Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sarcastic, Role Model and Advice

I really admired my aunt Janet for many reasons. She was a go getter, and achiever, intelligent, witty, competitive in games, and THE-MOST-ORGANIZED person I have ever met... but not the crazy obsessive kind...just good at it. She worked in management in the McGraw Hill Publishing company in NY but retired early before I came to live with them. In her free time she became president of the Stockholm Women's club and took on many volunteer projects.

She once said to me "Patricia... if you ever feel depressed... go help someone else...because when you help someone else... you don't think about yourself anymore and you feel good about helping the other person."

That was good advice and so very true. I have since wondered if she was depressed and is why she threw herself into so many activities. She was a compassionate person (took me in and gave this wayward teenager a real home) practical - you do what you have to do, no nonsense person. I could talk with her for hours and felt like we were friends even though she was an authoritative figure too and I knew she loved me. She even began introducing me as her daughter.

I am glad I have picked up some of Aunt Janet's traits... but glad I didn't pick up her sarcasm. She is the most sarcastic person I have ever met.
She could cut anyone to the quick (ok what does THAT mean?) with words in seconds when she wanted to. And you did not want to cross her.

I am so easy going and people perceive me that way and it is true...but if I wanted too... I could be very sarcastic, but I don't ever let that come out. I don't usually think that way... unless feeling really pushed to the edge... but I still keep it in. But if I wanted to... I know exactly what to say.

When I was 15... one morning I told Aunt Janet I admired her. All flattered..she asked why. I said because she was the most sarcastic person I ever met and she was so good at it. At hearing that she BUSTED out laughing because it was really an insult... but she knew I sincerely meant it as a compliment because she was so good at it. :)

I so very much wish I had her to talk with now. She was a good listener and gave logical, sound advice. I wonder what she would tell me to do about the re-constructive ureteral surgery?

She was a strong, bold and determined woman. There were no flies on her. (she used to say that too) She was a woman of action. However...she put off having hip replacement surgery and after she had it done...she said"It was the best thing I ever did! I can't wait to have the other one done!" So my brave aunt put her surgery off too. I think mine is potentially more serious.

I wonder what she would tell me to do? I do wonder.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Sweet, Seaspray..don't we all wish we had a crystal ball to help us to know what path to take and when? I'm sorry she isn't physically here to help. I'm sorry too, that you are going through what you are. It is no fun at all when you aren't feeling good. ((hugs))

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Chrysalis. If only.. :)

Andrew said...

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SeaSpray said...

Hi Andrew- I'm glad to hear you you had good service and were well taken care of for your hip surgery. Amazing what we learn through the collective knowledge on the internet.

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. :)