Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Give me a break!

The Obama campaign and bloggers are suggesting McCain CHEATED in the debate Saturday night.

That was one the best formats I have ever seen.

I wasn't keen on either one of them, although leaning toward McCain because in the end...I believe if you don't have a strong national defense... then nothing else will matter in the end.

But during the debate... I got to see both of them more clearly, without all the usual hoopla and spin. They seemed more real. Now they could be appeasing people too...they are politicians after all.

I was most impressed with Senator McCain, his decisiveness, EXPERIENCE and candor.

And that 5 million dollar and your considered rich is not a big deal at all. he was joking and he gave thoughtful responses before and after that comment. that was his only mistake...if you want to call it that.

I have a much better perspective of his views and what he stands for. As a matter of fact... it is crystal clear for me now.

I do hope they do this again.

But for the Obama people to say McCain cheated and wasn't in the cone of silence (He wasn't for all of it but was with secret service) is absurd, inane, ludicrous, laughable and demonstrates poor sportsmanship.

Give credit where credit IS due. if you don't...it only makes YOU look smaller.

And do they really think he is stupid enough to blow it by cheating...or that he even has to???

No my friends... Senator McCain has EXPERIENCE. He has been a maverick within his own party. A lot of republicans did not want him as the candidate. I want someone in that office who is not swayed by popular vote, is decisive and has EXPERIENCE. I also like that he wants to inspire people to rise above themselves for the betterment of all.

I guess Obama will announce his running mate this week. personally...I think he should put Joe Biden on the ticket to add EXPERIENCE to their team.

I am not sure about McCain's choice. I like Ridge but not sure about some of his views. But with McCain being older...the VP is a most important choice for the republican party and for the country.

And to anyone who thinks McCain cheated in that debate... SERIOUSLY???

P.S. As a result of McCain's answering the questions, directly, decisively, And taking a clear stand on what he believes... whether we agree with him or not... he put himself out there for all to see. He didn't hide behind evasive answers.

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