Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Nation

I apologize up front if I offend anyone with this post. How does it go? They say you should never discuss religion, pay checks and politics. Sometimes great minds just have to agree to disagree. :)

It also intrigues me how people can be so divided on issues, with each side completely...adamantly believing their political persuasion is the correct one and perceive others as selfish or unenlightened for disagreeing. And with each side worried about the fate of their beloved country if the wrong party gets elected in... it can be down right painful and fill one with such angst. I have decided that I will not again get into a political discussion with certain family members because it gets too heated and I love them more than my need for a political discussion. So I will occasionally blog about it...if not here... then in other blogs.

The bulk of this post is a comment I just put up over at Sid Schwab's (Dr and author of Surgeonsblog) new political blog..."Cutting Through the Crap". So far...I think I might be the lone conservative visiting there, but I still have more to read. I may respectfully disagree with Dr Schwab politically and most of his commenters... but that man can write... and since I like to read what he writes, I am following this blog too...even though I feel stressed when reading some of it. I also learn. And I love how he ties in his surgical analogies to politics. I DO hope he comes back to his surgeonsblog when this political season is over... if not before.

I guess after this post, I should lighten up a bit. Should I write about SeaSpray's MOST emberASSING moment in the 20 years she worked with the emergency department?

It seems most bloggers I know remain apolitical, but if anyone disagrees or agrees...I welcome your comments.

Here is my comment which was in response to the comments responding to my first comment, etc.,:

"Thank you for mentioning that link to McCains daughter's blog! (the McCain Bloghette.)

I am not at all voting for him because I feel sorry for him!!!!

Au contraire!! I find his ability to overcome inspirational! I don't feel sorry for him. He is a role model for overcoming and achieving against the odds. He could've ended up on a very different path when he came home. And he has owned up to his mistakes. Who among us has never made mistakes, embarrassing or worse? We are all human. What is important is that we learn from them and the attitude we adopt for moving forward.

I am sorry that (his POW experience)happened. Everything in me wants to rescue him off that stretcher where he looked so vulnerable and afraid..but that was for back then.

I initially registered as an independent but eventually went republican, which has been since 1992 elections.

I am analytical, practical, discerning and certainly not voting for and do not swoon over anybody because they drive race cars, snow mobiles, toss a bowling ball,wear a flag, don't wear a flag,their campaigners toss vile smears at the opponent,were a POW, can fly a fighter jet,believe in God,(which they all say they do),eat barbecue, are friends with actors and actresses, etc, etc., etc.,... NONE of that impresses me! Well...o.k.,fighter pilot is really cool. I could watch those guys in the sky all day and would love to fly as a passenger. :)

BUT...that does not cause me to want to vote a man in office to run the country and could then impact the future of our country and the world...dangerously.

Annie, you stated "The selection affects every single person in the country, so it's selfish to consider only your views without carefully examining the likely impact on the country and the US around the world."

Using your logic...I can turn that right around and say the same of anyone voting for Obama.

And so I parrot your words. "The selection affects every single person in the country, so it's selfish to consider only your views without carefully examining the likely impact on the country and the US around the world."

The number one criteria in my deciding who I will vote for is national security and our military strength and the president and cabinet that I believe will keep our military strong, not cut troops maintain a strong presence as a deterrent. Walk tall with a big stick.

I am glad when the republicans bring up 911...because we should NEVER forget that we were attacked. They will never stop trying. And even if the war stirred up more radicals...they were there anyway. Islamic terrorists want to see the destruction of anyone who befriends Israel...a staunch ally of ours.

We don't live in an isolationist world and unfortunately it doesn't operate with kumbaya foreign policies.

I am not a partisan voter. If I felt a democrat would be as strong and was better for other reasons then I would vote that way in a heartbeat.

The election season isn't over yet. Between the debates and whatever might is possible I could change my mind..but not likely.

As far as foreign policy..There is no contest regarding experience.

Both of their records are open for review. They should lay out in some easy format (is there one?)side by side...all they have accomplished and voted on. Hey...McCain ticked off republicans too. He has already demonstrated he will cross party lines to pass something he believes in. Has Obama? I realize Obama's meteoric rise has propelled him to the top and so he hasn't had time to build the experience McCain has.

