Friday, September 12, 2008

Now I Know What You Look Like When You Cry

A doctor at work noticed the tears in my eyes as I was walking back into the main ER. His partner had just put drops in my eyes to help them stop itching. It was my 2nd allergy attack ever. Anyway... the other doc said.."Now I know what you look like when you cry." I smiled.

But his saying that moved me profoundly. I don't know why.

Even all these years later it seems like such an unusual thing to say.

But it was the way he said it.

It moved me.

It was so personal, so private though he had reached into the depths of my soul and captured a part of me I didn't show.

I also wondered if he was the type of guy that had tumultuous relationships where the girls cry... and was he turned on or moved by their tears.

I had all these intense feelings, poetry in motion... in response to those 10 little words.

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