Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Mcain Palin's Bitch and My Take on Her Speech-WOW!

I apologize for the bad language in this... but still... I think it is very funny! Thanks to Scalpel for putting this video up first. :)

I think I have a crush on Palin and Guiliani after last night! ;)

People say Guiliani milks 911..well I say we should never forget how we were attacked on that perilous day..September 11,2001. NEVER! Complacency is dangerous.

She's amazing and wowed both sides.. even if they disagreed with content. And to give a speech like that... with being on board less than a week, with the pressure of knowing eyes around the world are watching, to rally the delegates as she did... what an amazing and capable woman! She IS a breath of fresh Alaskan air!

I was amused that the dem commentators were annoyed at her sarcasm (ever watch Keith Olbermann and hear his nonstop MEAN snarky comments every night on his show?) because they seemed totally oblivious to the mean things "some" not all of them say about McCain and Palin... and I don't think she was mean... she made her points. They have a right to do that..they weren't vicious... but she did call it as it my opinion.

What? Is she supposed to be some shrinking violet? I think not! She did exactly what she needed to do.

She is also a gifted and compelling orator.

The only thing I took issue with is the way in which she seemingly mocked community organizers. Anyone helping their community should be commended for helping people in various ways needed. I don't know exactly what they do and perhaps it depends on the needs of each community.

But you have to look at that statement within the context of the point she was making.

It is necessary to make a comparison... because while isn't as weighty on a resume as what she or Senator McCain have done. She also responded to the attacks on her being a mayor of a small community and she did a good job of demonstrating the difference.. and then there is her being Governor with all it's executive decisions.

But I felt bad for all the people who devote their time to being community organizers and I think she should clarify and validate the importance of having people that use their time doing such things for the betterment of communities across our country... because after all, we all matter and can make a difference in this great land of ours... isn't a qualification for VP or President.

And regarding her flip flop vote on the bridge to nowhere... what is wrong with initially getting on board because you think it is right but then realizing.. you were wrong and having the courage to buck the system to oppose something.

Too many politicians stick with the status quo. (democrats and republicans) They put their fingers up in the air to detect which way the votes are blowing in the wind... instead of voting for or against what is right for THE COUNTRY...not them or their party.

John McCain and Sarah Palin seem to be the two... that if they are elected.. will perhaps be able to move some mountains of resistance to change in the congress and senate... and truly get people to cross party lines with votes for the betterment of all.

Obama promises change..people are eager for it. The speeches all the more clarified for me why I don't have faith in Obama to keep us strong militarily. I knew that before the speeches.. but they underscored my feelings with a big bold marker!

I personally believe McCaine and Palin should be elected... but I sincerely want whoever is the best party for the job at this time in history to move into the Whitehouse in January. I do mean that. I just happen to think it is them... at this point in time.

I can not wait for the debates!

I hope I haven't offended anyone... not my intent... just expressing my honest opinion. If anyone disagrees..I would appreciate your dissenting opinions. And of course if you agree...I welcome your opinions too. :)

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