Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playing BY Yourself Can Be Fun ;) Pt II
One of uro doc's partners came in to see me in the morning and he too seemed amused that I was playing with myself and I explained everything.

So... what was I doing? Jen was right..SCRABBLE! :)

I picked up a traveling Scrabble game in Target back in May. It is permanently affixed to the inside of a zipped case and comes with everything you need and the tiles snap into place which is great because they don't move all over and you can close the game and later pick up where you left off.

I was so bored in the hospital, that I decided to play with myself. It was a great idea and I enjoyed playing, although always more fun playing with other people. I did that on 2 different visits there and both times staff seemed amused. Well they didn't write me up for a psych eval anyway. ;)

Now you're thinking you can't play with yourself or it's not fun..but you're wrong. You can and it is.

So I set it up as Patricia vs Patty.

Patty started out strong but Patricia gained momentum with a 41 point "z" word and left Patty in the dust from that point on.

Admittedly it takes longer with yourself, but you do hone your skills. For someone like me who likes to play fast 3 minute games (6min total with 2 players) on line ...this continuous play keeps me from feeling bored because I am overseeing and thinking for both Patricia and Patty.

I can't cheat...because I always see what they are doing. I would never cheat anyway because then you don't really win. I never can understand that. Why play if you don't do it to the best of your ability and win fair and square?

And one of us really does win. All you have to do when playing with yourself is do your best for each player. It doesn't matter if you know what letters the other player has because you base all your moves on playing strategically to the best of your ability.

For example when the urodoc came in and I explained why it works playing with yourself. I also pointed out it was a tight came because Patty and Patricia weren't giving in at all to each other. I showed him the tight plays which was causing the words to pretty much form a square in the middle of the board because neither of them would give in and branch out.

LOL! My urodoc immediately commented on my word "DONG" stating it wasn't a word and I said" Yes it is", to which he replied "It's not what I'm thinking is it" And I said "N-O-O-O! It's not THAT one!" and he, the nurse and I laughed. Geez... only a urologist! :) I should have said that if I had thought of it fast enough... LOL! :)

I didn't think to tell him, but DONG is the sound a bell makes.

While talking on the phone, I told my friend Caribbean Blue (She is one of my real life scrabble playing friends) how tight the game was on the board and that neither Patricia nor Patty was giving in.

She laughed and said "'re S-O-O-O COMPETITIVE!" LOL!

I am with games. :)

I love scrabble! At one time... I played so much on line scrabble... when I was first stented ... that as I would drift off to sleep... I would see scrabble boards with words on them. And I got to where I appreciated the uniqueness of all the different shapes a scrabble game becomes on each board. :)


Elaine said...

Love it!

Hope you are doing all right. Best wishes from across the pond.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine-glad you liked it... game player that you are.

best wishes to you too. :)

Jenster said...

Hahahahahaha!! I'm a weiner!!!

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

Funny Jen...'re a winner... um... unless you prefer.. ;)