I believe McCain wants the best for and love's this country. I believe Obama does.

The difference is McCain has lived through and experienced so much. Everyone knocks him for being older. What about the wisdom that comes with age?

If you don't have a strong military/national defense...then nothing else will matter in the end.

My understanding is that there are thousands of pages of medical records released on McCain.

And I call myself a bleeding heart republican because I recognize that we need some social programs. We need balance. We need both parties.

I am also pro life, but make exception for life of the mother,rape or incest. I think partial birth abortions are akin to the atrocities of the Nazis.

Clinton recently praised McCain for his efforts and concern about global warming.

And could someone please explain to me...(because I really do not understand this) why democrats have continually voted against offshore drilling and nuclear power plants...and then decry the republicans dropped the ball and is why we have an energy crisis?

McCain is for these things as well as alternate sources as diesel, wind power, etc.

I believe in less tax. Everyone says tax the big corporations. hey go right ahead. Then when said corporations move the jobs out of state or out of the country...we can send everyone out for unemployment benefits and subsidized charity care for the hospital.

I have another question if anyone wants to take it on. Which candidate has the better health policy? I do not mean this as a gotchya question...I sincerely want to know. What do you physicians think? In the end...I am sure there would be revisions, if they could get it off the ground.

I think it is important to put money in the hands of the public (lower taxes) so they spend and you have an economic upturn with business growth, i.e. more jobs, more things to export, more money coming in.

I know taxes also pay the bills and there has to be fiscal responsibility...BUT...big government sucks up the taxes.

There HAS to be reform and BOTH parties have to start doing their jobs and actually work together for the good of the country. And I think it is time the voting public starts paying attention, hold them accountable and vote the partisan at all costs, politicians (on both sides) OUT!

The Wall street debacle is disgusting!

And isn't it interesting that all these years...starting in the 90's with the Clinton administration (Fanne May and Freddy Mac)right on through these Bush Administration years ...all these years...they did nothing to prevent the financial disaster going on now that we...the American citizens are now going to have to pay for? And these recent DAYS both parties have come together with some plan to try to save the day? Where the heck were they before? And if they could do this now in days..then WHY couldn't any of them do anything to prevent this in a decade or so? I'm just sayin.

And regarding his demeanor during the what! He was debating and everyone has a style or they do what THEY need to do for themselves. This is serious business leading up to the presidential elections. He was focused.

And when Obama stuck in that "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran in there...he didn't react like I am sure people hoped he would. And I don't care if Obama interjected that jibe in is a DEBATE.

I am a warm friendly person. I wanted McCain to look up at Obama.

But GEEZ... I would hardly vote for Obama because he is more congenial or a better orator...any more than I would not vote for McCain because he is not. And I have seen where he congenial. he has friends on both sides of the aisle. It was a debate.

I am looking for SUBSTANCE.

I am praying the best man wins... no matter who it turns out to be.

At this point in time I still believe McCain is the one... but I am not so "selfish" to want my guy at all costs. With all my heart... I do want the best one for the job in there.

And they can both espouse all the rhetoric they want to. Unfortunately...then the lobbyists, etc., bog the Washington machine done and it becomes a tug of war.

I take hope in the fact that McCain has crossed party lines,he has been adamant about reform in Washington for years and he chose a VP who has demonstrated the same ability. (Do I have my concerns about her? Sure..and I am anxious for the debate this week.) To me...they do bring the real possibility of change for the good of the people."


Elaine said...

As a Brit - no comment.

SeaSpray said...

I hear you. :)

peggy said...

ugh. we really can't have discussions about this because i'm already having heart palpitations just from reading this!

well, as an individual, it's a no lose situation. If obama wins i'll be thrilled. if mccain wins, i can still be angry and blame republicans for everything. plus teh daily show and the colbert report will continue to manufacture many giggles.

SeaSpray said...

I know Peggy. :) Daily and Colbert are hilarious even though I don't agree with them...usually. I appreciate the humor. :)