Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Even a Minute!

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P. and Devan came over before. It seems our little Devan decided to take off in Walmart unbeknownst to mommy... who was calling for her and had the desk look for her. Fortunately they saw her standing OUTSIDE in the entrance foyer. Poor Mommy! Mommy talked to her, I talked to her and Daddy will be talking to her.

I know what that is like ...only I was 7 months pregnant, sitting on the sand talking with Caribbean Blue on the beach. I was looking down running my fingers through the sand for only a minute. I looked up and didn't see 7 year old Jonathan ANYWHERE...only the big body of ocean water directly in front of us and no one was swimming.

I quickly scanned the water front where he had been playing and he wasn't there. I said "Where's Jonathan?" Iris said "I don't know". I got up on my knees and exclaimed... Oh my God! WHERE"S Jonathan???"

People around us got up and were looking toward the water too. I don't have a description for the fear I felt as I looked at that big body of water and saw nothing.

I was all set to holler for the lifeguard, when off to our left... Jonathan came sauntering back without a care in the world. I hollered "Jonathan!", he looked up and we went running down to him. I hugged him so tight, was so relieved and feeling guilty... and asked where he was. He innocently said he was chasing a seagull. (The boys always loved doing that) And then he got the lecture of why he shouldn't just do that.

Devan did the same thing today, same age as her daddy was... 7. They're so innocent when they are little, clueless of the potential evils and dangers around them. Which is what childhood should be. Innocent and fun. All children should be able to trust all people...but sadly it is just not that way.

I think having a scare like that with your child is probably a right to passage in parent hood and the beginning of gray hairs. :)

It was less than a minute of my not paying attention. Things can happen so quickly.

Thank God they were both alright because there isn't always a happy ending and I don't think one can be too careful when children are little. As a matter of's worse when they are older because at least when they are little you have control that you don't have with teenagers... who can get into more compromising and dangerous situations.

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