Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NO!!! Never Say Die!

Weeping Cherry Tree and Daffodils - 16"x20"oils
painted in Bethesda, MD
Link to artist's site.

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!




What are they crazy?

(I welcome suggestions anyone may have.)

A man, a tree cutter was here this morning informing us that the power company is exercising their right to remove... I said remove ... not trim... but remove any tree within 15 feet of the main power line that runs in front of our houses.

Our little blue spruce can be relocated.

Our weeping cherry is 6 years old and is so pretty, especially the way the weeping branches sway in the breezes. I don't want to lose it!

And worst of all and he isn't sure what they will do (he thinks it will be all right and they will just trim-it isn't even NEAR the wires yet!) ...our October Glory tree which has grown to be a perfectly shaped tree and is 15 years old!

I actually call it the
Christopher James October Glory tree because our youngest son's birthday is in October. The leaves turn a beautiful, rich cranberry color in the fall.

I have so many pictures with him by that tree. The first one was when he was in pre-school and now he's a sophomore in college. I am attached to that tree!

We did have what would be a large apple tree by now that was dedicated to our first born son. It had 7 kinds of apples on it, one type was Jonathan apples and so that was Jonathan's tree. Sadly, that had to come down because we had a new septic system put in.

So we had to sign and indicate whether we agree or refuse. Well there's a no brainer.! I REFUSED!

I know because of public domain, utility companies can exercise their rights to do what they want to do.

They also want to take out a row of my neighbor's 22 year old blue spruce. C'mon! They can top them and they will just bush in together! They want to take out someone else's Japanese Maple and they are expensive!

The tree cutter told me that he was up at our neighbor's house yesterday. This neighbor has a son on a ventilator. The electric was out on this road because of a thunderstorm and this man had to go to their house to tell them that the power company is going to take this big, established and beautiful tree down so it doesn't knock the power out.

The power was out and their tree did not cause the problem and hasn't all these years! Oh the i-r-o-n-y!

All the trees have value..both monetarily and more importantly aesthetically.

So what to do?

Pray about it. I will say why at the end of this post with another short story.

Well... 1st I think call the power company and find out who is in charge of this decision and get all the facts and discuss options..if any.

Contact our town hall... the mayor? Who would handle this, what do they know about it and do to work on our behalf? They are working for the community ...right?

Depending on how it goes...start a petition.

Write an editorial for the local paper.

And if all else fails...TIE OURSELVES TO OUR TREES!!!

Oh and WHY do they want to do this? To prevent power outages? Well I don't like them either...but why can't they just top the trees WHEN it is necessary? Our cherry tree has a lot of years before it gets near the wires.

Is this a budgetary decision? Spend more money now for complete removal and then it won't be necessary to pay for trimming in the future? WHY?
Some years ago back in the early 90s, the health inspector and engineers were going to force something on my neighbor and us that I KNEW wasn't right.

We live in a wetland area. NJ law states that those lands are protected and today no one could build in this area. Which frankly would've been better because most people have had problems with wet basements or septics that had to be elevated because of the water in the area.

We had the prettiest side lot that unfortunatley had to have the new system put in and it's huge. So... I turned it to a positive and said we now had a 10,000 hill for slighriding and boy did the kids use it. :)

But it is a pretty area and I have loved living here. And the boys just had the neatest and prettiest environment to grow up in. But I digress.

Our adjoining neighbor was the first one to have to replace their old septic system with a new one that was up to code for this wet area. Their property was limited in size. The new system should have gone on the other side of their house, but thier neighbor on that side built an addition without getting a variance and consequently encroached on our neighbor's property which left them with a smaller side lot...which forced them to have to put it on our side of their property.

But then the engineers decided that they should add an extra drainage ditch running down to the back of their property which would've been 17 feet from our well. I immediately contacted the engineer and he said it would be alright because they would use sand and that would purify the water.

I countered with telling him that CARCINOGENS DON"T BREAK DOWN! I didn't yell but I felt like it. He told me why they couldn't do anything on the other side their house. I still resisted and in exasperation he said..."What do you want us to do? Condem their house???" I said "No."

So I called the county health inspector. He said yelled "Oh your water isn't any good down there anyway!" I think he said that because it is a wet area and maybe he figured it was compromised in some way. I didn't argue with him.

But following his logic... your water isn't any good and so we will just compromise it all the more and throw in a few cancer causing agents. ???

By the way... our water tastes so GOOD... people have said we could bottle it. It is very HARD water. We use a softener. But when it lapses... I LOVE the taste of the hard water even more.

So...I had the water tested. The test came back that we had good water. High hardness content but good. Some people around the county have sulpher or high iron. We don't and it tastes so good. I don't know if it could cause kidney stones though? Hmm...

Then I called the state of NJ, specifically the DEP.

According to them, the regulations for putting any septic systems near wells is that they should be NO CLOSER THAN 90 FEET TO THE WELL.

Thank you very much!

I again called the engineer and informed him of the state regulations and again stated that we did not want our drinking water compromised.

Both of our systems aren't 90 feet away but they sure as heck aren't SEVENTEEN feet away, running parrallel to our WELL!

I called the county health inspector and informed him that our water test came back good and i informed him of what the state DEP's regulations were.

He was annoyed and said "'s all that clay down there that saved your water!"

Then when talking to my neighbor, I told her of a scripture that I knew that God can change the course of a river and the mind of a king. (I don't remember that exactly anymore and so may be off just a bit, but that is the gist of it.) And so he could change their minds and we should pray about it.

They DID NOT DO the additional drainage ditch and our well was spared!

So the moral of the story is HAVE FAITH and NEVER GIVE least not without a fight.

In the end... all you can do is your best... but IF YOU DON'T TRY...YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!

P.S. Is there any kind of save the trees organization out there that might be able to assist or enlighten us even more..for our cause?

P.P.S. WhiteCoat... you win. :)

P.P.P.S. I love our little weeping chery tree.


WhiteCoat said...

Do I know you or WHAT?
If they do cut down the tree, at least take lots of pictures by it before they do - maybe even having your son lean up against the tree.
Send the story to the newspaper.
If that doesn't work, take pictures of them cutting it down and mail both sets of pictures to the newspaper and to the boss of the electric company.
What a shame.

SeaSpray said...

Yes WhiteCoat,you know me thanks to my... NOVELLAS! :) Those are great ideas-thank you!

It is a shame. I can not imagine the trees along our road gone. It does not seem right!

WHAT are they thinking?