Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girl Talk

When I believe in something or someone.. I can't help but to promote the product or the person. So in this case...I want to tell all the girls what a great new product the new Venus shaver is! Specifically, the new Venus Embrace by Gillette. They advertise it as having 5 blades for a smoother shave along with a moisturizer. And let me tell you...we're talking silky smooth and soft. Just like in the commercial...I can't stop rubbing my legs together or feeling how soft they are.

I saw this product advertised in a TV commercial the other day. I know how good the original Venus was and have been using it for years now and so when I saw the commercial... I instantly wanted to try their new shaver. I went out to two stores on my quest to get it yesterday.

So, I used it in the shower tonight and ooh la la... it is everything they promote in the commercial. I LOVE it! I actually had to shave fast because our older son was coming back with pizza. I didn't nick myself once. The shave was very close and like I said my legs are silky smooth and soft.

After dinner I was raving about the shaver to my d-i-l and had my husband feel my legs. He agreed. I know... there are more important things but , personally...I am always open to a newer and more efficient product on the market.

Everyone is different and so perhaps you have a favorite shaver already, but if you don't try this product you may never know just how silky smooth your legs can be. Really... why settle for the same old, same old when something this good is on the market?

That's this girls opinion...anyway! :)

P.S. Kudos to Gillette for improving an already great product!


Elaine said...

Sadly, due to peripheral vascular disease I have such poor circulation to my legs that I dare not shave, use wax or even a depilatory cream. My legs now are hairy (though finely) and get lots of moisturising gel applied twice each day.

I envy you this new product.

SeaSpray said...

I'm sorry Elaine. That must be such a frustrating condition for you.

We don't always realize how our use of even the most simple things can change in our life. I see it with my mother. :(

I am sending some warm hugs to you {{{{{Elaine}}}}}. :)

Evangeline said...

I like Venus too, and i definetely need to try this one, eventhough i hate shaving!!!! i hate any hair that is anywhere but my haid and eyebrows...grrrr
I will get it tomorow and tell you what i think!!!
PS; I'm still waiting for the soup recipe!!!!!

SeaSpray said...

I shaved really fast w/o shower gel other day as it has moisturizer on blade and didn't nick myself. Great shaver!

Soup recipe soon. :)