Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Anesthesia Observation

In most of my OR visits, one of the anesthesiologists tells me he is giving me the 1st part of my margarita cocktail which relaxes me. They all usually tell you when they are giving you something.

Then they tell you when they are about to give you that final push and you will be out. Well... I am always hoping I'm out and not breezily talking about life's secrets or commenting on something in the present that would mortify me if I knew.... but I digress.

This last time I was going into the OR I had planned to imagine the ocean instead of fighting the anesthesia, which I always do because I make a game out of how long I can stay awake. But then some medical staff said that isn't a good idea because you can wake up combative or with tachycardia.

Anyway, I didn't get warned when the final push of drugs were coming and so I didn't get to envision my ocean. The next thing I knew was that I was in post op. That is so weird... that time lapse. I think I like it better when they tell me that is it... because I then have a defined time which allows for a momentary mental preparation. Just going instantly out feels like something was taken from me. Weird..I know, but it does. Like I guess..I want to choose my last thoughts.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Hi Sweet Seaspray. How true about that first one. It's about getting to that point with Ins. co.s

Your writing reminded me of a time I came out of anesthesia. I scared the nurse beside me half to death. I hate that foggy feeling coming out of those drugs. After the cancer surgery, I knew I was coming to, because I could feel the blood pressure cuff on and off. I laid there trying to get my barrings, and then all of a sudden just sat up fast(in my mind trying to shake off that fuzzy feeling). The nurse darn near died. She said something and grabbed her chest, and said "You looked so pale laying there, I was worried and then you shot up like that - DON'T DO THAT! I laugh when I think about it now. I didn't know she was next to me.

SeaSpray said...

That's really funny Angel!

Profound chills in post-op is the WORST! I'm glad that doesn't always happen. I feel at my worst in the entire surgical process while still in post op. The transition is usually quite uncomfortable and i had a couple of bad experiences too.

Mt thing is that I am alert and taking everything in before I can move a muscle..even open my eyes. They should be careful what they say in post-op.

Your experience would've been hilarious on camera showing the nurses rxn!

Kind a like someone being tagged dead and then they pop back up and scare the bejeebees out of someone.

If I were the nurse...they would've heard my scream down the OR wing. :) Did her rxn scare you?

Nice to see you. I know you are very busy now. I hope all is going smoothly and you are getting sleep to refuel the jet packs you need. :)