Sunday, September 28, 2008

It All Matters

I was perusing the web looking at old post secrets and this one spoke to my heart because it reminds me of how valuable we all are and how like in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", where Clarence the angel shows George how bad things would've been for the people he knew...if he had never been born. George was so distraught, discouraged and had lost all hope and thought it would be better to end his life because he had no value. After being given the gift of seeing how much he helped people...even with the little things...he realized what a gift life was and he wanted to live.

We never know how even the simplest kind gestures... a smile, a kind word, a warm hug or a listening ear will help another person. Sometimes people live in quiet desperation... with secrets and heavy burdens they don't share.

I have a dear friend who's husband... years ago... left her with 2 little girls... for another woman. She would tell you today that I helped save her life because I took her calls ...listened and talked with her in the wee hours of the morning when she thought she couldn't get through it because she was devastated, scared and angry.

She told me this years later. Her life is so much better now. I was surprised to hear she remembered me as having saved her life. I was just being her friend. She would have done the same for me.

It's true... we will never fully know the difference we make in other people's lives... with even the smallest of actions. Hopefully, we will have effected lives for the better.

I loved George's enthusiasm as he embraced his life again, loving even the things that were a nuisance before. Running through the snow filled streets of Bedford Falls, shouting MERRY Christmas! And ever so relieved to see that all the people he knew turned out alright because of how he impacted their lives. Then when he got home to his family...he realized he was the richest man on earth because of the wonderful people and family in his life. That is still my favorite movie!

Again...the message is that we all have value as human beings and we can all make a wonderful difference in other people's lives... and because of our actions... we might save a life without ever knowing it. :)


Evangeline said...

you are absolutely right, i didn't think of it this way but it's true, sometimes we might do something, say something, with no intentions, and it changes somebody's life..

SeaSpray said...

We just never know for sure. Every encounter or seeming coincidence counts for something beyond the present.

peggy said...

jon has been this person for me several times. we are all important.

SeaSpray said...

Awww... he is sweet. :) Yes we are and is why I love the movie...It's a Wonderful Life. :)