Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's in a Name

Do you like your name? Have you ever wanted to change it? How do you introduce yourself? I guess you can't tell me because we're in the blogasphere. But ... if you want to whisper it to me now... I promise I won't tell. ;)

I have gone through phases and I wish I spoke up or changed what I wanted to be called when I could. I actually smile, inside and outside when I hear people call me certain things or if they do it with a flair when they are being cute friendly. :)

I am thinking this will seem like a goofy post to some, perhaps a bit narcissistic... but obviously I have thought about this over time. I don't know why. They say we like to hear our name and I guess... then it's better if it is a name you like. I always wanted a different name.. but now Patricia and the nicknames suit me just fine. :)

I actually have four names on my birth certificate (32 letters went on that birth certificate), but I did drop one when I was an adult. My middle name is a family name. My aunt said it would make a good pen name if I ever became a writer. It was my Grandmother's maiden name handed down to my mother and then to me. I hated it and the one my father gave me back then. Now I do like Patricia and the middle name which begins with a C. I love to be called Patricia or Patty, but most people call me Pat because that is how I introduce myself.

When I was little, up until 14...everyone called me Patty. But when I moved up here to live with my aunt and uncle... I informed them that Patty was for little girls, that I was 14 and so wanted to be called Pat from then on. So Pat it was. My aunt, uncle and one cousin called me Pat.I introduced myself as Pat and still do. Most people in my life call me Pat. I don't like Pat. I don't hate it...but I am not fond of it either.

Now the people that know me from when I was younger all still call me Patty... most of my cousins, friends and my mother. Also, the people that know my mother, like at her doctor's office or her friends. I love it! Interestingly, there are people, usually men who will call me Patty...even if they hear my name is Pat. I wonder if they know another Patty and so they do that? ... but I like it. :)

A couple years later, I told my aunt that Pat was boring and I didn't like it anymore and that I'd rather be called Patricia. I never told anyone else that. But from that day until the day she died, she called me Patricia and wrote it in all correspondence. I don't know what it is but I even like seeing it written out and getting her cards always made me smile because it was our little secret and she was trying to please me which I thought was sweet.

Years ago when I worked for a certain company, I worked with Diego and James, who were 2 brothers from Spain. They were my supervisors. Any time one of them saw me they would exclaim..."Pa TRIC ia! They rolled their r's and always said it with such enthusiasm!

My boss at the hospital used to call me Patreesha and I liked that. When my mother was mad at me... like chase me around the yard with a broom mad ...she called me Patreesher! I definitely got the full name when in trouble with her. :)

I have disliked my name Pat so much that 3 times, when I started a new job with SCARC and when I started at the hospital and Lifeline... I almost introduced myself as Trish... but chickened out. Too bad because it would've worked!

And then there are the nicknames. :)

Do you like nick names... the ones people give you and what you have given to others? I love little nicknames for people I care about. And I have appreciated the ones people have given me. I think they're cute, fun, sexy, funny, romantic or endearing. Just depends on who and why the person gives it to you. I also like Patty, but don't ever call me Patsy unless you want me to look at you with utter disdain. I am sure it is well suited to others but I am no one's Patsy..ugh.

I think after a person has gotten to know you and they change what they call you to a more familiar name demonstrates they care. That warms my heart. I have done that too. :)

I get a kick out of someone taking my name and emphasizing the letters in PATRIC-I-A! I love pet names someone gives you because is demonstrates a fondness when done warmly. And my favorite non name nickname in real life would have to be girl. I have been called other names I like... but have to say...girl is one of my all time favorites and that person owns that one with me. I will be smiling about that when I am 90! :)

It's fun being a woman. :)

Oh! And I also really like my name SeaSpray... and my favorite is when some of you call me Sea. It conjures up pretty images of the ocean and I like being connected to it. :)

And bloggers... you also CRACK me up when you call me Spray, Sprayage and Sprout! You're too funny! :)

Now the funny thing about all of this... is that I simply can not introduce myself as anything else but Pat. I just did it again today. But in my head I am thinking everything else. :)

If I really like someone...I look up their names to see if they behave like their name, etc. Conversely, if I don't like someone...I look them up to see if it matches their personality.

I have a doctor that has the most awesome name when you put all three meanings together. I think it suits him too. I wish I could say it, but I don't identify in here without permission.

It was very important to me that our sons have good meanings with their names and am quite pleased with what we chose. I like to use their full names but find myself going with their nicknames the friends started too.

I do think a person's name is important and parents/guardians should really give important consideration to what they name their child because the child has to live with it and it should also suit them as adults.

My tastes in names have changed over time. I used to only like the trendy names and now I find I appreciate the old fashioned names too.

Then we name our pets, our boats, streets towns and all kinds of things. I have often wondered what a person was thinking when they named a town or street. My aunt used to hate the name of the street they lived on. I love the name of the street we live on.

I think we develop an identity that pleases us with certain names or we label others with how we see them... or want them to be.

I know of a gyno doc whos name is Seymour Weiner...I kid you not. Of course he should have been a urologist!! :)


mottsapplesauce said...

My longtime nickname is applesauce. Goes right along with my maiden name, which I'm sure you can figure out. Anyway I always liked it. It fit, so it stuck. I've thought of changing my first name quite often--had no oomph in my opinion-- until my father told me the story how he came up with my name. He did some plumbing repairs in a home for a lady who had a very beautiful baby girl with this name & that's what he decided on when I popped out. I'm the only girl out of 5, & the youngest. I totally agree that parents really need to think before naming their children. I've seen some very unique names in our patient files & I sometimes wonder 'what were their parents thinking?!?' Then again they're so unique, they're easier to remember which can be an advantage. Even though I don't know you personally, I admit that I like the
name Patricia or Trish, better than Pat. Pat just seems more masculine, but that's only my opinion. As for the uncanny doctor names, I happen to know a urologist whose last name is Stiff. No joke.

John McElveen said...


Great post!

Seriously....I loved it!


SeaSpray said...

Hi MottsA-Dr STIFF for a urologist???! That is H-i-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!

I know a very nice family with your last name. :) Apple sauce is cute and i admit i am curious how that came about. :)

The must have been so crazy over you and protective after 4 boys! I always wished I had siblings.

Unique is a nice way to put it for some of them. I flip flopped on what they put on the board in my room. First i said patricia.. then i said pat then i said WAIT pat!

The nurse smiled and said she'd put both and then she put Patricia on top and Pat underneath.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks John! I'm glad you did. :)

SeaSpray said...

DR Seymour Weiner and Dr Stiff as urology practice partners would be so very funny. LOL! I am still chuckling at that MottsA. ;)