisa said...

*I've got goosebumps*

can't wait for the sequel... :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ms Ellisa -The rest of the story coming your way soon.

I'm glad you found it interesting. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Those were the wild days, so carefree and full of fun. You survived that accident because it was not yet your time to go. God has other plans for you. That should put your mind at ease because God is in control of your life. If you survived that ordeal before, surely God will never let you down this time. You only have to trust Him and think about that time you survived a near death experience. We can not think about other people's fate. Each of us hang in the balance in God's almighty hand and nobody can ever ascertain when the bells will toll and for whom it will toll. Just surrender your life to God and see what great things He has stored for you. Thanks for the part one of your anecdote. God bless you always.

SeaSpray said...

OH MEL! Thank you for your wise words. They mean more to me now than you know. :)

passionstamper said...

I can't get the video to play...always liked that song, too! No matter how many times I hear this story, I still can't picture this wild and crazy teenager when I think of you! But we were all wild and crazy back then...I have some stories too! Don't we all? Now why won't this video play for me? Do I need to download something? Never had this problem before viewing u-tube..

passionstamper said...

I forgot to say that I definitely share the same belief that when it's our time, it's our time. So glad it wasn't yours-or I would have missed out on knowing one of my best friends!:)

SeaSpray said...

Aww..thank you Passionstamper.:) I don't know why it isn't working. Sometimes they're fussy.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Oh my God... Thank God you were okay... all of you.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ms Ellisa-yes thank God! :)