Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Thanks to President Regan the Berlin Wall came down and the cold war was declared dead.

But now... the Russians have recently invaded Georgia.

First I read an article that said the Russians may "point missiles at strategic US targets in central Europe, as well as planned American missile shield sites in Poland and the Czech Republic."

"Moscow sees the plans for new US missile defence facilities in central Europe as part of an effort to encircle Russia.

Washington insists the planned facilities are directed against "rogue states" such as Iran and in no way threaten Russia"

Then I read that 2 Russian bombers landed in Venezuela for military exercises. (The comments are both interesting and alarming.) It just doesn't feel right knowing Russian bombers landed in a country so close to ours, who's leader does not like us.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel as well as the other middle eastern countries, Korea and China (What is going to happen with Taiwan?) ... all countries requiring our attention and strong foreign policy with us.

Not only do we need to be concerned with the countries that pose a threat around the world but we need to have strong interactive foreign policy with our allies as well.

I wish we could get by with a Kumbayah administration and that we had a Kumbayah world... but we can't and we don't. We need a strong national security vis-a-vis a strong national defense. We need a strong, experienced leader in the White House who is savvy with foreign policy.

I remember as a little girl having drills in 2nd grade, where we had to crouch in the hallway to practice protecting ourselves in case the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated. My girlfriend's father built a bomb shelter...just in case.

And I remember how heart wrenching it was as I watched (through tears) the last United States helicopters leave the roof tops and airplanes leave the runways, packed with people leaving South Vietnam for the last time...and leaving all those people below who were desperately begging and hoping to leave with them... knowing that in a short time they would be over run with the communist North Vietnamese. They knew (so did we) what atrocities would most likely become their fates. I remember all the South Vietnamese boat people risking their lives for freedom..hopeful to get to a safer and freer destination.

And I remember what it felt like to see our soldiers leave Vietnam having lost the war and the negative affect it had on our national moral. Then under the Carter years our standing in the world declined even more, particularly during the Iranian hostage crisis. That is the weakest in modern times that I remember this great country being.

And I remember a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning...September 11, 2001...where almost an hour from here...the the World Trade Center was attacked. And I remember the abject fear I felt when the phones didn't work when I tried to call our older son at his office and I didn't know if he was working in NY that day.

And like everyone else in the country I didn't understand what was happening in NY, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania that day. Our son was fine...but for thousands of families that September 11th, 2001... their loved ones were not. They will never see them again on this side of life.

We should never forget about the horror that all those HEROIC ground zero workers had to witness and work through and that some have since become sick because of the environment they worked in.

None of us want to see an attack like this on our soil ever again. We should never grow complacent about what happened. We should be ever vigilant as a nation. We should never forget that beautiful , sunny Tuesday morning in NY, Washington D.C. and in the fields of Pennsylvania.

We have to be ever ready to protect our freedom, in whatever direction that leads our prepared..but walk tall with a big stick...whenever possible. A strong military is a strong deterrent.

What would this world be like now if Hitler had one the war? What if the Russians had been able to overcome the United States? And what if we didn't stand up to the Islamic terrorists? Where would the United States be? And without a United States... what about our allies? What kind of world would it really be?

The Government in the US hasn't always made the best decisions and we are not without our mistakes...but we are blessed in this country and we have also been a blessing and give aid around the world more than any other country in the world. Why have so many people left their homelands to become American citizens? We must be doing something right!

We don't have the luxury of being isolationists. We live in a dangerous world..more so than ever before.

The man who is elected as the new President of the United States of America in November, 2008... has to be an experienced, strong and decisive leader. It is up to all of us to vote and hopefully elect the man who we believe is truly the best choice for the job at this time in our world history.

If we don't have a strong national defense...then no other policies will matter in the end... because there won't be anything to legislate for. There might not even be a USA as we know it..with all it's wonderful freedoms.

It reminds me of Risk... the board game. Reading these things and thinking about world foreign policy caused me to think of this game. Risk where you have to use strategy to take over countries and eventually the world in order to win. We need to be strong militarily and in foreign policy so that the borders of the free world are maintained.

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